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Song Name: You Got Me ft Zuleema Cheek
Date: 2011-04-25 14:18:51
Reviewer: Minister Stevie Tee


RL tha Gifted 1's Information

Burlington, NC

Spoken Word/Hip Hop

About Us:
Spoken Word Artist formerly of Brooklyn with message of hope, freedom, equality and love for the streets

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HONEST THOUGHTS ALBUM REVIEW RL THA GIFTED 1: THE AMBASSADOR What can I say about this carefully craft poetic work...? Ambassador: 1: an official envoy; especially: a diplomatic agent of the highest rank accredited to a foreign government or sovereign as the resident representative of his or her own government or sovereign or appointed for a special and often temporary diplomatic assignment. 2 a: an authorized representative or messenger b: an unofficial representative (Merriam Webster definition) Now, I've had the pleasure and opportunity to meet, see him live, (on more than one occasion) and listen to his previous albums. And I have to say, in comparison, this is one of RL's best projects yet. He hasn’t disappointed with the previous works. Especially with guest appearances, such as: ItsReaLight, "The Oracle" Autumn Ashante, Kassim Allah…among others. This time around, along the ride are the likes of: Zulema Cheek (Soul/R&B singer w/a sound that puts a good feeling in ya soul); Conquest the Torchbearer; Salvation; and also Young Timothy & Mr John Duncan. I think that over all, it was an exceptional banger project. I liked the two tracks w/Zulema Cheek ("U Got Me” & “Destiny” {A piece he dedicated to wife}) This Soulful queens vocals/classic voice; helps moves your spirit with every note she belts out. Which is a pleasant mesh with RL's declaration in his lyrical liquor he spits...which is God driven. The poetic Scriptures for your ears, gets into a spiritual/air out type of cleansing with "Ya Dig" Calling out, not all by names, on how he continues his unstoppable journey. Which in my opinion is one take charge track helps define title of this well needed EP. Then there is piece called, "Piece of me. This one maybe stands out the most to me. Due to the fact on how real RL keeps it bout the state of Poetry and the many that have misused, "her". Whether in slams and open mics and what not. Reminiscence of the ol' school hip hop MC's such as KRS-One to Big Daddy Kane and Kool G-Rap; that call ducks, what they were, ducks. False Prophets, that spit nothing mentally prophet able and quarreled over pettiness in the game; given the art a bad name. When’s the last time you could count on more than one hand, an artists,(in this case spoken word) that had joints on their CD that made you say,: "Tell me about it!!" "I'm feeling this right here son!!" or even, "Say word!". These are phases I found myself saying while hearing RL's Ambassador CD.RL does represent by living up to the title he claims as an appointed/anointed as diplomatic messenger, of spoken word, with the last track, "After All". It speaks on the historical social/political, slipping/ills of the world, and art world from hip hop to poetry. To quote part of the chorus, "After all, after all; we dropped the ball, we dropped the ball. We take the fall. We take the fall..." It’s very relevant, that by anyone not copping this album...they missing a blessing. He also, mentions in the liner notes, one of the people this album was dedicated to the memory of his Mother. And for the record, I'm not being bias because he originally from my home back yawed of BK and I know him. lol. I just happen to recognize good piece of work by a talented artist when I listen to it. But see the other tracks didn't feel, or should I say didn't stick out to me as much as the ones I mentioned above. This doesn't mean that if you listen to them you'll feel the same. "Different strokes, for different folks". Lyrically, RL doesn't slack when getting his point across in every rhyme. After following this brother for the past 3 projects now, I believe his growth as a writer, artist and in a sky’s the limit destination from here. If you don't believe me, that RL tha Gifted 1, lives up to his name...go listen to his new CD, "Ambassador" and his past projects. Or go see him live. Like I said, I got to see RL in action again a month ago in the Bx. You’re missing an experience by not connecting with my fellow brother in words, and knowledge. Check his work and link up with RL at the sites/links below. Myspace: Facebook Profile: -“Honest Abe” Abraham Benjamin [© 2010]


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2012-06-08 at 12:25:26
Hi RL the Gifted 1, congrats being up on IMRadio's homepage Artist Spotlight Wall. I like your tunes..nice work! peace
2011-04-26 at 00:19:24
Dear Artist: My name is Minister Stevie Tee from Cityside Music Ministries International. We enjoyed your music and enough to contact you. We have a division in our ministry that promotes your music through book sales for free. We sign book publishing deals with artist and release their full album or songs in book form and release them worldwide. The books have ad pages where to buy your music or book you. All artist/writers get royalties of 40% of book sales quarterly. Feel free to go to and type in Steviesha T. Publishing in the search box to see all the books we have released. After you may contact us at 850-345-0360 to get you started. We are here to do God's work and help others in the process of doing our Father's will. If you know any other writers/artist who are interested feel free to have them to contact us. God Blesses! Minister Stevie Tee Steviesha T. Publishing
2010-08-19 at 10:57:25
Nice tunes!
2010-07-15 at 00:16:08
If you get a chance, please check out the rock/reggae song and new (flag) video on "ObamaNation." Also, "Take It All Off" & "Never Be Lonely" [Davies Dawn Music (BMI)]. These intimate Country/Stone Rockabilly Ballads and Videos are here on IMRadio (also on Thanks, Paul.
2009-12-17 at 05:51:41
Wishing you peace and happiness in this Joyous Season! Paul.
2009-12-09 at 17:38:03
Keep up with great work! Wishing you an awesome and marvelous week! Love, Life and Light! Angila
2009-12-03 at 15:35:49
Hello my dear friend. I dig your sound here on IMRadio. Cool Stuff! Good Luck! :) Wishing you a really inspired and awesome week! Love, Life and Light! Angila
2009-11-10 at 06:08:31
i would like u n2 feature on an intro 2 one of my songs
2009-11-10 at 05:25:45
just heard u on the radio and that joint " This Is Poetry" was dope!
2009-11-07 at 12:57:19
Nice to Meet You. Listening to "Love Me Not." Great Sound, Cool Song, Smooth Style & Vocals. Paul, your fan from Future Now.
2009-11-07 at 12:56:15
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2009-10-31 at 08:38:02
We dig hearing your songs in IMRadio's radio rotation! Thanks for supporting our new radio station! Peace, Veronica

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