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Alachua, FL

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Sometimes the smallest of gestures go right to the heart... A Smile from a stranger when you are lost in a crowd... :) An Old friend calling from a distant land just to say "I Miss You"... The touch of a mother's hand on your brow when you are unable to sleep... A message from a friend asking whats wrong when you thought no one could notice... A hand on your shoulder when it feels like the world is against you... An unexpected hug... :) Sometimes its tiniest of things that bring SMILE in hard times...

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2010-08-12 at 04:22:42
Thanks for taking the time to review my tune, most appreciated! Stay well.
2010-08-11 at 21:19:50
THANKS alot for the REVIEW on "To Forge A Legacy" !!!! \m/
2010-08-11 at 03:37:29
Thanks A lot for the love
2010-08-10 at 21:36:19
Hello beautiful heart love from the UK
2010-08-10 at 21:28:31
Thank You for the positive vibe! Jeff & Steve
2010-08-10 at 17:22:44
Thank you for the nice review Angila. xxx
2010-08-10 at 10:18:59
Angila, Thank-you so much for stopping by Lloyd and Ron's site and rating their song! They recorded it nearly 30 years ago, but I think it's straight-forward style is timeless! If you find the time, give "Virtual Keely" a listen. Lloyd recently wrote it for ME! He and Ron did a one-take run through at the end of one of their jams late last year that they recorded. Lloyd got behind the drums and did a "Rough Mix" that sounds kinda cool, if you ask me. But of course I like it...It's about ME! ;-) Sitekeeper Keely
2010-08-10 at 08:02:03
Angila thanks so much for stopping to listen and rate my song, "People in the Street-Remix" As you may have gathered from my site, I am a major proponent of world peace and I wanted to stress the plight of the poor, all over the world, who live at the mercy of the armies of the powerful. I have a new song about "Freedom" you might also enjoy called, "Glide Path II". Check it out and thanks again for stopping by. Your fanship is appreciated. Your fan, and friend, the LimboManBand. PEACE/LOVE/HOPE
2010-08-10 at 01:52:22
2010-08-06 at 22:49:44
Thank you so much Angina for the review of my song...'Best wishes for IMRadio'. It is long overdue but I wasn't thinking, I could find you here. Anyway, I love your page and your inspiring review sooths my soul. I believe my very own music from my folks in Africa should be listened to around the world,afterall, I love all other music of the world. Moreover, I believe all music is spiritually inspired by the ALMIGHTY...who created us. Keep sowing some good seeds,because your harvest will soon come. Thank you again!!!.
2010-08-05 at 16:35:55
thank you for your review. i would like to check you music out. cant seem to find any songs on here. kev
2010-08-04 at 19:02:40
Thank you. A pleasure. cQ for wH
2010-08-03 at 01:23:08
Hi Angila. Thanks for your comment and rating for my song 'Summer Secrets' :)
2010-08-01 at 15:34:12
Hey - thanks for your words on my song...:-))) What a great surprise in the morning! :-))) Greetings from Germany and enjoy your day!!! Torsti
2010-08-01 at 09:37:31
Thank you so much for the compliment! I try my best, lol I hope you had a chance to hear some of my other songs as well. Thanks again!
2010-08-01 at 02:22:25
Hi thank you for your beautiful remarks God bless from London UK
2010-07-31 at 20:16:37
Hello My New Friend, Thanks Sooo Much For Your Review of One Of My Songs. It means a Lot to Me. Take Care and Have a Great Weekend. Jim
2010-07-31 at 18:18:29
Many thanks for your kind words friend x
2010-07-30 at 17:17:29
Hello Angila. Thanks for nice words. Have a good weekend.
2010-07-30 at 15:46:28
Hi Angila,Many thanks for the review of I Saw Her Cry,and your very nice comments,very much appreciated by me. Have a wonderful weekend. Peace,John.
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