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Agate, CO

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With A Smile On My Face I Patiently Wait, For The Day My Dreams Will Parallel My Fate....!!! In Life I See, I Hope, I Dream, I Wait And Watch, What An Endless Plea....!!! Upheavals Of Paths That Twist And Turn, Awaiting A Sign To Show Me My Way.....!!!!!

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2010-12-01 at 14:03:32
Thanks for the kind words. Paddy told me the other day, I must say I'm surprised and knocked out. Hope all's well with you. You're player isn't working for me, but I'll make a point of coming back here later for a good listen. All the best, Arthur :))
2010-11-29 at 21:52:45
it is my Hope that all My Friends and supporters on IMRADIO will Drop on By and Check out My Newly recorded Album, recorded in Nashville Tn., with some Really inspiring Musicians...the Album is due out Mid December and a portion of the Proceeds of this project will Be Donated to Breast Cancer Awareness, Far too Many Women are Losing the Battle to this Dreadful Disease, I Hope you will Help us to save a Life!....Peace... Frontline
2010-11-26 at 10:45:43
thanks my friend! A great hug!
2010-11-25 at 22:07:19
Thanks Calley! Happy Thanksgiving.
2010-11-25 at 20:24:45
Thanks much for your positive comment way back when for "The Finest Craft". I believe that's the only comment that track has received online ever! Happy Turkey Day and remember...It's not about those wacky Pilgrims..It's about the end of the Civil War. Thanks to Abe,,The Native Americans and wacky Pilgrims? Thanks to commercialism and our education system distorting the thing since FDR made it an "official" holiday. It's good to be thankful...even if ya ain't got anything. Thanks, again for that shot of good man! - Dyckns
2010-11-25 at 05:28:56
Thanks for keeping in touch God bless from London uk
2010-11-25 at 04:37:48
Thank you! I was surprised to be selected as one of the featured bands! Thank you for your comment -S.E.
2010-11-24 at 23:39:33
thank you, it came as a surprise 2 me....
2010-11-24 at 22:28:00
Thank you for such kind words Calley! You complete me.
2010-11-24 at 20:14:14
Thank you! Thanks for the support!
2010-11-24 at 14:37:20
hi, Calley! thanks for your comment! hope you're o.k over there!:)
2010-11-23 at 06:47:34
Nice to meet you..Sorry for the late come back been playing out of town..Thank you for the wall post appreciate..Ron
2010-11-23 at 04:23:25
Many thanks Calley for the compliments!
2010-11-22 at 17:00:18
~CHeerS~ from the Pirate, here's to hoping you have a great holiday weekend ~_/)~
2010-11-18 at 00:51:07
Thanks for your lovely message Calley! Be sure to subscribe to and receive a free mp3 :D Peace.
2010-11-18 at 00:31:09
Hey ! Calley thanks for the post on my wall . I clicked onto your songs , but the screen was all grey no songs where there . I'll try another time . Have a great day . Thanks again ...
2010-11-17 at 17:13:06
Thanks for your kindly msg :)
2010-11-17 at 11:50:14
Hi Calley! How the heavens are you? Fine I hope... :D I want to thank you from my heart for your warm thoughts and kind words. Have a blessed week... :) charly
2010-11-14 at 11:11:39
Thanks for the review I appreciate your kind words. Rock On Sister!
2010-11-13 at 05:24:37
Hey Calley, Thanks for stopping by and for the compliment. I’m glad you like the tunes; I’ve just uploaded a few more if you have time to give a listen one day. Your Main Photo is fantastic. “A GUITAR AND A CAT -- WERE THE ONES WHO SAT -- DOWN AT THE RIVERSIDE... Maybe a kitten at the ocean would be better, but then again anywhere with fish swimming by would work, wouldn’t it? Red
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