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Agate, CO

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With A Smile On My Face I Patiently Wait, For The Day My Dreams Will Parallel My Fate....!!! In Life I See, I Hope, I Dream, I Wait And Watch, What An Endless Plea....!!! Upheavals Of Paths That Twist And Turn, Awaiting A Sign To Show Me My Way.....!!!!!

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2011-06-08 at 05:11:13
Hey Calley, thanks a lot for stopping by and for the featured congrats, how goes it with you? I've been a little MIA lately, as my computer went down a while back and just haven't been able to replace it. Hopefully will be back around soon! Cheers, Ebenlo
2011-06-06 at 23:20:43
Thanks for checking on me... ;-) I have not been on this site in months and I totally missed on my posting on the IM home page, lol! Nonetheless I feel it's time to get back, so I reloaded all of my tunes with remastered versions which I believe are much better than the originals. Thanks again for being a friend! Take good care. Francis
2011-06-01 at 14:55:41
Hiya! You must be updating your music I wasn't able to listen, I added you on faith as you're a fellow Coloradan ; ) Best to you, Lisa
2011-06-01 at 14:54:56
Hiya! You must be updating your music I wasn't able to listen, I added you on faith as you're a fellow Coloradan ; ) Best to you, Lisa
2011-05-06 at 11:21:13
Thanks for the love and support for you... Love Matell
2011-05-05 at 03:09:41
Hi Calley! I love you profile picture:) Rob
2011-04-29 at 14:59:55
Have a nice weekend Calley.
2011-04-28 at 12:28:11
thanks for your encouragement and support Calley :) cheers & blessings to you!....all the way from Australia :)
2011-04-28 at 07:46:34
Thanks so much for you kind words of support. :)
2011-04-27 at 19:05:17
Thank you Calley.. I appreciate your encouragement! Where can I hear your music? Brenda
2011-04-27 at 17:57:55 I know who you are! you have music? Im gettin ready to send you guys a lil girl Gracie Dahne...she is 15 and just finished her 6th song on acoustic yesterday! Her new album is called "Something About Love"...she signed to BMI and her 1st 5 songs will be on her new album sometime in the next month...go to youtube and put Gracie Dahne in the search engine and also... she has a FB music page. Thanks for visiting my page Calley Daniel!
2011-04-27 at 17:48:44
Calley...who are you? (LOL) Thankyou for the kind words! It seems like it has taken forever to get to this point.... Do you have a Facebook? If so lets link our pages...once again thankyou and Paddy Noonan! Joey The Ruinhayesband
2011-04-27 at 12:30:51
Thanks Calley Wish you good luck in the future!
2011-04-18 at 15:17:43
Thanks ,for the friendship here on Your Music is beautiful,pleased me. I wish them all love and all hearts of all people. that you get ahead on your way and achieve your goals! I wish you the power and strength you need any obstacle easily. With musical greetings, deeply from my soul. Camarilla
2011-04-14 at 11:03:31
Hello, I'm a producer in Japan (#1 in Hip-hop and #8 across all genre in Japan on the ReverbNation chart and many songs on top of the SoundClick charts). I post 1 monthly new song that I mixed, composed or arranged with artists from all over the world and all genre. It's the monthly tune project! Check it out!_____________________ ________ My Headquarter and mailing list: http://www.reverbnation.c om/remidesroques _________________________ ______________ - Thank you- Remi Desroques http://www.wavereaderprod .com
2011-04-09 at 17:47:47
thanks for your visit & comment ;) Spring time Got me, The Best of LiL Lulu my last cd is out just for springtime :) Have a very nice weekend xox lulu
2011-04-08 at 02:21:49
thanks! hope you´re fine too! all the best! dharmatec
2011-04-08 at 00:06:17
Hi Calley, thank you so much! All is going well and we hope the same for you! Rock on!!! -SL-
2011-04-07 at 17:11:04
2011-04-07 at 10:37:48
Hi Calley, cute cat photo =) Thank you for telling me about me being a featured artist here at IMRadio. It is an honour. What is happening? I am making albums which are not well received but I am told are truly excellent and inspiring. I have not money to press them as CDs or to have a distribution network, my crowd funding project did not succeed. What else can I say?
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