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Diana OhOh's Song Reviews

1.  Review: Quite creative...!!!
Song Name: Talk Back To Me
Date: 2010-07-31 06:00:51
Reviewer: Diana Wilson

Song Name: Talk Back To Me
Date: 2009-11-06

3.  Review: Great players. Diana pours out her soul in her painfully charming way.
Song Name: Simply Diana
Date: 2009-11-05


Diana OhOh's Information

Tucson, AZ


About Us:
Diana OhOh, (Pronounced uhoh), is a singer songwriter/producer. Diana says," Bring the music I hear in my heart and soul to life was a great spiritual journey". Her "Simply Diana

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Musician Credit for "David's Song"

Davidís Song Diana OhOh: Acoustic Guitar/Vocals Jim Pavett: Drums Jay Trapp: Bass Doug Floyd: Electric Guitar Carrington Yap: Hawaiian Chant Louria Matlock: Back up Vocals

Musician's for "Simply Diana"

Simply Diana Diana OhOh: Acoustic Guitar/Vocals Jim Pavett: Drums Bryan Dean: Electic Guitar Jay Trapp: Bass

Musician's for " Talk Back To Me"

Talk Back To Me Diana OhOh: Acoustic Guitar/Vocals The Deacon: Drums Bryan Dean: Electric guitar Bass: Jay Trapp Jesseca Maglothin: Back up Vocal Diana OhOh: Foley sound effects


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2010-02-02 at 08:09:59
Hello Friend....Please follow the Link Below... tch?v=2D7Iws8EMbE it is from a song from my upcoming album "Speak out" is called "Neda"...But Most important is the fact that this video speaks to the Millions of people who are fighting and Giving up their Lives for the right to be Free.......Please leave your responses to show we are a people who support causes worldwide and denounce terror, censorship and oppressive regimes anywhere and anytime!...Neda has left an impression on me forever...I Hope she touches you too!....much Luv to you... Peace Frontline
2010-01-31 at 04:49:15
Just dropped by to say Hi. Have a Great Weekend! Paul.
2010-01-26 at 07:05:37
Just added a new tune so if you get time, let us know what you think. It's called "Somewhere in the Middle of Nowhere" It might take a day or two to show up. Thanks!
2010-01-24 at 20:10:45
Hallo Diana,sorry my Dear I was very thick the last weeks,have a great and peacefull sunday!!! Hugs JoJo
2010-01-21 at 02:56:08
Thank you very much. I wish you a great new year too. Greetings....
2010-01-19 at 19:30:19
Hi Diana. "Remember I love you" is beautiful song. Have a nice day!
2010-01-18 at 23:40:03
Wonderful Music
2010-01-18 at 22:45:56
hi Diana, Tx you for your friendship and your music, yeah!! salu2 Empyricos
2010-01-18 at 01:35:14
Hey Diana, thanks for the beautiful song1 best of luck to you my friend! DebbieZ
2010-01-17 at 11:59:51
2010-01-16 at 14:12:09
OHOH Diana thank you so much!!!
2010-01-16 at 03:36:13
thank you for the congrats. And thank you for listening to my work. Hope you have a great weekend. - Daniel aka GOTHIK POET
2010-01-15 at 02:41:39
2010-01-14 at 20:03:44
Hello Diana, Thanks a lot for the friendship and your nice words as well. Great music:) Cheers, Andre
2010-01-14 at 12:14:28
go on and do it now now. your bad...
2010-01-14 at 11:23:17
Thanks for friendship and wish you all the best !! Love and Peace..
2010-01-14 at 03:40:25
Hey! Thanks for adding me! I'm diggin yours too! Fellow Arizonian...(I'm originally from YUMA!) yeah, I know, I know.....that's why I've been in NYC for 20 years!! Ha ha! Be well! Best Jen
2010-01-14 at 00:10:22
Nice to meet you. thanks so much for the comment. Your music is great as well. Love your smooth vocals. Let Live Music Live. All the best for 2010. BassieDee
2010-01-13 at 19:24:39
Hi! Nice to meet you! Great tunes! Greetings from Brazil
2010-01-13 at 16:12:20
Thank you for your comment :o) We hope you also get a GOOD 2010 :o) Great music you play sounds relly good :o) Jave a great day from kenneth and martine :o)
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