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Charlie Herron's Song Reviews

Song Name: "The Canyon"
Date: 2010-04-14 11:24:45

2.  Review: Very Catchie tune and true story Bart
Song Name: "Let's Make Jesus a Habit"
Date: 2010-04-13 11:19:06

3.  Review: Great Song
Song Name: "Let's Make Jesus a Habit"
Date: 2009-09-13


Charlie Herron's Information

Odessa, TX

Christian, Country

About Us:
I am a singer songwriter with a Great appreciation for God our Savior. I write and Record my own music on my Label DMH Records.(ASCAP)

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Mission Statement

Hi! My name is Charlie Herron, my mission is to minister Gods word through music. Bio Born in Roswell, New Mexico, January 22nd, 1950. Martha and Gabe Herron were the perfect parents for an artist, as they let him explore his talent. Charlie was one of nine children and has two brothers and six sisters. Charlie grew up on a farm outside of Roswell, New Mexico. His first experience with a guitar (when he was 5 years old) was when a drifter moved in with the Herron's to work on their farm. The drifter kept his guitar on the top of the kitchen cabinets, (which he thought was out of Charlie's reach). Well, to his surprise, Charlie's Mom used to let Charlie climb the cabinets to get to the old Flat Top. His mom used to sing songs while he strumed away on this old guitar. Well , that started the revolution of Charlie Herrons' music career. When the Herron family moved to town after their house burned down, Charlie's Mom bought him his first Electric Guitar from Woolsworth five and dime store. At that time, he was 12 years old. Then the Beatles revolution took place. The Beatles made their debut on the music world. All else is history! Every red blooded American Boy had to start a band. And Charlie did this with splendor. The Pepermint Sins were born: (Darryl Allen, Lead Guitar and Vocals; Charlie Herron, Rythem Guitar and Lead Vocal;, Warren Odom, Bass Guitar and Vocals; Del Carmona, Keyboards; Dwayne McClain, Drums; Bruce Harris, Pscycodelic Lighting Technician "Deluxe"). Charlie has been playing music professionally since age 13. Over the years Charlie has preformed everything from Country to Old Time Rock. His first gig was playing for a little Baptist Church in Roswell , New Mexico.and Friday and Saturday nights at the local Y. He and his band "The Pepermint Sins" went on from there to open and play for several groups including "The Guess Who", " The Turtles", "The Grass Roots", " Ike and Tina Turner", "The Music Machine", " Jan and Dean", "The People", "Frigid Pink", "Jimmy Gilmer and the Fireballs", " The Frantics", "Baby", and many many more"! He went from a rock band to a "One Man Country Show" playing as the house band in several Night Clubs in Odessa, Texas and other cities, He married Diane Langrehr Braun in 1987 and went on to write and record "Silk Roses" (which he wrote for Diane), and "Merry Christmas Mama" which he wrote for his Mother, Martha Herron. After doing the motel circuits for a number of years, Charlie finally decided that his talents should be directed to the Lord, which was God's intention in the first place. He then wrote "The Canyon" for the Lord. Charlie is now the Music Minister for Midessa Heights Baptist Church in Odessa, Texas. Charlie still writes and records his own music with emphasis on Gospel/Praise and Worship with his special Country Flare..UPDATE: Charlie is now taking his Ministry on the road to try to reach more people with his testimony.



Make Jesus a




One Year Ago






\"Keep Me In
Your Will\"


\"I Want
Some More\"

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2009-03-10 at 06:27:29
Charlie, you may want to leave a message on IMRadio Street Team's wall, as we are about to send out a bunch of notes using that Profile. peace, Paddy
2009-03-10 at 02:25:28
A big thank you for your kind words. really enjoyed your page here. Stay in touch
2009-03-09 at 03:26:54
Hey Charlie, thanks so much. I dig your material just as much!
2009-02-25 at 17:55:41
Charlie, thanks for your friendship!! It's always a pleasure to hear your songs!!! peace, Paddy
2009-02-24 at 20:01:46
Hi Charlie, I see where you dropped by my site the other day. Thank you for writing us regarding the next steps to releasing your beautiful music with NITE*SKY Records International. We are now taking song applications for our upcoming Volume, and are happy to begin working with you. We distribute Gospel, bluegrass, Christian country, country (trad and new), and patriotic. Any of your original songs would fit nicely on our upcoming compilation CD. Our RADIO RELEASES are delivered to radio stations and DJ's throughout the USA and 26 countries. The songs you choose to release are totally up to you, please send your CD's, we'd love to hear them. We get great airplay and terrific feedback directly from the DJ's, which we provide to YOU. Cost to you is $200 per song released. A GREAT WAY TO JUMP-START a wonderful music career, and send the message of the Gospel around the world! We also have many artists charting in Europe and Australia, very exciting! Blessings to you! Terri and Andrew Dean NITE*SKY various artist compilation is Distributed to 26 countries, Radio Stations, Promoters, Magazines, Artist Managers, Booking Agents, Talent Buyers, Industry Professionals. 500 copies pressed, artist/songwriter receives a copy, is featured on our website for THREE FULL MONTHS, detailed biography distribution, plus radio interview and bookings potential. You receive a copy of the CD, and we send you airplay lists and charting reports for three months. FURTHER INFORMATION CAN BE FOUND ON OUR OFFICIAL WEBSITE:
2009-02-18 at 20:54:16
NITE*SKY is expanding their roster in 2009 *COUNTRY * BLUEGRASS * GOSPEL * Artist submission form ♫♪♫b 34;♫♪♫& #9834;♫♫ϗ 5;♪♫♪&# 9835;♪♫♪ ;♫♫♫ 834;♫♪♫ ♪♫♪b 35;♫ HI, THANKS 4 ADDING ME !!! NITE*SKY RECORDS "Where The Stars Shine" ♫♪♫b 34;♫♪♫& #9834;♫♫ϗ 5;♪♫♪&# 9835;♪♫♪ ;♫♫♫ 834;♫♪♫ ♪♫♪b 35;♫ NITE*SKY RECORDS "Where the Stars Shine"
2009-02-12 at 03:20:25
My Record label is looking for new artists for the roster: Christian, country, gospel, bluegrass, patriotic original singer/songwriter, write:
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