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1.  Review: Nice feel to the track. Good work.
Song Name: aPPLE oF mY eYES
Date: 2010-08-11 18:19:52
Reviewer: MIKEY P


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R&B /Hip hop

About Us:
Raphael Onifade,aka TOZZON R-ON,is one of the newest faces in the Nigerian hip hop music scene.

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Good job

Greting to all im radio artist i belive this is our year of properity bco imradio they are doing the best more than eny radio station .and i day there wil be chance for all imradio arstist to perforn in a show keep moving up one love to al my friends

luv u all

no body can stop d sun 2 shine we ar al star luv u all


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2011-01-28 at 00:12:54
Yo whats good my brother, thank you for being a fan. I dig your sound alot, it's really refreshing compared to alot of other stuff. I'd like to invite you to join my fan list. You can do so on my webite fan page, on myspace or on reverbnation. I'll add you on myspace, and if you have a fan list let me know. PEACE KING
2011-01-26 at 22:27:44
Hi Tozzon R-On, thanks for the friendship. I appreciate it very much. I've listened to your musics & songs. They are really entertaining, enjoying & fun to listen. Cool & awesome tunes...!!!
2011-01-04 at 14:27:25
what up guys hope u kach al d frm in dis new year love u all dis our year
2010-05-19 at 22:03:54
2010-05-11 at 22:08:47
That was great! Is there more?
2010-05-11 at 13:56:33
thanks for connecting. good singing here but u need to get more songs, dude! it's all about the work. cheers, keith in aberdeen - with only two songs but i'm off to add more....!
2010-05-11 at 05:00:06
hey man, many thanks for dropping in and becoming a fan of Kaamora. It is always gratifying when people, such as yourself, do that. Hence, Kaamora is now a fan and do like the tune you have up here. Wishing you great success. Greetings from Australia.
2010-05-10 at 17:50:49
Greeting from Serbia! nice music there! please,listen my songs. in Serbia not suport artists... H E L P
2010-05-08 at 16:26:32
Thanks for the message! Hope you're having a good day! :) I'm going to have to have a proper listen to people's music on here soon, been so hectic really haven't had time, I'll have a proper listen to yours, thanks for your support! Think this is a great place for artists to support each other in their music! All the best! Amanda
2010-04-29 at 08:49:11
thank you for the fan support brother. its much appreciated. i hope you enjoy what you hear. have a great week. keep up the great work. you have some great music.
2010-04-29 at 07:58:07
Hello! Nice to meet you.My name is SHOKEO. Thanks for adding me as a friend! Please listen to my musical piece by all means. Give a listen if you have the time. I need the feedback!!! This song is music that I offered, and the woman is singing. SHOKEO performs in gSTING ME, BABYhand VIDEO, and SHOKEO sings. *** Twitter me : *** okeo oromanchistripperband
2010-04-29 at 04:09:47
Hi there, thanks for the friendship! Great production for apple of my eyes. Much respect and all the best to you.
2010-04-28 at 20:42:11
Fine arrangement "apple of my eyes": Fine processed voice with vocoder, is good and right idea
2010-04-28 at 18:38:01
Thak you sooooo much, dear!!! It's very grateful to read that! (: Much peace! AR
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