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IMRadio News brings you the music reviews and articles on our website and on music websites around the world. Contact us if you have news. Or, send e-mail to

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2010-01-07 at 14:52:40
IM Radio is where it's at. Rock on!
2010-01-07 at 14:15:34
Thx for the Friendship, Nice Greets! Derrick S - Underwater Love EP Out NOW! UNDERWATER LOVE, BEYOND THE OCEAN, RAPTURE & CHANGES 4 Tracks, unique & special, all are lovely trance music filled with deep heartfelt melodies & sounds with catchy rhythms that flow through your body to touch your soul! Join Derrick S on a wonderful journey into an amazing sounding Underwater World on his outstanding new 4 Track EP Label: Reality Bites Records Germany Recommended Release on Global Groove Digital: http://www.globalgroovedi ommended.php http://www.globalgroovedi ease.php?id=64130 Beatport: de-DE/html/co nt…ter%20Love%20EP iTunes: s/album/under wa…-ep/id342007425 Junodownload: http://www.junodownload.c om/ppps/produ cts/1497158-02.htm Mixmag Digital: t/download/se ar…datedesc&sf=all Trackitdown: t/genre/tranc e/track/1719976.html for more infos visit: rrickstrance rick_s Join Derrick S Trance & Progressive House Group on Soundcloud: ups/trance-pr ogressive-house
2010-01-07 at 13:51:51
Thanks for your message! All our updates and new songs on our Myspace ll and please feel free to contact us! Cheers!
2010-01-07 at 13:18:35
Can someone check my Music out and accept it if they like it and try to do something with it and if they don't like it don't do anything
2010-01-07 at 12:08:56
My New Album is out and available to listen to here. Career is pending a music consultation with ARselect later this month. Ideas to pursue a band for this music and a planaterium type show is desired being that it is an apocalyptic Nostradamus theatrical script.............peace
2010-01-07 at 11:49:33
IMradio site is nice-:) I dont listening all the time music, because i do a music and my ears are sometimes tired. Peace
2010-01-07 at 10:43:27
3Nailz has been selected as a showcase band at the Millennium Music Conference in Harrisburg PA. on Febuary 20 2010! This is an awesome opportunity for us and if your in the area we would love for you to come out and support us. Details at
2010-01-07 at 10:32:29
Cool!!! It really motivates us! Thanks a lot for the support!
2010-01-07 at 10:24:06
MC,kP here, hope all is well. New year in forward progress.With Here to let you know that kINGPOkE will be performing again @ Buddys on the 9th in Franklin Park IL. Come one come All...and bare witness
2010-01-07 at 09:50:57
Mathis Grey Live at The National Underground in New York, NY at 8pn Jan 16th 2010 159 E Houston St New York, NY 10002-1004 - (212) 475-0611 The National Underground is a Roots Rock Americana Music Bar in New York City's Lower East Side neighborhood. Owned by Joey DeGraw and Gavin DeGraw, the bar offers good music, food and drink in a relaxed atmosphere. Open from 12 Noon to 3 AM Daily. Come on down for lunch, dinner, late dining and great music all day and night. Lineup: 8-8:40 Mathis Grey 8:45-9:25 The Dreamscapes Project 9:30-10:10 Addison Station 10:25-11:05 The Truth Haters 11:20-12 Buckra 12:15-12:55 Tip the Van 1:10-1:50 Juneteenth
2010-01-07 at 09:19:10
Thanks for the welcome, we will notify you when new releases are near and or general new things happend at our base. Nice site BTW.
2010-01-07 at 03:23:11
My first solo album is out now. It includes 6 tracks. You can hear the songs on this channel too. Thx a lot for your support. Greetings....
2010-01-06 at 20:49:33
Site looks good all the very best in all you do:) Keep up the good work!! The Fores
2010-01-06 at 20:05:09
Awesome site guys! I don't have much time in my day to just sit down and listen to music, but when I do get the time, IMRadio is where I go. Calous signed with Jagermeister, Dirtbag Clothing, and Jingle Punks last year, and we are now talking with Management to take us to the next level. We are looking forward to an exciting 2010. Thanks IM
2010-01-06 at 19:35:37
NICE !!!!!!!
2010-01-06 at 18:32:41
We are currently working on our second album. Probably the best pop album ever.. Cheers, Viz
2010-01-06 at 18:08:49
Ciao!! Thanks a lot for the support... Peace & Music, Salvo
2010-01-06 at 16:35:13
Thnx 4 support!
2010-01-06 at 13:50:16
Thx to you all for your support.. I luv this radio Motzer
2010-01-06 at 12:24:29
saludos y mucha energy!! blessings!!
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