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About Us:
Are we being systematically manipulated? Lied to? What kind of information do we get from our mainstream media? Is it fair and balanced, or are some voices amplified while others are suppressed? Does it cover a wide range of opinion? Has our media watchdog become a lapdog? Are we being fed a steady diet of lies and disinformation designed to make us docile and subservient to corporate and government power? Some of the statements presented in PRopaganda may be shocking or difficult to believe. If youre unfamiliar with alternative media, you probably wont be used to hearing things that stray so far from the dominant discourse. But dont take our word for it. Look it up for yourself.

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A Unique Collaboration

PRopaganda has been with me for some time. I originally concieved of the project about two years ago, after a conversation with my father which challenged me to create a simple tool to get people interested in media manipulation. The subject matter has been of interest to me for a number of years, and I had been wanting to find a way to merge my politics with my music. I feel strongly that the propagandistic nature of our media system is the greatest barrier to necessary social change. People are simply not getting the information they need to make informed and intelligent decisions about the major crises facing our world. Most people don't even know about these crises. Worse yet, they don't KNOW that they don't know. The media is excellent at making people feel informed while providing us with virtually zero information and steering us clear of issues that might endanger the corporate profit of advertisers and media owners. I felt intuitively that the album should have a strong hip-hop element to it. Unfortunately, hip-hop is not a style of music I am overly familiar with. Enter Kody, a.k.a. "Colourful Approach." He and I go way back. I grew up with his older brother, Craig from The Doctor Is In. Kody and I also played together for years in Ostara, an experimental rock band with no analogues. There he quickly earned my respect and admiration as a dedicated, talented, creative, and powerful bass master. Since that time, he's delved into more hip/hop-influenced stylings. Listening to his progressive and groovy tracks one day, I realized that Kody's music was exactly what PRopaganda needed. Fortunately for me, Kody agreed. Several months later, here we are. This project was a unique long-distance collaboration. Kody and I live several thousand kilometres apart. There were many phone calls and countless emails. I was surprised how smoothly everything worked out, considering the barriers. PRopaganda was a lot of work. Quite frankly, if I have to listen to another radio broadcast or watch another documentary about propaganda, I'm going to puke all over myself. I estimate that I compiled about 18 hours worth of 30-second clips, which were then organized and cut down to probably about 6 hours worth of material, which I then sent to Kody. Choosing what to use and what to discard was a brutal task. At times, it felt like I was choosing which of my children to sacrifice. The music is all Kody, with the exception of "Making Nonsense of Democracy" and "Arming One Side (Israel Vs Palestine)," which were written and recorded by me. Kody did all the mastering himself. He also did most of the work on this fantastic-looking myspace, including the artwork. I helped stupervise. We made this entire project on zero budget. It cost us nothing to make, and we are not charging anything to give it to you. We believe that this information should be shared and disseminated as widely as possible. For us, the truth is not a product that can be packaged and sold. If you like what we've done, please let us know. Comment on our blog, send us messages. If you have a pic or know of any cool independent media that we can promote through this space, feel free to contact us. Peace, Alex.


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2009-10-14 at 01:41:32
You are so AWESOME, I just posted a link to your profile here on my Twitter and Facebook profiles. Hope come over to enjoy, listen and learn. Val
2009-10-14 at 01:34:38
I LOVE your music & the mission for it, Dakota. you are RIGHT ON! Thanks for being a FAN of my songwriting & cause to help heal child abuse through music. FYI: I'm trying to get the word out. I'm planning a blog talk radio show interviewing independent artists & featuring music. To be notified about it, sign up on my mailing list here: http://survey.constantcon pbg0mzbv6v/start. If it doesn't work for some reason, email me at & I'll sign you up for my newsletter where it will be announced, or just send me your name & email address here at ImRadio. Would love to feature PRopaganda.
2009-10-13 at 22:50:11
2009-10-13 at 17:19:09
2009-10-13 at 13:45:47
Nice music and nice way of bringing out some insights into our society. Thanks for finding Project Z, Sig
2009-10-13 at 13:07:53
i enjoyed reading your searching and intelligent observations above. i enjoy reading kafka, joseph heller and george orwell etc too so. it can often seem like we are being deliberately shunned by the people "inside the, palace", as what happens is new music has to have all the ingredients people have come to expect - slick production, great instrumentalism or sound, heart, intelligent meaning, the list goes on depending how many angles you look at it... what i'm tryin' to say is, if they don't accept it, then what is the difference between what you do and what someone known already does? Cos UNless you come waving a flag similar enough to one of the ones already flying from the battlements it doesn't matter how well made and beautiful yours is - you aint gettin' into the castle !
2009-10-13 at 01:17:45
Nice Work! enjoyed Listening In! Welcome! Thanks For hooking Up with us! Glad To have you As a friend! Tony D (Revolver)
2009-10-12 at 22:50:08
Hello! Love your stuff! Great sound! Please stop by and check out the video of my artwork. Take care and keep in touch. Wishing you the best of luck! Peace, Kimmi
2009-10-12 at 06:48:17
Hello and Blessings!!!
2009-10-12 at 00:29:16
Hello Propoganda best from Paris
2009-10-12 at 00:00:35
Hi! Greatings from the monkey bunch,keep the experiment alive :-)
2009-10-11 at 19:30:23
Hello Propoganda! You've got this edge about you that I really like! I like tracks that concentrate more about the lyrics than the beats, and you've got both! Keep it up; keep in touch! ---Allisyn
2009-10-11 at 18:17:19
Hi Propaganda, I wish you a great week! Louise
2009-10-11 at 15:37:28
Hey Propaganda, what's up in this kind and mysterious world of sounds? All nine tracks you've uploaded are very interesting about things that are happening in every human well being on this planet. These sounds may not be music to dance or jam to but it's something that everyone should stop and listen to. There are truth in everything you've uploaded. I am always informed about the harsh facts of life as well as my environment around me. Yea the media is something else whether good or bad my friend. My only wish is that we can all live in a world populated with love. I enjoy what I'm hearing and dig the background music. Wishing you and our planet Earth all the happiness, abundance, freshness, peace, prosperity and all the greatness from GOD'S eternal Universe and beyond. ~Elijah Saint~ Musician & Host on Real As It Gets Podcast.
2009-10-11 at 07:40:32
Like it!!!We got rid of our TV last year and it's sooo refreshing! Peace and Light to you on your journey! Jennifer
2009-10-11 at 04:47:44
Fascinating. the truth that some people don't care enough to find out. But then sometimes it is hard to discern what is true or not. We all have to research and make up our own minds. That is how it should be. These tracks must have been extremely hard to produce. Nice job. And keep spreading the word.
2009-10-11 at 00:47:53
greating from Portugal Ricardo from Panic Syndrome
2009-10-10 at 01:15:54
join us we all have one thing in common to the music. we are sellers of our own products. all music has a great value but someone has to listen. we need to unite and believe because the world is great. has space for everyone.
2009-10-09 at 23:26:18
“...From I had a dream, to keep hope alive, to yes we can, these days we'll survive, we will thrive - he won't leave the people behind: From a Bush Abomination to ‘ObamaNation,’ (soon) you can ask you can tell, take off the mask you can yell, from a bush abomination we take back our nation, Obama Nation, the American Nation...” Please give a listen to our new rock/reggae/folk song “ObamaNation.” If you like it, spread the word. Thanks. Peace. Paul from Future Now.
2009-10-09 at 13:47:15
Very intresting
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