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Orlando, FL

Americana, Acoustic, Rock

About Us:
Americana, solo-acoustic rock & roll. CD "The Judith Suite" available from CD Baby:

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"Americana Night.2" at The CAMEO

The next "Americana Night" at The CAMEO (1013 E. Colonial Dr., Orlando, FL 32803, is May 20th, 9:00 PM. Featured artists: Barry Brogan & Sybil Gage, Bill Stambaugh, Shawn Faxon, & ME! Peace, Bob "Stormcrow" Sanders


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2009-11-26 at 04:04:58
Hello! my brother Bob,you play some nice guitar and some nice lyrics too,you have a good sound,much success,Emmett.
2009-11-20 at 19:01:52
Hey Bob, glad to be friends with you here on IMRadio!!Be blessed! Cheers, Jasmine
2009-11-20 at 11:04:36
Lovely mellow relaxing music, Bob. Thanks for the warm comment about my music and for connecting. Peace, Brenda - Medicine Song Woman
2009-11-19 at 18:37:38
I am listening to "I Don't Believe In Angels" now, great sound you have here. Peace and light to you! Have a great time ahead! Cheers, Jasmine
2009-11-03 at 06:28:42
hard wrk! good!
2009-11-02 at 23:42:47
Thanks for being a fan, All the best. Arthur Walker
2009-10-31 at 17:02:52
Bob, I can understand! Best wishes and blessing! Calley
2009-10-30 at 17:32:49
Hey that's great, if my comment made your day! :) Blessings!!!
2009-10-29 at 16:29:12
Hello Bob, I like your awesome songs 'Long Lost Friend' and 'I Don't Believe In Angels'.
2009-10-28 at 10:58:23
2009-10-27 at 01:35:45
set yourself to shake and move those around you...Free to influence the world in some simple to travel to the four corners of expression
2009-10-26 at 17:22:17
Hey Bob, thanks a bunch for dropping by and for the kind words, it means a lot. Enjoy your music a great deal, excellent stuff!
2009-10-26 at 01:18:18
Bob, Thanks for visiting our page and becoming a fan! The feeling is mutual! Just listened to all your tunes! Really liked Long lost friend and The Great unknown! All the best to you!
2009-10-24 at 10:28:30
Love your lirics and music cool country voice bravo.
2009-10-24 at 05:09:06
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2009-10-24 at 01:59:38
Hey Bob, what's up my friend? I think the New York scene would be a great place for your music. I think Florida is mostly Latin, Hip-Hop and Reggae. Americana, Acoustic & Rock is definitely happening hear in Manhattan, Long Island as well as the Brooklyn scene. Keep your head up my fellow musician because the race is not for the swift it is for those who endureth to the end. Your music Bob is amazing and I love your vocals and dig your songwriting. Great shots regarding your performances pictures and album art covers. It's good hearing from you and keep in touch. As always wishing you and your illuminating music career all the greatness from GOD'S eternal Universe and beyond. ~Elijah Saint~
2009-10-22 at 18:49:08
Hey Bob, what's up in this kind and creative world of sounds my friend? Hey it's a small world after all I probably met you at Sidewalk Cafe in Manhattan doing the open mic night gigs. I'm digging all five tracks you've uploaded right here on IMRadio. Great vocals, awesome songwriting and amazing acoustic guitar riffs. My all time favorite tracks are "Blue Avenue", "Too Far" and "The Great Unknown", awesome recording Bob. Wising you and your infinite music career LIGHT, love, success, prosperity, wealth, health, peace, wisdom, knowledge, overstanding and all the greatness from GOD'S eternal Universe and beyond. ~Elijah Saint~ Musician & Host on Real As It Gets Podcast.
2009-10-21 at 19:02:16
Bob, Thanks for stopping by! How I ended up in Italy? Long story, just following the music, I lived in France for a couple of years and Amsterdam, among other places but I've settled down here, been here 12 years...and found the best band that I've ever put together so no intentions of moving on just for bands slowly starving, that seems to be just about everywhere : ) , though the onset of internet does make concerts more important as for as our wage is concerned and I think it'll be more and more evident as we go on that our money's to be made in live shows rather than c.d.'s...Hope you have a fantastic week! Lisa
2009-10-21 at 01:30:53
Thank you, Cam! Pickin Fest was good. Weather was a bit chilly (this is Florida after all!) but not too cold for these old fingers. The crowd was engaged, attentive, and receptive. What more could you ask for? I posted a few pics of the event on myspace. BTW - you've got a very full sound. I love the slide work! Peace, Bob
2009-10-20 at 23:55:13
Hey Bob, sounds great here. Nice to meet you. I had a radio show if you'd like to listen. http://www.blogtalkradio. com/DestinationDawn/2009/ 10/01/Live-Interview-with -Folk-Artist-MaryAnn-Feat uring-Her-Music
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