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West Milford, NJ


About Us:
ME: Host-Producer (Blog Talk Radio)-Writer-Songwriter-Healing Artist-Podcaster. ~~~ COMPANY: The Pursuit Studio. ~~~ MISSION: Dedicate music as energy for creative solutions to child abuse. ~~~ DOWNLOAD: Access songs & arrangements at my Web site where acappella samples of "All My Life" and other songs are available for download to produce, arrange & remix. ~~~ SAMPLE REVIEW: "I want you to know first of all that I LOVE your singing and your song writing skills! You are pretty F-ing HOT girl!" - Michael David Sherwood, ReverbNation Artist / Read more reviews at Lots of light & love to you!

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Facebook and Twitter

Hey, Everybody! You can FRIEND me on Facebook finding me as Val Oliver. You can FOLLOW me on Twitter at Creatorsparrot. See you there!

Interview Series on Blog Talk Radio

“Sunday Brunch: The First and Last Song” features music and conversations with a mix of celebrity and independent music professionals that always begins and ends with the same two questions: 1) What is the first song you remember hearing? 2)What is the last song you want to hear before your life ends here on earth? These two questions and the ones that explore more firsts and lasts in between are designed to engage the hosts, guests and listeners from a fresh perspective. “Sunday Brunch: The First and Last Song” celebrates life and the universal vibrational language of music. Let’s take a journey together that engages our ears, heart, mind, body and spirit. The show is dedicated to energy for answers and solutions to end child abuse and neglect worldwide. Email for more info:

Arrange, Produce, Remix, Perform

Arrange, Preoduce, Remix, Perform [remove] COPYRIGHT: Please follow the Creative Commons 3.0 license requirements. You can use them for noncommerical purposes and must attribute the music by name to me. Share all arrangements, performances, and remixes by sending the songs to me via email attachments or provide download links to them so I can post links for listeners and fans to generate even MORE ENERGY for this project. If interested in commercial use of my music in any form, please contact me at:

Thanks & Links to Some Great People

Thanks to Bloomfield College Music Department, Chris White, David Beverly, Claretha Breedlove & Sophia Laurencin, and to BRIAREUS who did the remixes for ALL MY LIFE. Check out Briareus & all his remixes at: Visit Chris White: Bass player arranger, producer and teacher of music. Chris' bass was the driving force on the bottom of: Dizzy Gillespie's small band recording of "No More Blues" and in Nina Simone's band. Visit Chris at:

All Songwriting Dedicated to Healing Child Abuse

EVERY song I write is good vibration energy dedicated to creative answers and solutions to child abuse and neglect. Every sound, note, frequency, play and listen is energy. I am a Chanupa (Pipe) Carrier for this goal and purpose. The goal with my songwriting is to have the songs produced, arranged, remixed, and performed by as many artists and in as many genre forms as possible. / THE MAIN Web site for all my projects related to solutions for child abuse is "Reach 4 Freedom: Heal Child Abuse and Neglect" -


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2009-12-11 at 12:03:57
Loving Return To Me!! Will listen to more.
2009-12-08 at 19:25:41
hey Valerie u got a cool interesting page...chek my tunes if u got time..cole..x
2009-12-07 at 14:38:25
hey Valerie, my mail:
2009-12-07 at 13:36:35
Valerie! Hey there =) Thank you for checking out "Forbidden". I'm really glad you enjoyed it. Enough to leave me a few comments about it even. It's the current single I've been pushing. I'm really flattered that you'd like me to be possibly featured on your radio show in 2010. I'd really love it. I like what your profile here is about so no doubt it could be an interesting conversation. I will be shooting you an Email via Thank you for your interest! I'm grateful =) -Mike
2009-12-07 at 01:38:01
Hello nice to see you Drop on by my page...I Hope you are Loving Life and it continues to bring you Great Joy...Much Luv to you...Peace...Frontline
2009-12-03 at 17:47:58
Tourist part 1 new track by Superbeppedj
2009-12-03 at 17:00:50
You're very welcome dear friend. You too. Ham
2009-11-29 at 11:39:23
Hey Valerie, Thanks for the fan add! Lovin" your music. Best of luck to you! Your friend and fan, DebbieZ
2009-11-28 at 06:39:41
hi Valerie I Tried to email you I got no respones. so here is my email and I would be glade to be on creator's Parrot blog talk. and thanks for thinking of me have a blessed day,Armintha Williams
2009-11-28 at 06:15:12
hi valerie, i am sorry for not remembering if i gave you a reply - it´s been a while since i was here on the radio. anyway, happy to hear you like "never" - more of my stuff at if you want. keep singing and have a nice weekend... maybe me
2009-11-27 at 09:43:16
Would be glad to offer my artists for your blog talk radio show. Check out my MySpace at bel. All my artists are either gay or gay friendly, many on the Grammy Ballot. Email me at or write my MySpace if interested and I can see what we can hook up.
2009-11-24 at 23:48:16
Hi Val. Cool Tunes Hope you goy my e mail Best Regards Peter straiton junction
2009-11-23 at 17:57:25
Hi Valerie! :) Ducky sends his regards along your way. Have a great week and stay duckylicious! Cheers CD ;)
2009-11-22 at 15:35:43
Thanks Valerie...just wait for the next six songs...gonna rock this world out of Wade from Sick Day September is remixing Dirty Water and Like That and it is going to be a good way...also there is another artist from here called Smooth T and we have a song that will be finished this week...gonna be hot....will add them asap....I also have a song coming soon about child abuse...going to touch a lot of people...all my love...look forward to an interview...Love Ros *_*
2009-11-22 at 08:35:16
Best wishes and hope for your dreams come true. I'll send you an email.
2009-11-22 at 07:38:14
Nice to meet you Val...digging the vibe of your Jazzy, R&B surround sound Nice vocals and melodies on all you songs.....God Bless and I'm dropping you an email... Fletch
2009-11-22 at 04:11:59
Thanks for the nice message. Hope you have a great and peaceful blessed Thanksgiving as well. Best Wishes. Paul.
2009-11-21 at 22:43:21
Thank you Valerie! Much respect from a rock and classic dinosaur! Rainer struck-rainer2@t-online.d e
2009-11-21 at 16:58:50
Hey, keep up the great cause! Be Blessed! Keep Music On!! Wishing you a fabulous weekend! Love, Life and Light! Angila
2009-11-21 at 16:08:43
Ha ha! thanks for your compliment. I'm not a musician but a mere admirer. :( Anyways, enjoyed your music a lot. Love and Blessings! Calley
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