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Planet ?

Psychedelic Rock

About Us:
like shrinking down to the size of an aphid and going for a race around the garden with all the other bugs...

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we want to take you on a journey through yourself. a vulcan mind-meld with your subconscious. a continual building up of energies to bursting-point and beyond into some strange plateau of otherness. to put you in touch with your primal self in a therapeutic explosion of dimensional sonic detail.


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2010-12-23 at 15:53:04
Have a wonderful krimbo and a fantastic HOGmanay. wishing ye much success in 2011. PEACE
2010-11-07 at 11:10:46
Nice tunes!
2010-06-01 at 18:41:27
Thank you are great keep in touch check out us on my page
2010-05-14 at 05:51:07
Greetings from Serbia! nice music here! please,listen my Serbia not suport artists...H E L P
2010-04-10 at 17:16:39
i think it's a bit weak to ask people to review your work... if there's something there to write about then shouldn't people feel like doing so anyway ? "please review my stuff ?"... well, maybe... i dunno... just seems kinda lame - can't we each recommend artists for each other to check out and review ? how can we get behind each other's sound and push it? these are the questions that resonate around me as my mind slips away from the moment of thinking it...
2010-02-03 at 19:48:24
Very creative weirdness...Like what I hear! Best,Tom
2009-12-17 at 18:05:39
Enjoyed your Music!! Glad to be friends with you. Have a wonderful day! Calley
2009-11-27 at 05:07:44
Psychoalphadiscobetabioaq uadooopically Psychedelica GL Moody
2009-11-07 at 00:00:53
2009-11-03 at 18:48:22
Great stuff!! :)
2009-10-28 at 16:49:00
Hey, just stopped by to listen and liked what I heard. Great stuff!!
2009-10-22 at 06:42:06
Wonderful stuff! Kept me transfixed.
2009-10-14 at 23:15:30
That is a cool picture,
2009-10-11 at 19:36:36
I've never heard anything quite like your material. It really shows creativity with a keyboard, something we never really see too often anymore :) Keep it up, Keep in touch! ---Allisyn(:
2009-10-10 at 03:56:10
Surely I have never heard anything like this before! Thanks for airing this! :)
2009-10-06 at 19:37:42
Hello new friend! Thank you for dropping by and extending your friendship! I really enjoyed listening to your music. Great job!!! Peace, Carissa
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