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Bobby Perry & Friends's Song Reviews

1.  Review: Cool song. I like mood of the track.
Song Name: Death of a Love
Date: 2010-07-22 08:44:00
Reviewer: Isa Conar

2.  Review: That is some smokin guitar..............nice
Song Name: Dreamin in a dream.
Date: 2010-02-03

3.  Review: Nice work my friend......
Song Name: China Beach - by Bobby Perry
Date: 2010-02-01


Bobby Perry & Friends's Information

San Francisco, CA

blues & jazz

About Us:
My name is Bobby Perry and I've started a production company(BLUE BOBBY PRODUCTION) and a record label,(AKILA RECORD).I have two Cd's out with tunecore.and napster, itunes, amazon, and Rhapsody. they are IN THE CITY by bobby Perry and LOVE CAMOUFLAGE by Bobby Perry for starts.A profile on

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2011-02-09 at 06:45:07
hi Bobby, I'm diggin' the remixed and mastered tunes. Have a terrific Tuesday! peace, Paddy
2011-02-09 at 04:07:09
Paddy;\ Please replace all the air-play with the new and better mixed and mastered version of the same mp3 file so all of the paperwork and pictures are the same Thank you Paddy Bobby Perry
2011-02-08 at 09:46:09
Hi; This is Bobby Perry; Paddy; some of my mp3 files had the wrong Tile and some of them were damaged so I replaced all of them, they should be a lot better. Hope no one minds.
2010-12-30 at 11:28:28
Year's end is neither an end nor a beginning but a going on, with all the wisdom that experience can instill in us. Congratulations for being featured here! Hope it goes on and on!! Love and Blessings!! Calley :)
2010-10-26 at 01:45:44
Thank you are great keep in touch check us out on my page.
2010-09-02 at 19:29:09
thank you very much for friendship!!! :)
2010-07-22 at 21:20:19
Thank you are great keep in touch check us out on my page. I AM A FEATURED BAND ON IMRADIO HOME PAGE YOU CAN RATE ME HERE. WE Thank you.
2010-04-27 at 10:14:46
Nice tunes!
2010-02-24 at 07:32:36
Hi; Ijust want to say thanks to all from the bottom of my heart for being my fans, You couldn't emazine how much it means.I thank you for just listning. If you want to check me out I will be doing cocerts In the u.s. and I'll try to get that information to you. Again, Thank you. I have most major distributors...
2010-02-17 at 21:00:38
BLUE BOBBY PRODUCTION / Two Cd's (In the city).& (Love Camouflage)By Bobby Perry on the Akila Records Label.. smooth jazz and urban blues.. . Have jango radio, imradio, songcast radio,L aol radio and others.,. I have Rhapsody, Napster, itunes, amazon, Launchcast radio, eMusic,IMVU,Amazon Mp3,Lala, Shockehound, Amie Street,Linewire, Nokia and more., I have two Cd's out. thank God.... (BLUE BOBBY PRODUCTION)..AKILA RECORDS)..
2010-02-15 at 02:27:25
Share "Valentine's Day" with someone you love (or want to). The Song and Video are here on IMRadio (video also on Paul.
2010-02-14 at 12:47:22
Hey Bobby, Thanks for the Blues...sounds like a song title to me...! Got my first blues tune in the wishes! ;-] Steve
2010-01-14 at 09:40:38
Hello Friend, Congrats on making it on imradio feature band wall. I love your music, Hey girl is my favorite. Diana OhOh
2010-01-12 at 18:13:34
Keep up the great work!! :) Cheers, Jasmine
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