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1.  Review: this song has a great feel, played with soul
Song Name: Beautiful flowers
Date: 2010-10-23 15:02:23
Reviewer: Banjo Snapper

2.  Review: love this song!
Song Name: salt
Date: 2010-08-30 02:56:40
Reviewer: Dirk Nelly Brill

3.  Review: great songwriting... gravity rocks!
Song Name: Gravity
Date: 2010-08-30 02:55:37
Reviewer: Dirk Nelly Brill


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About Us:
All songs written an composed by Uwe Scholz/Motzer. The tunes were recorded on the Boss BR-1200 Harddisc-recorder, All Instruments played by Motzer and DD..There`s a lot of noise, but just one silence.. Who wants to know my f.. education,yearly income,marital status,religion or race??? that`s boring.. FREEDOM!!!!!!!!

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New song added

Sycamore.....Wish you all a happy new year!!!

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CC License for "all is gone", "kit" and "won`t come home soon".

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New songs

Swallow// Blow wind blow// Real life...Having a good time!!! Motzer


CC License for L.J.



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all is gone 



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2009-11-24 at 02:43:03
Hi Motzer,et gibt nix zu Motzen hier,sounds great man!!!
2009-11-23 at 02:16:30
hi motzer, danek fürs kompliment. bin auch auf mayspace (logo) lass uns adden gehn. ganz lieben gruß, pete
2009-11-23 at 02:13:11
hi motzer, danek fürs kompliment. bin auch auf mayspace (logo) lass uns adden gehn. ganz lieben gruß, pete
2009-11-22 at 11:49:19
2009-11-16 at 19:02:43
Hi, thanks for the updates. Hugs, Diana
2009-11-15 at 08:38:38
Hey manheim, Thanks for the fan add! great to have you as a friend. Love your music! Your friend, DebbieZ
2009-11-14 at 22:14:08
dann horch mal bei meinem "alter ego" Mad Musicologist vorbei. Greetz Der Doc
2009-11-13 at 00:49:34
Cool tunes!
2009-11-10 at 10:25:50
Solid guitar. Like your work. Your new fan the LimboManBand, Buckeye Ocean, Ohio. PEACE/LOVE/HOPE
2009-11-10 at 04:55:45
11 it is brother!!
2009-11-09 at 18:23:05
Very nice tunes! greetings, Jasmine!
2009-11-02 at 18:01:13
Hi, thanks for being in touch! Keep rocking! Diana
2009-11-02 at 17:10:31
Nice work! Enjoyed Listening In! Thanks for hooking up with Us! Glad To Have You as A Friend!
2009-11-01 at 12:08:04
Hello friend, Wow! Great music!!!!! Love it.Keep the music coming. Have a rocking weekend. Diana
2009-11-01 at 00:45:11
Many thanks for the friendship, we really appreciate it! :) Very cool sound! ~ Kathy For ANUBIS SPIRE
2009-10-31 at 23:19:37
Nice to Meet You. Listening to TV Bullet. Great Sound, song & vocals. Paul, your fan from Future Now.
2009-10-31 at 16:50:26
Beautiful songs!! Have a nice weekend!! :)
2009-10-31 at 05:40:58
Hello, Have a beautiful weekend! Peace and light:) Jennifer
2009-10-30 at 17:52:51
Liked your songs 'Beautiful Flowers'. Great sound!! :)
2009-10-26 at 20:04:42
great to hear your music.Freddie
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