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1.  Review: this song has a great feel, played with soul
Song Name: Beautiful flowers
Date: 2010-10-23 15:02:23
Reviewer: Banjo Snapper

2.  Review: love this song!
Song Name: salt
Date: 2010-08-30 02:56:40
Reviewer: Dirk Nelly Brill

3.  Review: great songwriting... gravity rocks!
Song Name: Gravity
Date: 2010-08-30 02:55:37
Reviewer: Dirk Nelly Brill


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All songs written an composed by Uwe Scholz/Motzer. The tunes were recorded on the Boss BR-1200 Harddisc-recorder, All Instruments played by Motzer and DD..There`s a lot of noise, but just one silence.. Who wants to know my f.. education,yearly income,marital status,religion or race??? that`s boring.. FREEDOM!!!!!!!!

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Sycamore.....Wish you all a happy new year!!!

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CC License for "all is gone", "kit" and "won`t come home soon".

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Swallow// Blow wind blow// Real life...Having a good time!!! Motzer


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2010-03-30 at 17:44:37
hi motzer, guten tag! still can't get any info about playing gigs in germany, can you help? danke schoen, und ziet geist meine fruende jbb
2010-03-27 at 15:58:49
Dear friend, thank you for your support, we wish you all the best! Aineshana
2010-03-25 at 00:09:12
really diggin ur tunage !! Peace!! Adam-Son ;-)
2010-03-16 at 12:38:24
God I love your stuff... Diggin Beautiful flowers right now God I like song and the vocal and guitar lets cut a track sometime good stuff..this place is better than the regular radio sincerely Jeff Cameron
2010-03-15 at 15:59:50
guten tag motzer thanks for your english reply!recently iv'e been talking to a few german musicians who where talking about me gigging with them but they let me down! i would really like to gig there in the summer(june)can you help?if so can you let me know?thanks jbb
2010-03-14 at 18:09:31
danke schoen motzen meine herr! unfortunately i'm not fluent in deutsche and could not decipher your msg, can you msg me again englisch?danke und auf weidersehn!
2010-03-14 at 15:41:40
Danke für die Grüße.Ich grüße zurück und wünsche Dir alles Gute.... ;-)
2010-03-13 at 21:30:44
guten tag! thank you for your support!danke schoen meine fruende, jbb
2010-02-20 at 18:27:46
2010-02-03 at 15:05:52
cheers 4 stopping by....t.v bullet is a great sound........m
2010-01-30 at 22:21:04
hello Motzer
2010-01-24 at 23:00:51
Hi Motzer- Thanks for becoming my fan! I see you made the Featured Bands Wall, Congrats! I just recently made it there myself! Have a wonderful and prosperous 2010!!
2010-01-17 at 04:21:26
HAHA !!! Lovely to hear from you :) How's it going...? Hope you're having a fun weekend sweetie..xox
2010-01-13 at 01:34:20
Hello friend, congrats on making it on imradio feature band wall. Keep the music coming. Diana OhOh
2010-01-12 at 19:30:32
Hey Motzer, all well!! Hope the same at your end!! Keep the music alive! Hugs, Diana
2010-01-12 at 11:21:36
Hello Friend, To show my gratitude for making it on “The feature band Wall” I added one more song to imradio,“Remember I Love”. It is my way of saying thank you to all for their support. This will be for a short time only. Diana OhOh
2010-01-11 at 00:26:43
all egr Best to you and your music in 2010....Peace.... Frontline
2010-01-09 at 19:07:59
Just stopped by to say Hello!! :) Have fun!! Hugs , Diana
2010-01-05 at 17:37:11
Happy new year :o) The new year brings hope for a better world. Let the good win over the Evil. Let the good conquere the world. Let the Capitalist fall down to dust. Let the poor rise and win. Let the true break the false. Let the heart open for love. Let the sun shine and darkness fade away. Let the war end and bring peace to all. Let us all rise and fight the evil. Happy happy New Year Comrades :o) From Kenneth and Martine.
2010-01-05 at 15:55:46
Beautiful songs, i really like your poppy song "Elephants Fly"! Your voice is also cool! Keep it up duude!
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