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Song Name: Ocean Rythym
Date: 2010-08-31 15:04:36
Reviewer: RedHeart


Dreams 0f An Old Man By The Sea's Information

Newport, OR

New Age

About Us:
Kick back and flow with the go, music created for ease of mind,and magical interludes of sites and sounds to drift away with. Peace and Love JSWay

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Hello From Home Base

Hi and Hello to one and all, has been a while yet we have managed to create several New Pieces for Your Enjoyment Love and Light JS Way



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Flowh Calendar


2010-01-01 at 04:36:27
Happy 2010! Wishing you a Rocking new year. Pray For Peace
2009-12-29 at 21:41:16
Hey what's up my fellow musician? It's totally awesome having you on Real As It Gets podcast tonight. Great recordings from you we'll be plugging in on the interview. As always sending you, your love ones and your illuminating music career all the greatness from GOD'S Universe and beyond. ~Elijah~
2009-12-19 at 18:12:05
Cheers!! :)
2009-12-18 at 18:27:53
Thanks for the lovely wishes!! :)
2009-12-18 at 17:57:32
Hey thanks for the beautiful comment! :) Keep in touch!
2009-12-17 at 18:54:24
Truly said, The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree: the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other. Have Happy and Peaceful Holidays! Love, Life and Light! Angila
2009-11-10 at 17:46:12
Hey, thanks for the beautiful wishes! :) Have a great and blessed time!! Cheers, Jasmine
2009-11-09 at 18:24:12
I like your special music! Have a great week! cheers, Jasmine
2009-11-06 at 09:49:23
2009-11-02 at 17:28:03
Hey, just stopped by to listen and liked what I heard. Great stuff!
2009-10-31 at 19:52:33
2009-10-29 at 15:22:30
Sure! :)
2009-10-28 at 17:28:17
Hello, just stopped by to listen and liked what I heard. 'Lost Memories' is the song which I liked the most. Wanna be your fan. :) Have a nice time. Calley
2009-10-27 at 03:12:15
set yourself to shake and move those around you...Free to influence the world in some simple to travel to the four corners of expression
2009-10-26 at 00:40:19
2009-10-24 at 04:49:02
TELL EVERY ONE ABOUT IMRadio -- Got to thinking. What if each of us independent musicians told our family, friends, fans and acquaintances about, how besides the main station, it has stations for each of the states individually, 52 countries, and just about every musical genre -- reaching any internet connection around the world. We could tell them in person, on the internet or at small or large venues. Anyone we tell would appreciate the convenience of such good music from independent musicians on their computer. It would be such a good way to help all of us reach even more listeners. With IMRadio, we aren't just waiting at the mercy of some major label to decide whether or not they will let us be heard around the world. There are enough of us that the outreach could be exponential. And, wouldn't it be a great way to say 'thank you' to Paddy and all of the other fine folks who have put on the world's musical map. They have put in money, time, energy and dedication, and all they have asked of us in return is to upload our music and profile. I am sure that they have great plans to publicize IMRadio and bring it to even more listeners. In the meantime, through, wouldn't it be great if we could all help a little by just taking a little time each day to tell family, friends, fans and acquaintances about IMRadio. It wouldn't cost a dime, just a little time. Yours, in Musical Solidarity, Paul.
2009-10-19 at 21:26:02
My brother in music, My good friend King (T Daddy) and I re-recorded a song we used to do together when we was just lads (Dirty Names)its rock, its raw, (live sounding)King, his brother and I had a 3 piece when we was teenagers, we are still the best of friends and play together from time to time.If you get so time could ya give a poor Liken a listening to. Love peace and chicken grease, Stilt
2009-10-19 at 03:43:01
Just dropped by to say Hi. Listening to Techno Sample. Very Nice. Calico looks really cool. Check out Phantom and Sparkle on our page. Have a Great Week. Paul, your fan from Future Now.
2009-10-17 at 21:21:14
Hi my friend! thank you for the friendship Herzliche Grüße aus BERLIN!
2009-10-08 at 21:56:57
Many thanks for the add Jeff. It is much appreciated. Love Steve
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