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Song Name: Wild Rose
Date: 2012-10-10 23:30:31
Reviewer: kenneth DuBose

Song Name: Heart of Australia
Date: 2012-04-13 13:43:51
Reviewer: meluvsmehorse

Song Name: When Darkness Falls
Date: 2012-04-13 12:52:48
Reviewer: meluvsmehorse

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About Us:
Award-winning South African artist, LOUISE DU TOIT, is a musician, singer, composer, arranger, writer, actress, lyricist, vocal teacher and painter. Her two new albums, "JUST LOVE" and "ODE TO MAGNIFICENCE", were recently released on the web on March 14, 2012. "ODE TO MAGNIFICENCE" immediately went on to the top selling list for Greece, next to the albums of Greek axemaster Theodore Ziras and jazz fusion artist Yiorgos Fakanas, who collaborated with Dave Weckl, Mike Stern and Bob Franceschini on his "Domino" album. LOUISE DU TOIT started her official performing career as a child actress for the National Theater Company, "Pacofs", in South Africa. She has played lead and supporting roles in many musical, opera and other stage productions. She obtained her degree in Theater and Performing Arts at the University of the Free State in South Africa and her Classical Opera Diploma in Greece in 2005, as well as numerous diplomas and awards for her piano and violin studies at the Royal College of London and Unisa. She has given more than 2500 performances the past decade and has held several successful art exhibitions in Greece. Apart from her solo career as a performance artist, she is also the singer of the international groups, AINESHANA and FUEGO DE LUNAR. Many of her songs have been released as music videos too and her music is currently being broadcast by radio stations all over the world. She is also actively involved in theater work as a play writer, director and scenic designer. In March 2011 she completed the script and music score of her new musical, "The Witch of Woccabocca", of which two very successful performances were staged in May and December 2011, in collaboration with the Ionian Conservatory of Music in Corfu. Louise was the main director and scenic artist of the production, assisted by a talented team of professional artists and musicians, child actors and music students. A successful colorful exhibition of the scenery, costumes and stage props, held at the Municipal Art Gallery of Corfu, followed the first performance in 2011. In April 2010 she wrote the music and lyrics for three sold-out productions of "The Vagina Dialogues" in Corfu in Greece, did the music arrangements and performed the songs live on stage with the actresses. She is currently working on completing her next two musicals, with two very different themes, for future performances in theaters in Greece and other countries of the world. Louise du Toit is also using her music and art to spread a worldwide message of environmental and wildlife preservation. Her most recent work includes a list of several music videos for various animals rights organizations, aimed at raising awareness about the plight of animals in their struggle for survival. The videos can be seen at her YouTube channel.

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My thanks and appreciation to Paddy and the whole IMRadio team for their wonderful support to all of us, and for the following paragraphs in the recent IMRadio Newsletter of November: 'The very most popular profile page can also translate into a spot as a Featured Artist on the IMRadio Home Page. Louise du Toit, a singer who performs nightly in Athens, Greece, comments that IMRadio has given her "tremendous exposure and an immediate audience from all over the world." She makes sure she spends time reading her wall posts and communicating with her new fans on their walls....Artists like..."Louise du Toit" have a great following at concerts and CD and Download sales.'


MICHAEL ANGELO BATIO (July 18, 2008) “I read, posted and checked out your MySpace page. Great work, both musically and artistically. I put you in my Top friends list. Good luck in all things musical.” ****** MICHAEL ANGELO BATIO (October 28, 2008) “Louise, it is always nice to read your comments. I listened to your songs again today. You have great music…” ****** PIERRE BENSUSAN (March 20, 2009) “…Thank you for visiting my page and for your warm comments. I had the chance to visit yours and listen, and really like the feel of your voice and songs. Hope our paths will cross sometimes in the near future…” ****** DARIUS BRUBECK (August 4, 2008) “Good to hear from you and you look great…” ****** LULO REINHARDT (May 24, 2008) “…good sound…” ****** JON MULVEY (September 1, 2008) “Beautiful Music! Beautiful Art! You are a Beautiful person, and a wonderful Talent… And your photos are so reflective of your artistic sensibility. Such a strong connection between the art, music, and photography. A rare gift indeed. When I visit your albums, I just fall in. I can’t seem to comment on just one, or another. Quite remarkable!!!” ****** ROBERT CONTI (February 14, 2009) “Without doubt, your face was made by the hand of God himself. The smile on that face is peace, love & happiness - all in one! Warm regards, Robert Conti, Las Vegas, NV USA ****** BRATT SCOVIL (May 23, 2009) “…thanks so much for hooking me up to your world of excellent music! I am still enjoying your creativity and style of sound…” ****** THE SONGWRITER - JACI (August 3, 2009) “Love that new song…simply breathtaking…you move like the wind through my hair…enchanting my senses to want more and more…you’re wonderful…keep up the illuminating work…your beauty is what keeps this planet alive…” ****** MERU MATU (April 18, 2008) “Your music is AMAZING my African Sista!!! I feel it to be a cross between Sade and Lisa Stansfield who are two of my personal biggest inspiration…I love the song, love the video, love the locations, you look amazing and so beautiful and I am so happy to have watched the video and that you shared it with me.” ****** BAZ CORDEN (May 23, 2008) “…you have a beautiful voice and it's inspiring to see how much you like to create. A true artist. Awesome…” ****** ALPHONSE MOUZON (July 24, 2008) “You are so beautiful and talented!” ****** ROBIN NOLAN (March 15, 2009) “…keep spreading the love! You are so kind…” ****** GEORGE LYNCH (August 23, 2008) “Rock on!!!”


AINESHANA is a new music group, formed through the collaboration of singer-composer Louise du Toit (music, lyrics, vocals, arrangement, piano, keyboards) and composer-guitarist Nikos Piperis (music, acoustic guitar), together with talented musicians from different parts of the world. Their CD-DVD single, 'My Heart is a Sea', with two tracks and their remixes, was recently produced and released by the music and art publishing company, Tree del Art. Their music is a blend of beautiful melodies, meaningful lyrics, worldly styles and original sounds, supported by smooth, soulful vocals with a lyrical influence. The title track of the single, MY HEART IS A SEA, composed by Louise du Toit, was also released as a music video, filmed by the experienced director Ioannis Vlatakis and produced by Arctos and Tree del Art. The unusual, exquisite sound of the Viola di Roda in the intro and solo parts of the song was added by the gifted Spanish musician, Efren Lopez. 'MY HEART IS A SEA', the CD/DVD single from our group, AINESHANA, is now available on the internet at the following site:


Thanks to the great IMRADIO team, I have been the FEATURED ARTIST in their Showcase for several weeks. This was a wonderful event in my life as a musician and it brought me into contact with many talented artists from around the world! THANK YOU PADDY, for your great support, MC for your lovely review and the whole IMRADIO TEAM for your continuous enthusiasm! Also…check out my picture as a FEATURED BAND on the photowall of the IMRadio homepage. My sincere thanks to IMRadio for their utterly professional promotion.


I am really joyful to announce that my three new albums, "Ode to Magnificence", "Just Love" and "Heart of Australia", are now available for downloading at my CDBaby Artist Page. I have received many requests for and inquiries about these albums, all inspiring me to complete them, and I would like to express my sincere gratitude to my friends and fans for their wonderful support. The albums consist of most of my songs which I also used as the soundtracks for my videos to raise awareness about the preservation of our environment and all wildlife. "Ode to Magnificence" has reached the NUMBER ONE position on the top selling list for Greece, with "Just Love" following in the second place. The proceeds of the third album, "Heart of Australia", will be donated to the admirable HOOFS2010 Inc, the latter which is a wonderful non-profit Australian organization dedicated to protect the wild horses. As the patron for HOOFS2010 Inc, I am really joyful to be able to contribute my music to their cause. The link to my CDBaby Artist Page is the following:



Louise du
Toit - Ode


Louise du
Toit - Just


Louise du
Toit - A


Louise du
Toit - Heart
of Australia


Louise du
Toit - Save
the Seals


Louise du
Toit - When


Louise du
Toit -

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2013-02-02 at 22:07:15
Just Love Great song and really makes you think about why God put us here...I thank God that I found you to hear this song and see the video..God bless
2012-10-18 at 18:52:07
So beautiful well presented just great music .
2012-08-13 at 05:45:00
I love the display image.
2012-08-09 at 06:21:04
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2012-06-15 at 12:42:41
Hi Louise, I see you are always keeping busy, as usual. I hope you will upload the awesome video of your new outstanding song, YES TO LOVE, here on IMRadio. I look so forward to meeting you someday. Have a fantastic weekend!!! peace, Paddy
2012-06-01 at 11:54:48
Hey Louise, it's been a while... I wasn't much on line lately, but here I am, better late then never, right ;-) I've got a bunch of new tunes on my page, check 'm out if you want and let me know what you think... Cheers & Beers - Serge
2012-05-07 at 19:45:30
Hi Louise, I really like your new site and your blog! Keep up the amazing work you do..and have a wonderful week ahead! peace, Paddy
2012-04-25 at 13:49:16
Hello friend :) Leaving good vibes for your week :) We are also at FB now...would be great to see you there also,the link is on our page here, stay in touch :) Poppy xoxo
2012-04-10 at 06:11:16
Hey Louise! Always a pleasure to hear from you! Rock your week, and most definitely see you around the web! :^)
2012-04-09 at 17:23:41
Hi Louise, thank you for the fan status! Completely blown away by you voice and music! May God grant you great success in your music. Tim (St. Louis)
2012-04-09 at 13:06:37
wow, three new albums: "Just Love", "Heart of Australia", and "Ode to Magnificence". You are such a hard-working amazing artist Louise! Have a fantastic week ahead. peace, Paddy
2012-03-19 at 20:42:49
Hi Louise, CONGRATS that your new album, "Ode to Magnificence" is now on the top selling list for Greece...I'm not surprised. Keep up the great work Louise! Have a wonderful week ahead! peace, Paddy
2012-03-14 at 05:53:19
Droppin' in to say HEY Louise! :^)
2011-12-27 at 15:06:37
Hi Louise, thanks for your wonderful email. I also wish you a Merry Festive Season...and the best year ever in 2012!!! peace, Paddy
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