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1.  Review: Great Rock song!!!
Song Name: Swiat zly
Date: 2011-11-22 10:29:57

2.  Review: BEAUTIFUL !!! What a Feel
Song Name: Naiwna
Date: 2011-10-14 15:36:44
Reviewer: TC

3.  Review: Smooth rhythm! I can most definitely vibe to this!
Song Name: Naiwna
Date: 2010-11-24 16:57:41
Reviewer: Brik\\\'


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About Us:
Isa is a former student of a Secondary Music School in the faculty of classical guitar, and of the Music Academy in Poznan. She also has a post-graduate degree in psychology of social communication. She worked with the following formations: Feedback,Babayaga,Exit, Alca-Prim (I Kozienalia prize at the Festival in 1997) Mother, CONAR (honorable mention of the competition JAF in 2006 and winner of the Competition Radio Lublin "Movers on air" in 2006) In 1998, received the Prize Curator of Lublin for composing music for the cabaret "Owczym Pedem po Wielbladzie". Since 2011 she collaborates with White Weapons and also with different musicians from RN.

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2010-10-13 at 04:19:33
Hello Iza, yes I do have a Facebook page. Look me up as Mark H. Sherry. I messed up when I tried to link and ended up with a Mark Sherry Songs page that is incomplete. I need to fix that. Love to see you there though. I'll look for you and send a request. Mark
2010-10-06 at 11:49:43
Hi Iza! Hows it going? Longtime no see!
2010-10-06 at 00:33:22
2010-10-01 at 01:26:10
2010-09-26 at 03:23:13
Thanks for being a fan.
2010-09-25 at 22:29:31
TK: my friends Tk a Lot Dr.Blues
2010-09-21 at 10:10:38
Luv & respect from Persia. ROCK ON!
2010-09-18 at 01:55:37
Thanks Iza Conar for your attention ! I found you on twitter... all the best :) Sasho.
2010-09-18 at 00:07:03
Hi Isa, thanks for finding us here too. You are so talented and a lovely person. We are huge fans! Phil the Er on the left
2010-09-16 at 01:56:15
RE: MISSIN YOU - have added heavy blues guitar - please let me know what you think and THANKS FOR HTE LISTENS - JG :)
2010-09-15 at 23:23:23
I enjoyed you music! Thanks for stoppin' by my juke box! Have a blessed day! Your friend in music, Angel
2010-09-14 at 01:57:32
Ha! You found me over here...great to see and hear you Isa. Keep the great music coming and keep in touch...mark
2010-09-06 at 14:15:58
Thank you for positive review!
2010-09-05 at 00:09:20
love your voice and loved your first song because it showed off your voice the best. Thank you for becoming a fan - I am honoured. Johnny G :)
2010-09-03 at 07:37:58
My new song "(no more) LIES" was up-loaded. Please listen by all means.
2010-08-23 at 00:04:48
Hi Iza.Many thanks for your very nice comments on "The Dublin City Waltz"very much appreciated by me.I have yet to review your songs and I will soon. May you have a wonderful week. Peace,John.
2010-08-14 at 04:36:02
Hi,Iza, Many thanks for your very nice comments on "mountain Rock",really appreciate it,and thanks also for the stars you gave it. May you have a wonderful weekend. Peace, John.
2010-08-09 at 09:50:55
Hello again! Did something change? Are you Isa as well? Really like the songs posted above on this site. Great guitar and vocals! Best wishes ~ OFFRAMP
2010-08-08 at 00:14:00
Hi lza,Many thanks for your friendship,very much appreciated by me. Have a wonderful weekend. Peace,John.
2010-08-07 at 18:59:26
Iza Conar, fiquei encantado com a sua voz... Não me canso de ouvir a canção "Naiwna". Você demonstra muito carisma e sensibilidade! Um grande beijo no coração e muito sucesso! sruas onruas uas
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