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Buenos Aires


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Welcome, if you're willing to listen, you can visit these sites res lmberg Thank you very much for your attention, greetings Ro, gassho

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Nací en buenos Aires en 1957 y me hice ciudadano español por adopcion. Desde chico me atrajo la música, especialmente el jazz, el folclore y el tango, la española y oriental y la clásica, el funk, la fusion etnica...el sonido de la guitarra y el piano, la voz, el ritmo y la improvisacion. Después vino la educacion mas formal, los maestros de musica como Luis Rizzo, Escuela de Jazz de Walter Mallosetti, Pablo Bensalla, en el SADEM con Bucky Arcela y Armando de la Vega, despues continue en forma privada, armonía y composición con el Prof. Alfredo Otero. Paralelamente terminé los estudios en la Universidad de Buenos Aires como Licenciado en Psicologia. Integré varios grupos tocando con musicos como Mariano Escudero, Pablo Gutierrez, Andrés Bordiga, Marcelo De Souza, Guido Frigerio, Pablo Loban, Tony, Gustavo Holmberg “La Funkcosa” , Quinteto de “Jazz People”, “Trío Jazz 2003”, el Trío “Equinoccio”, Leandro Rodriguez, Jorge Cañete, Mario Collantes, Claudio Nuñez Trío”, Santiago Hernandez, Walter Wainsten, etc., y acompañé a solistas tocando guitarra y luego el bajo fretless, instrumento que descubrí hace unos años. En el 2006 fui preseleccionado en el concurso de improvisaciones sobre melodías de Jazz organizado por Metrovías (categoría instrumentos armónicos – bajo eléctrico fretless). Actualmente estoy trabajando con alumnos y tocando el bajo y el fretless de cuatro y seis cuerdas, en un proyecto de fusion de jazz folclore y tango, que atrapa todo mi tiempo libre, además de atender pacientes en mi consultorio. Born in Buenos Aires in 1957 and Spanish citizen by adoption. I caught the guy from music, especially jazz, folklore and tango, the Spanish and Eastern classical, funk, ethnic fusion ... the sound of guitar and piano, voice, rhythm and improvisacion. Then came the more formal education, teachers like Luis Rizzo Music School Jazz Mallosetti Walter, Pablo Bensalla in SADEM with Bucky Arcela and Armando de la Vega, then continue in private, harmony and composition with Prof. Alfredo Otero. Parallel studies done at the University of Buenos Aires as a degree in Psychology. Joined several groups playing with musicians such as Mariano Escudero, Pablo Gutierrez, Andres Bordiga, Marcelo De Souza, Guido Frigerio, Loban Pablo, Tony, Holmberg Gustavo "La Funkcosa" Quinteto "Jazz People", "Jazz Trio 2003" Trio "Equinox", Leandro Rodriguez, Jorge Cañete, Mario Collantes, Claudio Nunez Trio, Santiago Hernandez, Walter Wainsten, etc.. And accompanied soloists playing guitar and then fretless bass, an instrument that I discovered some years ago. In 2006 I was shortlisted in the competition of improvisations on jazz tunes arranged by Metrovías (category harmonic instruments - fretless bass). Currently I am working with students and playing bass and fretless four-and six-string, in a fusion of jazz and tango folklore, which traps all my free time, and serve patients in my office.




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2010-05-15 at 22:09:52
Hello Roberto, thanx for your friendship...Jazzy Man...Jazzy! Peace, DFM
2010-05-15 at 21:49:19
Hola Roberto! You have great style and cool music. Glad we found you! Phil the Er on the left
2010-05-15 at 21:16:43
Hi Roberta like your song here espec Donna Lee and Apartito..Good lick and PEACE AND PROSPERITY TO YOU Thanks for also being my fan
2010-05-15 at 21:05:59
Hola Roberto, felicidades por tu música, suena agradable, saludos desde México!
2010-05-15 at 17:49:28
Thxs for the add,cool music,,come check out my latest music & Others I produce at file/Montreal666 & have super day Adios Mario
2010-05-15 at 16:43:42
Greetings!! You are always welcome! :) Have a great weekend!! Peace, Veronica
2010-05-15 at 11:56:53
Your welcom Roberto, best of luck to you!
2010-05-15 at 03:12:41
Thank you! I was just listening to some of your music. Good stuff! Keep it up!
2010-05-15 at 01:16:50
Very clever arrangements on these tunes! Thanks for the friendship Roberto.
2010-05-14 at 22:41:39
Love the Jazz Rob great music
2010-05-14 at 20:21:51
Obrigada querido Roberto, Bom saber que vc fala Portugues! Um grande abraco Elisete
2010-05-14 at 19:58:19
Hola Roberto, Es un placer para mi tambien tenerte como amigo por aca. Si quieres adicioname en Myspace: tter y en Facebook: Saludos Elisete
2010-05-14 at 19:48:00
Hello Roberto! Thanks for becoming a fan of my music. Musically yours, Sara Lynn Wallin www.saralynnwallin.webs.c om
2010-05-13 at 22:38:21
Hola de Italia Roberto y gracias. Escuchar su música. Me encanta la fusión
2010-04-05 at 03:37:32
thanks for your comment ;) visit me anytime on isound Many songs are free for friends like you Have a great weekend xox Lulu
2010-04-02 at 18:22:07
just wanted you to know that "futuristic figure" limited collectors edition - 500 CD's NOW available on CDbaby: feddymusic2 --------------- must have the album! this is only Rock'N'Rave but you'll like it ))))
2010-02-18 at 04:20:35
Love is a search expedition...that must be followed by the belief, Good intention still exist...not only by those for whom you search...but from deep inside your own Heart....share the integrity you seek in others...the Romance your soul Desires...and Trust that if you shall are strong enough to carry on!...Much Luv to you... Peace Frontline
2010-02-05 at 21:22:48 tch?v=2D7Iws8EMbE Sorry ...there was a space in the last Link sent to you...this should do the trick...thanx so much for checking it out! Peace Frontline
2010-02-02 at 08:49:31
Hello Friend....Please follow the Link Below... tch?v=2D7Iws8EMbE it is from a song from my upcoming album "Speak out" is called "Neda"...But Most important is the fact that this video speaks to the Millions of people who are fighting and Giving up their Lives for the right to be Free.......Please leave your responses to show we are a people who support causes worldwide and denounce terror, censorship and oppressive regimes anywhere and anytime!...Neda has left an impression on me forever...I Hope she touches you too!....much Luv to you... Peace Frontline
2010-01-12 at 16:10:12
woooooooowwwwwwww you are amzing man,i wish you all the best
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