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"Emmett North Jr's Song Reviews

1.  Review: very enjoyable
Song Name: "Have You Got The Time"
Date: 2010-09-30 20:55:30
Reviewer: Joanne Tramonte

2.  Review: "Azetta's Theme" --- Great chops on the GB10 Emmett....excellent!!!
Song Name: "Azetta's Theme"
Date: 2010-09-16 19:11:43
Reviewer: Alpha Records International

3.  Review: Nice playing there Emmett.
Song Name: "Montuno"
Date: 2010-08-12 08:17:40
Reviewer: Fred Bender


"Emmett North Jr's Information

North Hollywood, CA

smooth jazz/r&b/pop

About Us:
Guitarist,singer,songwriter,producer,p erformer & former guitarist for Barry White,Isaac Hayes and others.

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Upcoming Interview On Blogtalk Radio!

Friends/fans,i'm doing a live interview on the 'Debra Davis Show',december 29th,4pm-PT/7pm-EST @,once again happy holidays sincerely & musically,Emmett North Jr.

Happy Holidays 2 Everyone!

Wishing all of my music friends/fans on imradio a merry xmas & happy new year sincerely & musically,Emmett North Jr.





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2010-04-04 at 00:57:27
Hi my friend, just stoppin by to wish you some beautiful Easter days, and a great weekend! Kimmy
2010-03-30 at 08:31:47
Have a blessed day.
2010-03-25 at 23:23:24
Hi Greetings from Vancouver BC Great songs here. Best wishes for wherever life and the music may lead you . . Mike.
2010-03-25 at 12:24:14
Love your sound - you definitely have The Groove! peace
2010-03-24 at 16:02:36
very nice music thanks for sharing xox Lulu
2010-03-24 at 02:17:36
Awesome guitar work Emmett!! You got it goin on!
2010-03-22 at 17:58:36
Hello Emmett! Very cool music!!! We dig it a lot. Glad we found you. We are fans. Phil the Er on the left.
2010-03-22 at 15:34:16
Hi emmet,thxs for the vist,have super week,adios mario
2010-03-22 at 06:36:58
Hey Emmet, its an absolute pleasure to come across your music and thank you for taking the time to check us out. So cool to make contact with someone who knows! It's all about the feel! Keep in touch.
2010-03-22 at 01:02:55
2010-03-22 at 00:53:52
Thank you Mr. North. I am familiar with your previous backgrounds, and the music of Isaac Hayes. Very cool that you joined my page. Stay in touch.
2010-03-15 at 20:58:05
Emmett, Thank you so much for your kind words, it means a lot. Enjoyed you music just as much, "The Groove" is awesome! I appreciate your support,Good luck in all your musical endeavors!!...
2010-03-15 at 00:05:45
Thanks for the add.....your new friend.Stevie
2010-03-14 at 00:06:38
You are awesome,Emmett, and so is your music. Have a Great Weekend - Sarah
2010-03-13 at 12:48:43
Brazilian Greetings Brother! a big hug here from Rio de Janeiro
2010-02-01 at 16:30:37
Hi Emmett your a wow man loved every minute brilliant. God bless your rythme man From London uk
2010-01-25 at 03:52:09
Love the Bluesy Jazz of your Music, superb, kep up the beautiful work, Peace and Love
2010-01-18 at 17:11:58
Emmett, longtime FANS shoutin` from St. Louis! Sugar Bear Trio -10086-Birmingham-Music-E xaminer~y2010m1d12-Sugar- Bear-Trio-set-to-rock-the -US-south?cid
2010-01-18 at 04:15:23
Thanks for your friendship and very cool name :)
2010-01-12 at 11:14:45
Hello Friend, To show my gratitude for making it on “The feature band Wall” I added one more song to imradio,“Remember I Love”. It is my way of saying thank you to all for their support. This will be for a short time only. Diana OhOh
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