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Fair Oaks, CA


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"souls cloaked in mist"

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As of July 11, 2010, the wHiTe HoRsEs project 'end of time' song masters were fully completed; and, as of today (July 22nd), I am still waiting for the arrival here of the full album master. The artwork for the CD is ostensibly done; and, so, once the master disc arrives and I select a manufacturer, the initial batch of wH 'eot' CDs will be done and then released (hopefully on or before 10-10-10). It is my hope that people will be able to have CD copies in their hands to play on their home systems by Halloween. cQ for wH


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2009-08-20 at 01:59:19
hi, Very cool tunes! Nice work! peace
2009-08-14 at 17:25:54
Sending you love and peace!
2009-08-12 at 19:22:27
Thank you, Louise. You too.
2009-08-12 at 14:04:23
Wishing you a beautiful day! Louise
2009-08-08 at 22:09:57
"End Of Time" will remain 9:31 in duration; because that is what the song recording needs to fully express message and emotional impact desired. When IMRadio extends the song duration maximum to 10 minutes, then "End Of Time" will be aired here. Paddy's online station is very worthwhile and deserves more and better recordings and more and more appreciative listeners.
2009-08-08 at 22:05:16
Does anyone here know how to format the songs in a desired order in one's featured songs list? Thank you.
2009-08-08 at 21:45:41
Yes, it would have been wonderful to get "End Of Time" aired.
2009-08-08 at 21:28:50
Ah. That explains it. "End Of Time" is 9:31 in duration. And suspect that IMRadio is not going to change its play rotation policy just to accommodate this truly great song. Too bad. Truly. It deserves to be heard; but I am not going to clip 32 seconds off the recording just to air it. That would not work for me. But hey... Be free. Thank you, Paddy.
2009-08-08 at 11:57:39
We dig hearing your songs in IMRadio's radio rotation! Thanks for supporting our new radio station! Peace, Veronica
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