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1.  Review: fantastic metal
Song Name: Not My Own
Date: 2014-07-17 02:11:55

Song Name: Reclaimed
Date: 2012-06-12 10:28:15
Reviewer: SALT

3.  Review: sounds great!
Song Name: Not My Own
Date: 2010-04-29 12:41:03


3nailz's Information

Lyman, SC

Christian Rock

About Us:
3Nailz is a ministry-driven, Christian-Crossover alternative rock band that has been performing across the eastern and Midwest US since 2000. In 2003, the band signed with indie label Big God Music and released their first full-length CD, Believe. That was followed up in 2005 with their second Big God Music Release, Against the Ledges. Both CD

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Review of "Against The Ledges"

Review of “Against the Ledges” by Lonzo 3 Nails is the band I want to tell you guys about this week. First of all I want to thank the guys for sending me the stuff and I guarantee your music will play on the Scoreboard this year. I remember the first time my kids heard me listening to these guys. My 11 year old daughter thought I was listening to an act signed to a major label. “Why aren’t they on the radio?” she asked me. My reply….they should be! My 15 year old son wanted it on his mp3 player as soon as we got home. I think this says a lot for the appeal of this band to a younger audience and to an older rocker like myself. The music is tight! I love the mix and I can’t say enough about 3 Nails. The sound is current and the vocals remind me of a cross between 12 Stones and 80’s Bad Company. (Don’t crack on the 80’s….at least it wasn’t Disco!) I am reviewing the cd AGAINST THE LEDGES. TAKE ME AWAY- is a melodic plea from a broken man. I loved the grinding guitars. SHINE-talks about the spark that grows into a flame raging for God. I think the bass really stands out in this song FORGIVE- is a heartfelt cry from a lamb that’s went astray. HIS WILL- This song should be playing on the radio right now. It is a balaad that prays for God’s will and the need to get past yourself. The guitar solo jams and chorus and melody sticks with you. FIRE- starts off with accoustic guitar and then kicks it with electric in parts to drive home the point of being on fire for God. I’ve gotta tell you that I go around the house singing this chorus all the time. FEEL- this song speaks of a prodigal return and I think the drums really stand out. GIVE UP- is God speaking to someone with a hardened heart. Unfortunately, we’ve all been there. BREATHE FOR ME- is God asking for a life lived for Him. The bass player rips it up on this song. RECLAIMED- is a longing for rebirth. This is beautiful and moving in a way that I can’t explain. It is a song that is felt more than heard. The piano is haunting and the strength of the vocals have to be experienced. I think this could be number one on the charts. INSIDE OUT- is a rocking way to end the cd. Selling out for God brings about change that the world must recognize. I can’t say enough about these guys and I hope that we get to jam someday. If you want to check them out (and you really should), go to If you are a Christian Rock or Contemporary band and you want your project reviewed with a chance to have it play as bumper music on my sports show, email me at GWRITESEL@ENTERCOM.COM and check out my bands myspace profile at WWW.MYSPACE.COM/THECRIMSONPROMISEBAND Keep the music coming….my next review will be on Tony Dale’s latest project. THE LONZO This review and others can be read at:


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2011-02-12 at 08:16:54
Hey all 3nailz fans, we have been nominated for the "Scene on 7" Scene Setter awards for Christian artist. Please help us win by going to php/scene-setter-award and voting for 3nailz in the Christian Music window! Vote Now, Vote Often!
2010-09-15 at 12:51:02
Thank you gas are great keep in touch check us out on my page. we Thank you.
2010-06-20 at 18:12:05
hi 3nailZ, nice job on Butterfly. peace
2010-05-18 at 12:32:07
greetings from Serbia! nice music here! please,listen my Serbia not suport artists...H E L P
2010-05-04 at 08:51:02
Thanks for listening to my song. Have a listen at . We have another song that we think you will like even more, it wouldn't fit on here. God Bless you guys!
2010-03-29 at 17:14:58
3Nailz here just dropping by to say hello, sorry we haven't been around here. Been crazy busy around here, getting ready to play a showcase in Nashville, TN for GMA/Dove Award week with the Extreme tour folks! Prayers please! God Bless
2010-02-05 at 10:19:02
"Where Else Would I Go" has been selected as one of the top 5 new songs of the month by SongwritersUniverse! Just had to share :)God is Awesome!
2010-01-23 at 18:14:13
God Bless from london UK
2010-01-13 at 02:24:21
"Not My Own." Great Song and Message. If you get a chance, please give a listen to one of our songs here on IMRadio, "Descent from Heaven's Skies." If you would ever want to cover it in your great style we would be honored. Paul.
2010-01-13 at 02:21:47
Share "Valentine's Day" with someone you love (or want to). The Song and Video are here on IMRadio (video also on Paul.
2010-01-08 at 17:08:24
Hey nice to hear from you. I'm not a musician but a mere admirer. Was just passing by your page when your awesome music caught my ears. :) Rock on!! Much Love! Calley
2010-01-07 at 17:28:28
Enjoyed your Music!! Glad to be friends with you. Have a wonderful day!
2010-01-07 at 10:48:27
3nailz has been selected as a showcase artist at the Millenium Music Conference in Harrisburg, PA on Feb. 20 2010! Please come out and support us if your in the area! Details at
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