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Rick Tyrrell's Song Reviews

1.  Review: Man I dig this! 10s all day!!! SweetKenny
Song Name: Fat Sausages
Date: 2012-08-14 10:37:17
Reviewer: SweetKenny

2.  Review: Super Funkin' Song and Sound!!! Paul.
Song Name: A Funky Escape
Date: 2010-09-12 20:21:27
Reviewer: Davies Dawn -- Future Now

3.  Review: Enjoyed the ominous vibe and funky groove. Well done.
Song Name: What's the Funky Matter?
Date: 2010-02-25


Rick Tyrrell's Information


Experimental rock and other

About Us:
I am one half of Musicblood (we also have a profile here on IMRADIO), and express myself through whatever impulses feel right in the moment. Guitar is my main instrument and one of the best friends I've ever known. Thanks for listening!

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Flowh Calendar


2009-08-10 at 09:30:37
Love the sound of your tunes. I woulke like to invite you to give ma list a listen, its a bit dark, my brothers work hard on it. Love peace and chicken grease, Quando of surgical steel
2009-08-06 at 15:44:07
Yep, I like this :-) //BIRCHGROVE
2009-08-05 at 22:42:01
Thanks for the kind words Rick!! I'm vibing to Simplexity. Great Music!! Keep doing what you do!!! Bray Tarver
2009-08-02 at 00:02:36
Thanks for the nice comment Rick...... Have a good weekend....
2009-08-01 at 17:56:15
Hi Rick- I truly appreciate that, coming from someone who sounds, to ME- like a Veritable FORCE of One Bro!! MAN. Just, wow- I dig all I've heard, love the Voice Rick, AND the song craft! It's a pleasure to meet you Sir!
2009-08-01 at 12:40:46
Hey Rick !!! Thx 4 the friendship !!! cool music here ... RĂ©gis ;0)
2009-08-01 at 11:57:45
Nice sounds Rick....... Keep Rockin'
2009-07-31 at 16:13:23
Hi Rick, you are just so cool! Wishing you a beautiful weekend, much love, Louise
2009-07-31 at 15:45:58
Rick you seriously Rock.
2009-07-30 at 08:33:43
Rock out Rick, your new fan, the LimboManBand. Really creative soundfield. GREAT GUITAR! Your new fan, the LimboManBand. PEACE/LOVE/HOPE
2009-07-29 at 18:38:05
Hi Rick, thanks for your great comment, and for sharing your music with all of us fortunate listeners! AINESHANA
2009-07-29 at 15:57:52
WOW. Cooool, Thanks!!! You Rock!!!!! Have a great week. =D
2009-07-29 at 15:10:17
Hi Rick, congratulations on your great collection of songs here! I wish you all the best with your site here too. Much love, Louise
2009-07-28 at 23:44:35
Hi, thanks that you are our friend. Peace from Poland! Bogdan, Marek & Jacek
2009-07-28 at 22:39:40
Hi Chris,thanks for being Friends and Fans!!!Sounds great there!!!Greets JoJo
2009-07-28 at 18:42:50
Good on ya babe! I see some of my most favorites on the player up there, which I'm sure will be become favorites to many others who are going to be fortunate enough to now hear them. I love you!
2009-07-28 at 01:49:33
Very cool to see you here my friend, albeit a half Blood brother. Love this "other" too. Some of your solo stuff is the best I've heard. Your multi-facets are radiant. I've been having some problems commenting here but it seems to have fixed itself. Thanks again for this opportunity to tune into you. Peace love and rock n roll. xo
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