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Song Name: ExisT
Date: 2012-09-22 23:52:51
Reviewer: Bon Evans


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Vaspan smerdis was born in the month of cancer in 1973. He spent his childhood & teenage listening to music of some rock masters such as LED ZEPPELIN, KING CRIMSON, CAMEL, ROLLING STONES, QUEENSRYCHE, RAINBOW, DEEP PURPLE, JUDAS PRIEST, PINK FLOYD ... This inadiquancy leaded to the sparkle of spiritual rock in his mind. A style that first relies on lyric concepts & the music. At the same time he discovered a depository of poetry of music poets of persian like Rumi, Hafez, Khayyam, Abue saeed abolkheir & Attar. One of the biggest accomplishments in Vaspan

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2013-07-17 at 04:48:09
Great voice!
2013-05-07 at 05:34:26
"ExisT" A wonderful masterpiece!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!
2013-05-07 at 05:32:32
Wow! I love your compositions, they are brilliant, along with your vocals.... Excellent talent! Blessings!!!
2013-04-29 at 20:13:01
great stuff here vaspan..
2012-11-12 at 20:22:31
Hello and thank you so much for your support here IM Radio. Good luck and stay in touch! Oh and by the way, love the music!
2012-11-12 at 17:54:07
Thanks for dropping by.
2012-10-01 at 20:42:38
Thanks for stopping by SweetKenny God Bless!! Kenny
2012-09-30 at 21:53:15
very cool style of singing excellent
2012-08-21 at 00:24:36
Thank you for stopping by and for your message about Reach For The Stars :) I wish you the best!!!!
2012-08-09 at 07:44:29
Greetings! Great stuff here! Please,listen my songs and recomend to your friends. In my country not support artists and this is big chance for me. ps.artist IVEZA
2012-07-03 at 01:15:05
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2012-06-29 at 19:57:10
I thank you so much for your comment :-) ...AND: I like your stuff as well*** it's kind of *head music* -I like that! greetings from germany to teheran^^
2012-05-04 at 00:04:43
2012-01-02 at 19:44:38
Greetings and best wishes for a successful year 2012!
2011-12-08 at 23:19:18
thank you, killer songs!
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