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Marek KLATA Dmytrow's Song Reviews

1.  Review: Nice !!!
Song Name: OLD TIMES
Date: 2012-09-15 09:53:01
Reviewer: Marek KLATA Dmytrow

2.  Review: Very good song !!!
Date: 2012-05-15 17:11:41
Reviewer: Marek KLATA Dmytrow

3.  Review: BRAVO! Excellent Tune!
Date: 2010-11-06 19:40:51
Reviewer: DocTaryn


Marek KLATA Dmytrow's Information


Power Pop

About Us:
Musician,composer&poet. ONE THE BEST GUITARIST IN POLAND !

Number of times viewed: 41662

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Artists with whom KLATA cooperate : (1970 - 2008). Hiram BULLOCK , Stan SKIBY , Al FOSTER Jimi TENOR , OMEGA , ILES , LOCOMOTIV GT ( 3 from Hungary ), Karel GOTT , Helena VONDRACKOVA ( 2 from Czech )Edward SIMONI No Turning Back ,Michal URBANIAK , Ursula DUDZIAK , Adam MAKOWICZ,Czesław NIEMEN,Nagel KENNEDY, SBB , ( VADER , SLAYER , DAMA PIK ) x 3 in 'Metallmania' BUENAVISTA SOCIAL CLUB , Andrea BOCCELLI ( in LODZ ) ALEXANDROV CHOIR ( in MOSCOW ) , SOUNDLIKE and more, more ,more ...from and in - JAPAN , CUBA , SWITZERLAND , RUSSIA , GERMANY , USA , TIBETH , CHINA... ect , ect...


Musician, composer and poet.Excellent guitarman ! He played with many popular groups in Poland . A lot of sounds hospitable, participated in many, great festivals. One of the best guitarists jamming in Poland, the gray eminence of Polish rock scene in the field of music and acoustics . Very good soundmaster - hundreds of events " live " . Good spirit , of famous artists ...Multiinstrumentalist !!!!!!!

Cooperation in Poland

Artists with whom KLATA cooperate : (1970 - 2008). Czesław NIEMEN , Ewa DEMARCZYK , PIWNICA POD BARANAMI , Krystyna PROŃKO , bracia PROŃKO , Adam MAKOWICZ , Michał URBANIAK , Urszula DUDZIAK , Niebiesko - Czarni , SKALDOWIE , MAANAM , BUDKA SUFLERA , TSA , Andrzej NOWAK i ZŁE PSY , BREAKOUT , Tymon TYMAŃSKI (wszystkie jego projekty ) , KAT , PX , Stanisław SOJKA ,Voo Voo, Wojtek WAGLEWSKI , FAM 3, RABAT, UKLAD, KORPORACJA , HIGHWAY, ¦CIGANI , NIEZNANI SPRAWCY , AC/DC Tribute , KOMBI , ELEKTRYCZNE GITARY , Maryla RODOWICZ , Janusz ŻYWIEC band , SBB , Józef SKRZEK , Jan 'Kyks' SKRZEK , KOMBI , DŻEM , CREE , Maciej MALEŃCZUK , KRZAK ,Leszek CICHOŃSKI , DOMINISTRY, APTEKA , CZOSNEK , Jose TORRES , Małgorzata KANIOWSKA & CAMERATA-IMPULS, Maciej NIESIOŁOWSKI , Krzesimir DĘBSKI , MEZZOFORTE and more...







It's a
chopper ,
baby !

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2010-11-20 at 15:49:01
Hey Klata, found some nice recordings here! Best wishes to you, have a good day!
2010-11-16 at 20:08:29
10 Mc de Mc's en Solo queda 1 semana, registrate y vota si te gusto "Jovenes Obreros". Este tema y más en... maquetas/ver/reas/vivir-l ibre/33895. Kañaaaaaaaaa ------------------------- -- 10 Mc of Mc's on There is only 1 week, register and vote if you like "Jovenes Obreros" This topic and more on ... maquetas/ver/reas/vivir-l ibre/33895. _Peace_
2010-11-09 at 16:51:11
Hi! KLATA. I am director classical station of Republic of Korea. Station name is KMStudio Classical Radio (KCR). Sorry, there are clumsy English...^^;;; Your music is wonderful and amazing. Stay healthy and continue to ask cool to play. Fighting~!..^^
2010-11-07 at 09:09:00
Hey whats happening. Nice tunes just checked them out. Pleased to meet you all our best to you. The Bunnies
2010-10-24 at 20:08:35
Hello Marek:) I am glad you are my friend:) It's cool to listen to your tracks: MI*LA
2010-09-27 at 18:33:49
Dziêki. Równie¿ pozdrawiam ze ¶l±ska (okolice Rybnika:)Twoja muza jest tak¿e bardzo ciekawa. Szczególnie podoba mi siê brzmienie gitary. Powodzenia :)
2010-09-14 at 22:23:26
one must always be willing to Look Beyond their own Limitations, in order to achieve their Dreams...for show me someone who Dehends their Limitations and I'll show you somene who Gets to Keep them!... Peace Frontline
2010-09-13 at 00:10:47
We're number 1 on the ReverbNation Rock charts for PL. kklatadmytrow
2010-09-11 at 22:36:48
Hey ,It's free to join , to get more exposure for your music out . I'm on both radio and reverb nation . Like your playing .
2010-07-13 at 22:18:53
Please check out our new video Thanks Eva tch?v=8EM4TWz7XKs
2010-07-08 at 15:33:09
You're most welcome KLATA. Have a great day! Peace, Veronica
2010-07-07 at 14:02:34
Heey KLATA. Thank you soo much***** I really appreciate you taking the time to listen to my music and for the feedback:) And thanks for the friendship and welcome 2 my page! You know you are always invited to my page okay, so stop by any time to say hallo alright :) Have a great summer!! Wishing you love, peace and happiness:) Stig Michael. can also right 2 me on
2010-07-07 at 12:26:14
Thank you for your interest. Keep up your good work and have a nice time.... ;-).Kind regards from Muenster in Germany.
2010-06-19 at 18:37:07
Cheers KLATA! Greetings from Greece! All best :)
2010-06-19 at 17:56:20
good grooves ...nice energy levels
2010-06-09 at 21:16:14
Tha guitar is weeping very sweetly. Kool stuff.It will be nice if we all live in the "land of Love". The GOLD is all I need. Thanks KLATA
2010-06-09 at 08:11:04
Thank you so much! Great songs!
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