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Marek KLATA Dmytrow's Song Reviews

1.  Review: Nice !!!
Song Name: OLD TIMES
Date: 2012-09-15 09:53:01
Reviewer: Marek KLATA Dmytrow

2.  Review: Very good song !!!
Date: 2012-05-15 17:11:41
Reviewer: Marek KLATA Dmytrow

3.  Review: BRAVO! Excellent Tune!
Date: 2010-11-06 19:40:51
Reviewer: DocTaryn


Marek KLATA Dmytrow's Information


Power Pop

About Us:
Musician,composer&poet. ONE THE BEST GUITARIST IN POLAND !

Number of times viewed: 41925

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Artists with whom KLATA cooperate : (1970 - 2008). Hiram BULLOCK , Stan SKIBY , Al FOSTER Jimi TENOR , OMEGA , ILES , LOCOMOTIV GT ( 3 from Hungary ), Karel GOTT , Helena VONDRACKOVA ( 2 from Czech )Edward SIMONI No Turning Back ,Michal URBANIAK , Ursula DUDZIAK , Adam MAKOWICZ,Czesław NIEMEN,Nagel KENNEDY, SBB , ( VADER , SLAYER , DAMA PIK ) x 3 in 'Metallmania' BUENAVISTA SOCIAL CLUB , Andrea BOCCELLI ( in LODZ ) ALEXANDROV CHOIR ( in MOSCOW ) , SOUNDLIKE and more, more ,more ...from and in - JAPAN , CUBA , SWITZERLAND , RUSSIA , GERMANY , USA , TIBETH , CHINA... ect , ect...


Musician, composer and poet.Excellent guitarman ! He played with many popular groups in Poland . A lot of sounds hospitable, participated in many, great festivals. One of the best guitarists jamming in Poland, the gray eminence of Polish rock scene in the field of music and acoustics . Very good soundmaster - hundreds of events " live " . Good spirit , of famous artists ...Multiinstrumentalist !!!!!!!

Cooperation in Poland

Artists with whom KLATA cooperate : (1970 - 2008). Czesław NIEMEN , Ewa DEMARCZYK , PIWNICA POD BARANAMI , Krystyna PROŃKO , bracia PROŃKO , Adam MAKOWICZ , Michał URBANIAK , Urszula DUDZIAK , Niebiesko - Czarni , SKALDOWIE , MAANAM , BUDKA SUFLERA , TSA , Andrzej NOWAK i ZŁE PSY , BREAKOUT , Tymon TYMAŃSKI (wszystkie jego projekty ) , KAT , PX , Stanisław SOJKA ,Voo Voo, Wojtek WAGLEWSKI , FAM 3, RABAT, UKLAD, KORPORACJA , HIGHWAY, ¦CIGANI , NIEZNANI SPRAWCY , AC/DC Tribute , KOMBI , ELEKTRYCZNE GITARY , Maryla RODOWICZ , Janusz ŻYWIEC band , SBB , Józef SKRZEK , Jan 'Kyks' SKRZEK , KOMBI , DŻEM , CREE , Maciej MALEŃCZUK , KRZAK ,Leszek CICHOŃSKI , DOMINISTRY, APTEKA , CZOSNEK , Jose TORRES , Małgorzata KANIOWSKA & CAMERATA-IMPULS, Maciej NIESIOŁOWSKI , Krzesimir DĘBSKI , MEZZOFORTE and more...







It's a
chopper ,
baby !

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2012-10-16 at 02:17:56
Hi Marek, I'm looking forward to getting Rain Blues into IMRadio's airplay. Keep the goods comin'!! peace, Paddy
2012-10-16 at 01:35:30
Hi Marek, I'm looking forward to getting Rain Blues into IMRadio's airplay. Keep the goods comin'!! peace, Paddy
2012-05-31 at 05:45:55
My new band : Jon Socha and Friend - USA !!!
2011-12-03 at 14:45:35
Hi Marek, thanks for your nice note on Facebook. I’m diggin’ your outstanding music here on IMRadio, as I write you this note. Have a wonderful weekend! peace, Paddy
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2010-11-20 at 16:26:04
Marek, i have fun and joy when you write you like my music. I ĂĽlay songs alone or with friends around the world..why not with Marek? I can sent you my e-mail...a song at wav and you play..recorded and sent me this a Idea? Or have you a account by Riffworld?
2010-11-20 at 16:17:55
Carlos have a nice Intro and i like your Guitarsound...when you come to Berlin or Koenigs Wusterhausen...please Contact me...Rainer
2010-11-20 at 16:16:17
Musican greetings from Germany to Poland. Thank you for to become a Fan!! Your Music is nice, i like your art and Style in the song, cool work. Your new Fan from germany...have a nice weekend and kind regards..Rainer
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