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Song Name: Brighter Day
Date: 2010-09-12 19:45:57
Reviewer: She SaiD


Joe Gande's Information

New York, NY


About Us:
Hi Everybody! Thank you for visiting my page here on IMRadio and for listening!:) If you enjoy my music please feel free to visit my website, Facebook, Twitter or myspace to connect, network and be sure to sign up for the mailing list... e/7688138388 Bio/Musical Insight: With soulful, heartfelt vocals, walls of guitars, funky grooves, horns and beautiful string melodies, the music of singer/songwriter/guitarist Joe Gande crosses all barriers. "Music is supposed to make you feel..." Joe's music provides listeners with dynamics, heartfelt emotions and raw intensity. His songs are filled with soaring melodies, catchy hooks, addictive, sing along choruses, introspective, self-searching moments and pure driving rock & roll. "An Emotional Journey..." Emotions will undoubtedly arise upon listening to the music of Joe Gande. Joe draws on a variety of personal life experiences, painting a thought-provoking, abstract landscape that all can undeniably relate to. Songs about life, loss, ups, downs, love lost and found and the human condition. Songs about learning, searching, questioning, understanding, healing, finding... Stop, Look, and Listen. Joe has the uncanny ability to reach people and make them feel - a voice charisma and presence that immediately draw in a crowd and makes any Joe Gande and The Godsend Sessions live performance an exciting, memorable no holds-barred site to see-passion and pure guts! "A Natural" Singing, writing, arranging, producing-all without ever taking a formal musical lesson in his life. A prolific songwriter and self-taught guitarist with an ear for melody since a young age, the music just comes into his head. From arranging horn charts, drum fills and grooves, scoring beautiful lush string sections and vocal harmonies, to bangin'out some funky piano...

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Thank you!

I want to thank Paddy and everyone here at IMRadio for all of the wonderful comments, love and support! I really appreciate it very much and look forward to conecting and networking with all of you! I've heard some of the most incredible music here by some of the most talented artists in the world. Glad to be a friend and fan and happy to support you all in any way I can!:) Love, Joe


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just dropping to listen to your amazing xoxox
2013-05-21 at 05:01:04
Hello Joe! Thank you for your friendship and great music. A lot of joy. With love,Zhanna.
2013-05-21 at 00:25:02 are my best...i love your style, thanks for dropping in my site, love from Buenos Aires
2012-10-24 at 16:12:21
Hi Joe, i love your style,,i really would like to make something with you..kiss from Buenos Aires, and thanks for fan me!! love xoxo Donna
2012-10-24 at 04:52:46
Hi Joe, Great To See You Here, Thanks For Hooking Up! Hope All Is well With You!
2012-10-24 at 02:39:19
Ciao Joe....thanks for friendship here too...always great music from You....;-))
2011-04-18 at 07:35:56
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2010-12-31 at 05:56:20
Happy New Year, can't here you yet on my sister's computer. Whne I'm back in town I'll give a listen.
2010-12-30 at 02:14:52
Joe I would like to thank you for your friendship Im just spinning your great music right now !! (Sweet soul ) Woody
2010-12-24 at 09:23:07
I want to wish you a wonderful holiday season and a great 2011 * All The Best * Tony D * http://www.tonydilorenzo. com/bucks4acure.html
2010-12-17 at 22:50:39
Hey Joe, I'm new to this and I saw you were a featured artist. Way to go. Jeff
2010-12-15 at 11:51:17
He ya friend, congratulations and wish you success in whatever you do! Glad to see you as featured artist on IMRadio. Love and Blessings!! Calley
2010-09-28 at 08:39:13
I want to thank you for your support and being a fan. I wish you continued success with an endless supply of happiness and creativity. * All The Best * Tony DiLorenzo * http://www.tonydilorenzo. com/bucks4acure.html *
2010-09-13 at 05:31:02
Hi Joe :) Great to see you here at IM..Thanks for your friendship once again..You know I love your talent..Hope all is well sweetie..always much love.. jen xo
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