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1.  Review: Beautiful Voice and arrangements
Song Name: In Your Wake -
Date: 2011-10-15 12:54:37
Reviewer: TC


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Pop ballads

About Us:
Hi! I am a songwriter for others to perform, recording my own demos. Have a listen on My CV... 2009- Five Semi-finalist positions for five songs in UK Songwriting Contest - 2 versions of 'Way Beyond the End' (thanks Michael Butera for yours!), 'Knife', 'Idol Eyes', and 'In Your Wake' 2008- 'Freefall' - top 10 in MusicOz Urban section (Udhara de Silva version) 2008- 'Dead in Your Trax' Highly Commended MusicOz Pop section 2008- 'Dead in Your Trax' Semi-Finalist UK Songwriting Contest 2008- 'Aussie Navy' Top 20 Myspace navysongbattle 2007- 'Ground Zero' and 'Time Has Come' Semi Finalist and Highly Commended UK Songwriting Competition 2006- 'Ground Zero' Honourable Mention UNISONG International Song Competition 2003- 'Queen of Self Destruction' Merit Award in UNISONG International Song Competition 2002- 'One Last Drink' Runner-up as Best Pop Song for APRA Big Note Festival Songwriting Competition

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Thank you!

Thank you to the IMRadio team for welcoming me into this lovely family of musos! It really feels like a big family, with new siblings contacting me every day! And special thanks to Sam Conjerti and Elijah Saint who have gobsmacked me in their confidence of my vocals, hehehe! Until now I have cringed at getting my demos out there because of my limited production skills, but now I am more willing to bear my soul through my vulnerable voice! My main aim, however, remains the connect with singers who would like to use my songs, but until the big break happens (lol) I am happier about putting my babies out there! Please contact me if you'd like to use any of my songs, I'd love that! Tons of my songs are on Thanks again to you all, I'm so lucky! Jeni

Lucky Me!

Just found out that I got 5 Semi-finals positions with 5 of my songs in the UK Songwriting Comp 09! See my CV to the left! Thanks to everyone who has had confidence in me...I owe it to ya! XX


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2015-04-11 at 21:00:35
Hello Jeni, I just wanted to say hello. I hope great things are happening for you. Still love your voice! Sam Conjerti
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2011-10-15 at 17:58:12
Hello Down Under !!! You have such a pleasant and comforting sound. Congratulations. Listen to my songs I REMEMBER DAYS & SLEEPING ON SUNDAYS S.O.S you will enjoy them
2010-07-01 at 01:25:23
If you get a chance, please check out the rock/reggae song and new (flag) video on "ObamaNation." Also, "Take It All Off" & "Never Be Lonely" [Davies Dawn Music (BMI)]. These intimate Country/Stone Rockabilly Ballads and Videos are here on IMRadio (also on Thanks, Paul.
2010-03-20 at 03:53:50
Hi Jeni, quite a body of work here. Awesome! Glad we found you.
2010-01-31 at 22:34:07
Wonderfully written, beautifully constructed, mesmerizing sound. Best wishes for wherever life and the music may lead you . . .
2010-01-24 at 18:34:49
Jen, thank you so much for your awesome words !!! Really appreciate you listening :) Love your songs !!You're a wonderful writer and performer :)Sorry I haven't got back to yuo earlier, but I'm been flat out cleaning house..we're going to be moving soon, so there's so much to do..Hopefully be back on board in full swing here in a couple of weeks or so.. Hope your weekend was great !!!! Been a pleasure meeting you and your talent, and thanks again.. Jen xoxo
2010-01-22 at 16:56:55
Hi Jeni all the way in Oz wow, darling you have a beautiful voice sing your own songs darling you have the emotion because you felt the emotion of the lyrics. God bless from london uk
2010-01-01 at 05:01:14
Happy 2010 Jeni! Wishing you a Rocking new year. Pray For Peace
2009-12-18 at 04:15:44
Hi Jeni, how are you doing? I haven't been on IMRadio in a while. Wishing you and your love ones infinite love, prosperity and all the greatness in this 21st Century for the holidays. Your voice and hands are the most important tools creating those great recordings of yours. Have a bless and safe weekend my friend. ~Elijah~
2009-12-16 at 04:34:55
Wishing you peace and happiness in this Joyous Season! Paul.
2009-12-16 at 04:34:29
"Knife." Another Great Song by a Great Talent. Paul.
2009-12-04 at 23:40:32
Nice tunes!
2009-11-20 at 16:01:44
Oh yes of-course! Will surely add my intro soon. Keep in contact. Love, Calley
2009-11-13 at 16:36:08
Message:IMRadio created a new genre/station called Holiday Music on November 1st. If you have any original holiday music and/or the rights to cover holiday music, please feel free to upload them onto the new IMRadio Holiday Music station.
2009-11-12 at 17:35:50
Hi, Liked your awesome song 'Way Beyond The End'. Love and blessings! :) Calley
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