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luis david arreola (zurdo)'s Song Reviews

1.  Review: I like this song. Its cool.
Song Name: ZUCAFE
Date: 2011-10-09 19:22:01
Reviewer: Tajy

2.  Review: Nice music arrangement!!
Song Name: Free Will
Date: 2010-08-14 07:23:28
Reviewer: Calley Daniel

Song Name: Free Will
Date: 2010-07-28 09:57:42
Reviewer: Oxygen


luis david arreola (zurdo)'s Information


Experimental fusion

About Us:
"Cosmonology" by Luis David Arreola,available in itunes !!!!!!

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Las Czardas
de Monti


La Boda de
Luis Alonso


Latin Jam 

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2009-10-03 at 00:27:22
Merci à toi ! super musique, bravo. Geo
2009-10-02 at 21:57:24
Nice too meet you Zudro
2009-10-02 at 02:12:12
Great stuff love Paganninis' nightmare, oh I wish I could be so clean.I could listen to your stuff all day and night.
2009-10-02 at 00:29:52
THaNKS 4 The Love,, Nyg Tony M.. ,Lets Make It Happen
2009-10-01 at 23:38:11
Me again, from the Musicblood profile. Thanks again for listening, adding, and being a good energy addition to this kick ass site. Peace to Mexico, from Canada! - Rick and Curt
2009-10-01 at 23:31:04
Thanks for adding my solo page, as well as the Musicblood project that I do with my bro. Kind words, too, coming from a talented artist. I'm digging Free Will at a nice volume, and will be back for future spins of your music. Always enjoyed Fusion. Brand X, Masques... wickedness. Cheers from Toronto; Rick
2009-10-01 at 03:02:08
Cheers from Boston. Sound good.
2009-09-30 at 21:30:59
hey!! your music sounds good!!!
2009-09-30 at 14:35:57
Glad you like our music thanks for your friendship WELCOME you have a unique sound this is good! The Fores
2009-09-30 at 11:05:15
Nice work Guy! Enjoyed listening In! Very unique! Thanks for hooking up with Us! Glad to Have you As A Friend! Tony D (Revolver)
2009-09-30 at 00:25:15
Thanks for the kind words and friendship. Diggin your style ! - fh
2009-09-29 at 16:36:35
Hello, Thanks for the friendship. Great music! Greetings, Andre
2009-09-29 at 12:58:01
Hi, Thanks for finding me and listening to my stuff. You have some nice guitar work going on with some interesting compositions. Nice work,,,Sig
2009-09-29 at 08:22:04
THANKS for the Great Comment,, Tom
2009-09-28 at 02:30:14
you have a great job, I really enjoyed it.hugs from rio de janeiro brasil.
2009-09-27 at 20:41:48
Sounding good!!!! Xo Linda
2009-09-27 at 17:11:34
Awesome tracks you have up here Luis. All the LIGHT, love and greatness to you and your illuminating music career from GOD'S eternal Universe and beyond. ~Elijah Saint~ Musician & Host on Real As It Gets Podcast.
2009-09-27 at 12:08:38
Thanks Luis.Really great music here.Amitiés
2009-09-26 at 03:37:49
Thank you sir for your kind words
2009-09-25 at 14:54:00
Keep up the Magic, Peace and Love, Thanks for your Friendship
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