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Columbus, OH


Hip Hop/ Soul/ Chill Music

About Us:
What up world? The names AlphaOdist - Pronounced: [Al-Fa-O-Diss]. I'm what we call an emcee/ producer, meaning I'm an artist who produces himself. I specialize in the art of soulful chill music, or what most may call the real style of hip hop. What I mean by that is, I like to paint images or visuals with words, and phrases, and I'm an avid believer of creativity, and not copying other people thus following the trend of what's happening at the moment. I took a year and 10 months off away from music, since I was fed up with where hip hop was headed, but after hearing "Dynasty D.Y" kick rhymes with Talib Kweli on youtube, it motivated me to start back doing music again. Over the years I worked with a few artist(s) (Sq. 1, C=MCIII, Jon BlaQ, and more). In 2008, I linked up with Su-preme of Sunz of Man/ Wu Tang, to drop "Witness Protection, The Inception, and Life in 3D" and in 2012 I formed: Sound Drop Entertainment, and currently awaiting to start on new music in 2013...

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