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Song Name: Peoria
Date: 2010-12-12 00:03:52
Reviewer: Davies Dawn -- Future Now

2.  Review: Hey Good song guys...way to go!!!
Song Name: Green Pickup
Date: 2010-08-16 15:32:41
Reviewer: Gary Don Smith

3.  Review: What a great tune!!! DOCTARYN in Chicago
Song Name: Green Pickup
Date: 2010-08-12 22:46:12
Reviewer: DocTaryn


freeDave's Information

Chicago, IL

Alternative Folk

About Us:
just two guys who hangout and play music

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2010-06-20 at 17:02:11
Thanks a mill guys tracks on your player. all the best Lewell
2010-06-19 at 10:14:27
Thanks for the kind words guys...Your music is really good!
2010-06-19 at 06:04:21
hey guys, thanks for the message...listening to Michelle's Wedding right now, love that 12 string sound, have a good weekend
2010-06-17 at 17:06:47
HI Paddy, I think our messages crossed, I received YOURS, RIGHT after I sent you an new message, no joke!! Regarding the question..thanks for your reply and also nevermind, cause I saw 'em today, first thing. Ah that Idjeet, ya either hate 'im , or you put out a Contract on 'im har!! ;)) Hey I FINALLY joined The Store, pretty Schweerm Paddy, WHY I didn't do it BEYOND me!!! Peace!! marty PS- Keep Doing what you're doing, Ain't NUTTIN' Like our IM Radio. ;))
2010-06-17 at 09:48:12
Howdy IM Gurus, how's it going, sendin' ya some Love! Peace, Martin- Idjit Savant
2010-06-15 at 17:04:47
Great sound Yo !!!
2010-06-15 at 16:57:10
Great sound Yo !!!
2010-06-14 at 10:31:25
Have a great week, guys!
2010-06-10 at 01:36:35
Many thanks and we've been enjoying your music too!
2010-06-03 at 10:44:35
Thank You so much, nice music as well.
2010-06-03 at 08:18:22
thank you and ditto!
2010-06-03 at 00:32:04
Thanks! Backatcha!! :)
2010-06-02 at 09:16:54
Thank you =) You Rock!
2010-06-02 at 02:32:17
thanks so much!!!!! 12 strings!!! ha ha!!! now that's a guitar!! I play the piano and keyboard!!! I never learned the guitar!! songs are sounding great!!! Keep the music alive!!!!!!!!!! =) -Christopher K. G. Hagadone =)
2010-06-01 at 22:46:54
Thanks for being fan guys. I love what you guys are bringing to the table. Really cool stuff. Keep it up.
2010-06-01 at 21:29:27
Hey thanks Dave i appreciate it its an honor
2010-06-01 at 08:42:39
Thanks for listening guys. I noticed we have a couple tunes with the same titles. Interesting how different they are. Keep the tunes coming. Best mark
2010-06-01 at 04:45:31
Thanks for your comment Dave, take care! Ghislain
2010-05-31 at 01:32:12
Heey freeDave :) Thank you soo much***** I really appreciate you taking the time to listen to my music and for the feedback:) And thanks for the friendship and welcome 2 my page! You know you are always invited to my page okay, so stop by any time to say hallo alright :) Have a great week!! Wishing you love, peace and happiness:) Stig Michael. can also right 2 me on
2010-05-31 at 00:52:17
I love your music a lot!. Thanks for the support.
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