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Davies Dawn -- Future Now's Song Reviews

1.  Review: Very touching performance
Song Name: Descent From Heaven's Skies
Date: 2010-12-13 15:45:01
Reviewer: The Chrisagis Brothers

2.  Review: Great Production, Vocal Arrangements, And Song Writing Skills.
Song Name: Descent From Heaven's Skies
Date: 2010-12-12 22:04:11
Reviewer: Terry Greene

3.  Review: Very Moving Song! The message is beautiful!
Song Name: Descent From Heaven's Skies
Date: 2010-12-12 09:27:56
Reviewer: SoJo

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Davies Dawn -- Future Now's Information

Springfield, MA

Country Rock Rockabilly

About Us:
Two brothers, Robert and Paul O'Leary, creating and writing what they feel is a new country sound they are calling "Stone Rockabilly" from their "The Stone Rockabilly Collection" CD ---------- "Future Now" was a country rock musical group of musicians, songwriters, recording artists, engineer, and producers. Future Now was made up of two brothers that walked in the footsteps of their musically minded and valued parents that have been involved in creating and producing music since the 60's. Their names are Robert O'Leary,and Paul O'Leary (had earbed a Masters in Education and a CAGS degree from UMass (Paul was unable to finish his doctorate in the area of technology and education due to his untimely and tragic death on March 29, 2011. It was Paul's hope that other groups would listen to their Future Now songs/master recordings and that other groups would choose to record covers of those catalogue songs they felt might be good for them. If you are interested, please contact James O'Leary at Davies Dawn Music {BMI}), at (413) 781-3050, or email at Believing that Paul is now healthy and at peace in the light, I know he was so proud and happy to have his music heard around the world, and would also be so proud if his music also served to help other musicians as well.

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Paul O'Leary

Paul O'Leary [remove] Paul S. O'Leary, born 10/31/1969-passed away on 3/29/2011 [remove] Our dear son, Paul Shamus O'Leary died late afternoon Tuesday March 29, 2011. He fought to the end but his lungs were failing due to high co2 and his heart just stopped. If you haven't seen or talked with Paul please view his last work "Ever Ending Cycle of Life (Fear of Life) & (Value of Life.)" He put his heart and soul into that song(s) and video(s). Please pray that there is something on the other side and that he is there with loved ones that have passed and that he is no longer suffering to breath. James & Patricia O'Leary (dad and mom)





Ever Ending
Cycle Of
Life ~ The
Fear Of Life


Ever Ending
Cycle Of
Life ~ The
Value Of




Never Be


Does Anyone
Get Horny


The Legacy


Take It All


Third World
Anthem 2009


When Will
You Be Free

Flowh Calendar


2011-02-21 at 20:06:47
Great music, keep on playing and thanks for the comment. Dan.
2011-02-21 at 15:32:23
.. future now is a great sounding track full of feeling and ambience.. cheerz from germany udo
2011-02-21 at 12:11:28
Nice work.Thanks for the request,and giving us a listen.Much appreciated! Best Regards, The "PLOW"
2011-02-20 at 08:38:14
awesome tunes :) Niva
2011-02-13 at 04:06:12
G'day Paul, Hey ..thanks for becoming a friend. it's always fullfilling when other Muso's appreciate anothers Tunes. Thanks for listening to "Missiles" and giving it the thumbs up! Peace...The Latonas
2011-02-12 at 16:34:29
Thank you for becoming a fan. It is good to see that there are people who believe in giving an artist a chance to be heard. Thank you and God Bless you guys in all you do.
2011-02-12 at 14:37:42
Thank you Paul, you are very kind, you're a good artist. Peace and music. Nello
2011-02-11 at 06:33:56
Thank you for your comments. Your music is such a breath of fresh air. A true mood setter.
2011-02-10 at 20:43:37
Thank you for your friendship and connecting with our smooth jazz gospel sound.
2011-02-10 at 20:43:37
Thank you for your friendship and connecting with our smooth jazz gospel sound.
2011-02-10 at 19:27:24
Yall gotta check this out ------> yz
2011-02-08 at 00:08:59
Hey guys, beautiful songs I must say. I specially enjoyed "Does Ayone Gets Horny Anymore?", I wonder the same thing myself sometimes. Dorian
2011-02-07 at 12:32:43
Great voice man! Appreciate the listen as well, thanks guys, keep up the great work ~Dave
2011-02-05 at 00:57:33
Love your style(s) and voices, your lyrics too. Thaank you for being you. Jean
2011-02-04 at 23:52:43
Ciao Amici !! Greetings from Sardinia ! Marcello
2011-02-01 at 02:54:43
Descent From Heaven's Skies....Vocals build to a great harmonic Alleluia. Great job.
2011-01-31 at 11:07:29
I love the song take it all off! You guys have massive talent!
2011-01-31 at 02:24:12
Well, I've just seen your video "Cycle Of Life" I Don't exactly know what is it CF, but I hope that Paul is alright now)
2011-01-29 at 18:08:25
hi guys, thanks for your support.. can u write a review for my songs please? many thanks jason king
2011-01-29 at 18:07:18
hi guys, thanks for your support.. can u write a review for my songs please? many thanks jason king
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