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1.  Review: Truly unique, I like it!!
Song Name: Black Hat (new recording)
Date: 2010-07-30 04:54:27
Reviewer: Jasmine Brown


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Grimsby/St. Catherines


About Us:
We're two brothers who grew up exploring music together. Looking to experiment with various styles of music. Share with as many people as possible. Write as many songs as possible. Be creative as possible. Looking for the perfect medicine.

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2009-08-16 at 10:02:57
Hi Doctor. Great sounds of your guitar in your songs. Wonderful!!! Wish you a great Sunday. Nikos
2009-08-14 at 19:29:59
Hi Kody, Thanks Very much man, sorry for such late reply, you Rock!! Keep it real Bro, Peace- Martin- Idjit Savant
2009-08-13 at 22:52:17
Hi Kody, Great stuff, esp the solo's glad to run into you. Steve
2009-08-11 at 00:41:38
TY & keep Rockin' :)
2009-08-10 at 19:34:41
Great to have you as Friends!!
2009-08-10 at 17:20:06
SYMPTOM: Share with as many people as possible. Write as many songs as possible. Be creative as possible. Looking for the perfect medicine. PERSCRIPTION: The longer you do, the more people, songs and creativity there is. The perfect medicine is the process it's self. Remember this, and you'll live wonderful lives.
2009-08-08 at 12:22:00
Thanks for the comment! Keep it up guys!
2009-08-08 at 04:25:28
Hi ...The Doctor Is In .. thanks for the friendship .. welcome to my friends ..have a nice friday and weekend ... greetings from Arizona :)
2009-08-08 at 01:18:27
Thanks .Have a great music day .Love
2009-08-07 at 20:52:52
Hey Kody & Craig, Thank you for the kind words. I am listening to your stuff and enjoying it. Cool stuff! I am very happy to see you stretching out with your rock in your own personal way and style. I was a big progressive rock fan back in the day, and I hear you on that track in the 21st century. This warms my heart to hear. Y'all are fans of Yes, right? Keep it goin' strong with your freak flags flyin'! ~FFF~ Ron
2009-08-07 at 20:20:09
YHey Guys, Very Unique sound! Enjoyed It very much! Thanks for hooking Up with Us! Welcome! Tony D (Revolver)
2009-08-06 at 00:11:01
Hi, Thanks for the friendship. Great music! Cheers, Andre
2009-08-05 at 16:31:35
Thanks for the hook up lads, great music ,keep up the good work and exploration. Brendan
2009-08-05 at 13:56:34
Hey Kody, Thanks mush!!! Sounds pretty cool here, nice to meet you.
2009-08-05 at 13:22:54
Hi Kody, thanks for your friendship and your nice comment! Wishing you a great day! Louise
2009-08-05 at 11:24:00
Thanks for the friendship- Nice to meet you here on ImRadio. FG
2009-08-05 at 02:27:49
Hi guys,thanks for being Fans and Friends!!!Sounds great there!!!Greets JoJo
2009-08-05 at 00:25:27
Rock on!
2009-08-04 at 20:41:27
¬°Great! Your fan and friend from Spain, Fernando Polavieja
2009-08-04 at 19:54:39
Greetings Doctor thx 4 ur support Have a great tuesday JO TONGO
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