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San Diego, CA

http://Sherra Blunt


About Us:
Sherra Blunt was born and raised in San Diego,California (aka) Dago. As a youth she developed her love for Hip-Hop. Sharpening her lyrical blade on the streets of East Dago all her life. Her years of writing spoken poetry lifted more than ones hearts, and her words being truly real and unique have transcended the boundaries of Rhythm and poetry. Her achievements in her life include: Graduating from Barbizon Modeling School in 1986. In 2006-2009 her time was used for three years by taking part in a TV Show called "Tha Gimmie Wreck Show" as a Promoter. Her ear for music is unique and remarkable. As a Promoter she gave artist that haven't been heard a chance to be heard, by setting up Performances at local Clubs in the Gaslamp District like Red Circle, Be-Low, Chewies, Sprung Monkey etc. Sherra Blunt even interviewed big Artist on the Show allowing them to show new Artist what to expect in the game how they made it, and what to do to ensure longevity. Artist on the Show include Criket, Spice1, 12 Gauge Shotie, E-40, Keak tha Sneak, Sista Carl, Tha Pack and many more. Now it is Sherra Blunt time for a new Ara in Hip-Hop and to make her words come to life, not just the adults but to get the younger viewers a chance to be apart of the music to.

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2009-08-21 at 18:50:21
ko niche wa xxxx mr yummmmy
2009-08-18 at 04:07:24
Hey Sherra, I just looked through your music, and it sounds great! How would you like to come onto my talk show for an interview? We can talk about your music, promote it, and have some listener interaction. Also, we can play some of your songs on the air. If you'd like to come on, let me know and I'll reserve an entire show for you. Thanks! theBEAT Music Show Host -Jerry Spencer
2009-08-12 at 19:56:10
Hey Sherra Blunt, what's up in this kind and mysterious world of music. I am here on IM Radio checking out all your tracks "My Chain", 80's Babies" and "Roc's Tha Mic". I love your introduction to your name on "My Chain" and the twisted synth sounds production on "80's Babies." Love the way you put the male intro vocals in the beginning of "Roc's Tha Mic." You have your own unique and origianl voice in the Hip-Hop Rap music industry and that's what the majors are looking for. Keep on writing and constantly keep your fans coming back for more. Wishing you LIGHT, love, success, wealth, health, prosperity, peace and all the greatness to you and your music career from GOD'S eternal Universe and beyond. ~Elijah Saint~ Musician & Host on Real As It Gets podcast.
2009-08-12 at 17:51:39
Hi Keely and Sherra. michaelfrancishughesband at my space.
2009-08-10 at 22:11:06
I hope you're having a GREAT summer! Thanks for adding my guys from the 'Zone as friends. Sitekeeper Keely
2009-08-03 at 03:28:02
Have a fabulous week!!
2009-07-28 at 19:13:46
Hello beautiful
2009-07-27 at 13:56:26
Hi Sherra, wishing you a beautiful week! Love, peace, happiness, Louise
2009-07-15 at 22:54:59
Many thanks for becoming a fan Sherra. May I wish you every success. Love Steve
2009-06-28 at 17:09:52
hi, your song, 80's Babies, is a good one! Nice work! peace
2009-06-24 at 18:18:31
join us we all have one thing in common to the music. we are sellers of our own products. all music has a great value but someone has to listen. we need to unite and believe because the world is great. has space for everyone.
2009-06-22 at 13:21:21
Hello,Sherra!Thank you for support!!
2009-06-22 at 07:34:50
hey yo! thanks for becoming a fan, from the darkwave world of the VC! peace.
2009-06-22 at 04:04:04
Free mastering (one song)
2009-06-21 at 16:03:21
80's Babies works perfectly with that electronica..go ahead and spit it. Lisa
2009-06-21 at 10:44:30
Hey Sherra, Thanks for adding me! Your music is very cool! Keep on rockin the mic! God bless ~ David
2009-06-21 at 00:28:47
Hi Sherra. Enjoyed your music. Keep doing ya thang! Check me out when you get a chance. Thanks.
2009-06-20 at 05:48:05
Thank you for the add sherra...many blessings... Storm
2009-06-19 at 13:30:20
ok ok, I here you love, I'm diggen the tracks especially My chain, I see you lol
2009-06-19 at 04:56:20
thanks for add Sherra, say hello to He-man for me....heehehehheheh, Good Luck in Highway of Live !!!!! Blood Kisses from Brasil !!!!
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