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Song Name: Hey What is that?
Date: 2010-06-29 08:46:40


Stiltskin Ze Liken's Information

Miamisburg, OH

Progressive, Metal, Rock

About Us:
This music sounds to some like many different styles. Heavily influenced by rock and metal with a classical touch to it. I have worked 0on my vocals just for such genre, I have a lower range I can use too but when playing live it is the higher pitch tones that seem to carry the power to pierce through the guitars and drums of a three and four piece band where upon the guitars carry a lot on the overall design of the performance.I hope you like it.Thank you for your interest All vocals and instruments By Stiltskin Ze liken and collaberation cameos by Larry (Quando) Taylor of Surgical Steel

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2009-08-12 at 12:43:08
yes dude I like the originality in your stuff man. keep it up
2009-08-12 at 03:35:54
Hey good stuff guys !! Patrik
2009-08-10 at 16:15:22
THANKS for the ADD Tom
2009-08-08 at 20:18:13
That's some scary sounding stuff...I LIKE IT!!! Keely
2009-08-01 at 12:35:12
Hi !!! Thx 4 the friendship !!!!! good music here .... Régis ;0)
2009-07-29 at 21:43:54
Thanks for the add. Nice use of melodic structure in your music! Keep expressing, and peace from Canada. - Rick and Curt
2009-07-29 at 15:56:53
Thank you so much for the kind comment and awesome support, you rock!!!!
2009-07-27 at 22:31:45
Hey Guys! nice to meet you.All the best from the Powerage boys in Australia Cheers Ian
2009-07-24 at 11:56:37
Hey I DID get a ride in yesterday, it cleared up a bit...Stilt, have a Creative day Bro.
2009-07-14 at 03:54:28
Tanks for your frienship! Best wishes from Argentina.
2009-06-29 at 20:54:33
I feel very fortunate to have so many worldly friends thank you and God Speed. Stilt
2009-06-28 at 19:44:14
Thanks for the friendship. Greetings from Italy. FG
2009-06-28 at 17:31:33
hi, your song, Tellin Lies, is a good one! Nice work! peace
2009-06-28 at 16:35:12
Hello! Thanks for being my friend! Peace! Masao Tonari
2009-06-23 at 09:29:27
Hi guys! Greetings from Montreal, Canada. Pleasure meeting you and glad to be part of your world. You ROCK. Great music. Great work. Have a great week! Keep rockin’ … it’s the only thing that matters! Cheers, Purple Herbie.
2009-06-16 at 08:09:31
Thanks for being my friend on IMRadio. Good luck to the future for you.
2009-06-15 at 14:03:59
Thank you Stiltskin, your comment is lovely. Wishing you a great week!
2009-06-14 at 15:47:32
Wow what beautiful: Life is music, music life, it's just a matter of putting harmony and learn to live it. Musical greetings and good luck
2009-06-14 at 14:36:58
Hi Stiltskin thanks for being Fans and Friends!!!JoJo Wiese
2009-06-14 at 01:10:13
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