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Song Name: Hey What is that?
Date: 2010-06-29 08:46:40


Stiltskin Ze Liken's Information

Miamisburg, OH

Progressive, Metal, Rock

About Us:
This music sounds to some like many different styles. Heavily influenced by rock and metal with a classical touch to it. I have worked 0on my vocals just for such genre, I have a lower range I can use too but when playing live it is the higher pitch tones that seem to carry the power to pierce through the guitars and drums of a three and four piece band where upon the guitars carry a lot on the overall design of the performance.I hope you like it.Thank you for your interest All vocals and instruments By Stiltskin Ze liken and collaberation cameos by Larry (Quando) Taylor of Surgical Steel

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2009-09-29 at 15:54:21
PS: I agree with hundred percent! xxx
2009-09-29 at 15:52:36
Hi Stilt! How are you? Thank you SO much for everything, your support is just amazing and I really appreciate you telling Elijah about 'My Heart is a Sea' and spreading the word! I wish you continued success and happiness in whatever you do! Much love and many kisses, Louise
2009-09-29 at 03:35:01
Enjoy your week :) Peace and Light to you! Jennifer
2009-09-29 at 01:11:44
Thanks for the kind words, rock brother. Right back at you. - Rick
2009-09-25 at 07:09:02
Oh yeah"The Tale" Very,very nice
2009-09-19 at 11:02:24
thanks for your message :) may be a next contact if you need for a feat. Best, Ema.
2009-09-19 at 01:37:40
Wonderful Tunes my Friend, Thanks for the friendship, keep up the magic, and thanks for your support. Peace and Love
2009-09-18 at 23:58:07
Nice stuff Stilt! Great interview.
2009-09-12 at 20:38:25
"From I had a dream to keep hope alive, to yes we can these days we'll survive, we will thrive - From a Bush Abomination to ‘ObamaNation,’ (soon) you can ask you can tell, take off the mask you can yell, from a Bush Abomination we take back our nation, Obama Nation, the American Nation...” Please give a listen to our new reggae/rock song "ObamaNation” [Davies Dawn Music, BMI]. If you like it, spread the word. Thanks. Peace. Paul from Future Now.
2009-09-12 at 11:10:09
Thanks bro-about the comment on my track titled, "Mind Movies'- glad you dig it. I've been working a distribution deal with RETROSPECT Records on a re-release from my old Touring band from the 1980s - NEMESIS. So, I've been really busy and haven't been able to catch up on my emails from this site. But- THANK YOU!!!! Peace brother - always keep in touch. - Darin
2009-09-10 at 23:33:20
Love the facial hair story! :^) I'll check out the link bro. Thank you, Stilt!
2009-09-10 at 00:50:16
Check out the interview with Elijah Saint on as realasitgets , interview #65 Elijah is such a wonderful human he and Paddy Noonan are doing so much for independant musicians all over the world.Please check it out. Featuring Songs "I wonder what you see in me" and "The Tale "
2009-09-10 at 00:45:56
Hey Stilt what's up my gifted and talented friend? It was cool chatting with you on the phone earlier. Just want to say a zillion thanks for being on Real As It Gets podcast doing the interview and plugging in your two amazing tracks "Wonder What You See In Me" and "The Tale." Hey we'll have to do a part 2 next time featuring our collaboration on your tune "If I Could Roll Ya" that's a number one hit single Stlt. As always wishing you, your misses and illuminating music career all the LIGHT, love, success, prosperity, blessings, peace, wealth, health, knowledge, wisdom and overstanding from GOD'S eternal Universe and beyond. ~Elijah~
2009-09-06 at 20:47:52
Wish you a nice sunday and a great new week!!!Hugs JoJo
2009-09-04 at 23:05:01
LOL, yeah...silly it is Stilt. My grandmother has always hassled me for the long hair, but especially for the face hair. Like I have some kind of disease or somethin'. She'll make faces at me. LMAO Rock your holiday weekend brother, and keep flyin' the freak flag "hair" high!!! :^)
2009-09-04 at 08:20:40
Never mind the hair bro. The sounds are great! :^)
2009-09-02 at 23:35:31
Hi Stilt, wishing you a lovely day! Louise xxx
2009-09-01 at 21:33:52
Hello Our Special Friend. I thought I stop in to say hello. We do hope you have a great week. May peace, happiness & love be with you...Your friends Jim, Carolyn & Blake
2009-08-31 at 22:35:12
All Persian Hail, VASPoohER has been registered in Rock the Nation RTN competition http://award.rockthenatio Just click on the name of your favorite band. Everyone can vote once a day. Thanks you friends, Ham
2009-08-31 at 16:16:15
Hi Stilt! Yes, 'twas there working on Kids pCs...The Frankenstein Stiltskin machine is comin together, should have it this week for the geetar pro, Bro!! See ya soon- martr0n
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