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Acoustic strings ensembles with mandolin, banjo, Hammered/Mountain dulcimer, Bouzouki, Koto, Cello, Fiddle, Pedal Steel e.t.c. Isogawa Shin-ich was born in Tokyo 1956. In high school days, he was interesting in american folk,bluegrass and mountain music and started composing. After school days, he absorved various kind of string instruments sounds include ethnic musical instruments through various kind of genre. He trek in the river head of "Tamagawa" river-"Okuchichibu, Okutama" mountain area as hobby. In mid of 70's, he made a plan to produce music for strings ensemble. His idea was not so called classic strings ensembles, he wants a help from the ethnic musical instruments, furthermore he obtains "touch to the heart-strings" sounds by unique way. For example, unison performing with couple of different instruments, innovative performing or recording techniques and acoustic sound control e.t.c. . In order to this unique idea, he uses multi-track recording systems. In 1982, he started out to produce "OKUTAMA STORY" by himself through composing, arrengement, performing, recording, mixing to mastering.

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I was born on the river side of "Tamagawa" river near Tokyo bay and raised by water from this river. The riverhead "Okuchichibu","Okutama" are mother mountain for me. It was when I graduated high school - started mountain trekking toward upstream. It was 1980 when I headed for the riverhead consciously. Now I trek in the riverhead several times a year. The nature and people who I met gave much energy to my heart. Now I produce music inspired by nature,history,legend and incidents concerning the riverhead and this mountain area. There is a genre called Mountain Photograph (shoot by photographer who loves mountain). Is there a genre called Mountain Music ? (not so called American Mountain Music.) Sometimes I received a hospitality such kind of a homemade foods cooked by people who live in the mountain. I was very impressed that seasoning was kept by that family from long long ago, if it's delicious or not. I wish I could produce music just like such homemade foods. How do you taste it ? I hope you like this.



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2010-04-11 at 10:30:12
Very soothing and pleasing sound. Best wishes for wherever life and the music may lead you . . .
2010-03-08 at 15:14:21
Domo Isogawa. Thank you so much for your beautiful music. Listening to Turning now. Marvelous. What a wonderful blend of instruments. Very inspiring. I'm glad we found you!
2010-03-07 at 07:02:55
2010-03-01 at 18:47:55
i like it ...keep it up
2009-12-26 at 04:09:53
Wishing you Peace and Happiness in this Joyous Season! Paul.
2009-12-26 at 04:09:45
"Turning." Beautiful Music. Paul, your fan from Future Now.
2009-12-03 at 06:31:02
Fascinating composition and excellent musicianship. Jamie Mallender, Solo Recording Artist, Session Player and Bass Player For Former Black Sabbath Singer, Tony Martin
2009-11-16 at 17:51:27
Nice work! Enjoyed listening in! Thanks for hooking up with Us! Glad to have you as a Friend! Wishing you a really blessed week! Hugs, Diana
2009-09-18 at 21:21:41
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2009-09-06 at 00:18:43
Future Now thanks you for your great music; and for being a part of the ever growing creative community of independent musicians who are taking the opportunity, made possible by IMRadio, to reach 52 countries throughout the world.
2009-07-15 at 02:42:40
Hello ISOGAWA, I am enjoying your peaceful music! Just lovely. Best wishes in your music. Kim
2009-06-28 at 22:46:44
Hi my friends. Hou are you? Please have a look at the Featured Artist Showcase on the Home Page, with Louise du Toit, co-composer and singer of our new group "AINESHANA". Wishing you a great week!!!
2009-06-24 at 20:54:58
Hi Isogawa, it is lovely to meet you! Your music is amazing and the pictures are breathtaking. I am from Africa and I have trekked over some fantastic nature paths. Wishing you a great day! Louise
2009-06-23 at 09:45:54
ancient tree is so beautiful i like your world have a good tuesday peace & respect
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