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Author-writer, arranger, perfomer & band leader. I play electric guitar & bass

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TO MICHAEL JACKSON Michael, it's so hard to believe that I don't want to think one second that you left us alone. I know you can't do that. You just went back to JAH to whom you belong, take a little breath & keep on doing it. If we listen carefully to tha Mystic wind blowing in the air, we can listen & even see you. Stay Blessed & Loved for ever, my dear Brother. From the bottom of my Heart JO TONGO




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2011-04-06 at 12:04:19
Hey whats up??? Hope everything is fine! Great to see you on featured artists wall. Great achievement! Rock on!! Love, Calley
2011-03-30 at 10:07:24
Cheers!! You are featured artist on IMRadio. Keep up the great work!! Rock on!! Love, Calley
2011-03-02 at 05:22:03
Hello Villeneuve Loubet ! Ne jamais oublier : à l'est du Var, c'est le Sud, à l'ouest, c'est le nord ! Super musique l'ami. A+ Jean
2011-01-16 at 01:37:07
hi Jo, thanks for supporting IMRadio with your outstanding music! Keep your eyes on our IMRadio's Featured Bands Wall on our home page, as you will see yourself up there soon..congratulations. Have a wonderful weekend! peace, Paddy Noonan, IMRadio, Founder and Musician
2010-11-29 at 23:06:43
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2010-01-05 at 17:59:24
Thanks!! :)
2010-01-03 at 02:41:31
One can never be all things to everybody...but you owe it to yourself to be all that you can be for your own enlightenment...peace of mind...and Good Karma...Happy New Decade to you! Peace Frontline
2009-12-24 at 18:42:04
Thanks! May this new year bring all kind of happiness, prosperity and satisfaction to you and yours! :) Cheers, Jasmine
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