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Song Name: Prelude to the Nightmare
Date: 2011-10-03 12:18:51
Reviewer: Jogisworld

Song Name: The Black Hole
Date: 2009-10-01

Song Name: The Alchemists Lair
Date: 2009-09-27


ShadowChaser's Information

Mansfield, OH

Soundtrack, Symphonic, Film Score, Progressive,

About Us:
ShadowChaser music is of the Soundtrack & Progressive Neo Classical style with a strong emphasis on Orchestral layering added in for good measure. Featuring heavily layered keyboards and good old fashioned musicianship,(actually playing all the parts and not sequencing them) and by keeping the human element, warmth & passion in each composition I feel I have accomplished my initial objective and that is to be completely different than anything or anyone out there today. That being said its time to get my music out to the masses so it can be enjoyed by all & that seems to be the hard part so I am up and ready for the challenge in taking my music to the next level. I have always approached my music with a visonaries outlook, giving the listener the choice as to where they want to go, allowing them to arrive at their own destination & not by leading them to a pre-destined one. I feel by taking the extra time to pay close attention to the minute nuances in the compositions it allows the listener to paint themselves into the picture that the music is portraying. I like to call it music for the mind.

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2009-10-14 at 12:27:13
It is indeed a pleasure to be friends with such a great musician whose inspirations shine through in his works. You have brought fruition to a beautiful movement chord progressions as well as celestial melodic overtones to compliment the pieces. I wish great success and a propserous future. Please keep in touch. I would love to collaborate with you if indeed the time is right. Tony Banks - Lead Vovalist/Keyboardist - Shatter Their Illusion
2009-10-13 at 17:38:51
Hey Shadow, what's up my friend? Just touching base with you here on IMRadio. Its always a pleasure talking to you. Phenomenal sounds coming out of the world of Shadow's Universe always. Eternally keep on composing those number one science fiction, horror, action and adventure scores - totally phenomenal. As always wishing you and your infinite music career all the greatnness from the ALL Universe. ~Elijah Saint~
2009-10-13 at 02:32:32
Hello, compliment on your work, Marc
2009-10-10 at 02:06:57
When your music is the sunshine in someone's life, you will never standing in the shadow. Thanks for being a friend. After Son † Amsterdamned
2009-10-02 at 22:20:31
Keep up the great work....
2009-10-02 at 02:43:30
This is a polyphonic Genesis. We respect this material alot and wish you a coninued muse for your lavish creations. Much success to you. Tony Banks - STI
2009-09-30 at 07:23:17
Nice tracks. Cheers,
2009-09-27 at 07:23:32
Beautiful and interesting:) Wishing you peace and light on your journey Jennifer
2009-09-25 at 04:12:51
wow man that is awsome talent
2009-09-24 at 20:31:46
Hello! I love your stuff! Great sound. Please stop by my page and check out the video of my artwork. Take care and keep in touch. Wishing you the best of luck. Peace, Kimmi
2009-09-24 at 09:04:34
Great tunes.
2009-09-24 at 01:10:09
Unique, wonderful, great talent! "Mystery, magic Worlds here" . Thank you for the friendship! Greetings from Venezuela, O.L.
2009-09-23 at 22:51:31
Hi ShadowChaser, thanks for the friendship. Have "A Great Rocking Week!". Best Regards, M.A:G. Marple Attack Germany
2009-09-22 at 16:38:59
Beautiful music, PEACE X ;@)
2009-09-22 at 07:25:39
Keep Rockin guys! Dibih & Tiberius projecT
2009-09-18 at 03:31:13
All I can say William is WOW!!! That is such an amazing comment you left on my page. Thank you so much from my heart and I truly appreciate it my friend. Your promo you did for us was totally awesome William. Just want you to know that your interview is up on the Mevio website at www.realasitgetspodcast.m and thanks a zillion William aka ShadowChaser for being on Real As It Gets giving this phenomenal interview. All the LIGHT, love, success, prosperity, blessings, wealth, health, knowledge, wisdom, overstanding and all the greatness to you and your never ending music career from GOD'S eternal Universe and beyond. ~Elijah Saint~
2009-09-17 at 19:49:35
Hey William, what's up my gifted and talented friend in this kind and creative world of sounds? It was a honor and blessing having you on Real As It Gets podcast. We can always do a part 2 next time. You did a great interview and you had so much energy, love and passion regarding your music. I am typing you this message while listening to "Triumphant Return Of The King" great, great and amazing soundtrack my friend. Your blog regarding your interview is on Autumn Rain's page which is the Music and Art Director for Real As It Gets. Eternally keep on writing, composing, arranging, performing and definitely let your fans come back for more and more. Wishing you and your illuminating music career LIGHT, love, success, prosperity, blessings, wealth, health, knowledge, wisdom, overstanding and all the greatness from GOD'S eternal Universe and beyond. ~Elijah Saint~
2009-09-16 at 06:16:07
By the way William awesome recording studio you have there regarding the second picture below. Very unique pictures of you with all the images. Wishing you all the LIGHT, love, success and eternal greatness regrading your music and film scores career from GOD'S eternal Universe and beyond. ~Elijah Saint~
2009-09-16 at 06:12:38
Hey William, what's up in this kind and phenomenal world of sounds? As promised my friend I am here listening to all 12 tracks you uploaded right here on IMRadio. You definitely and absolutely have an amazing ear for music. I can truly tell you that there's not one score I don't like. Awesome and phenomenal productions pertaining to your gifted arrangements and instrumentation. I enjoy listening to the climax part in "The Labyrinth Of Malenthya Finale'" great score my friend. My all time favorites are "I Do", "An Immigrants Journey", "A Space In Time" and "Prelude To The Nightmare." You should definitely contact Paramount Pictures, Universal, Warner Bros etc submitting your soundtracks. You are very talented and gifted - powerful scores for any drama, horror, science fiction and action films. Eternally keep your fans coming back for more and more. Wishing you and your illuminating movie soundtrack career LIGHT, love, success, prosperity, blessings, wealth, health, knowledge, wisdom, overstanding and all the greatness from GOD'S eternal Universe and beyond. ~Elijah Saint~ Musician & Host on Real As It Gets Podcast.
2009-09-14 at 10:02:54
Thank you for your friendship! We just released our new (double) cd "... we used to cut the green grass... /... the war is over..." ( you can order it via, soon via itunes a.o.) from the southwest(Saarland) of Germany Rainer
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