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Song Name: Prelude to the Nightmare
Date: 2011-10-03 12:18:51
Reviewer: Jogisworld

Song Name: The Black Hole
Date: 2009-10-01

Song Name: The Alchemists Lair
Date: 2009-09-27


ShadowChaser's Information

Mansfield, OH

Soundtrack, Symphonic, Film Score, Progressive,

About Us:
ShadowChaser music is of the Soundtrack & Progressive Neo Classical style with a strong emphasis on Orchestral layering added in for good measure. Featuring heavily layered keyboards and good old fashioned musicianship,(actually playing all the parts and not sequencing them) and by keeping the human element, warmth & passion in each composition I feel I have accomplished my initial objective and that is to be completely different than anything or anyone out there today. That being said its time to get my music out to the masses so it can be enjoyed by all & that seems to be the hard part so I am up and ready for the challenge in taking my music to the next level. I have always approached my music with a visonaries outlook, giving the listener the choice as to where they want to go, allowing them to arrive at their own destination & not by leading them to a pre-destined one. I feel by taking the extra time to pay close attention to the minute nuances in the compositions it allows the listener to paint themselves into the picture that the music is portraying. I like to call it music for the mind.

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Flowh Calendar


2010-01-21 at 10:00:53
Hi guys. Loving your Gothy music. A fan now! Peace & Light. Lance
2010-01-14 at 03:25:45
Shadow, its such a pleasure to have you as a fan!! Take care, and keep it coming !! love ~ s.
2010-01-09 at 00:33:29
Share "Valentine's Day" with someone you love (or want to). The Song and Video are here on IMRadio (video also on dawn). Paul.
2010-01-05 at 17:39:13
Happy new year :o) The new year brings hope for a better world. Let the good win over the Evil. Let the good conquere the world. Let the Capitalist fall down to dust. Let the poor rise and win. Let the true break the false. Let the heart open for love. Let the sun shine and darkness fade away. Let the war end and bring peace to all. Let us all rise and fight the evil. Happy happy New Year Comrades :o) From Kenneth and Martine.
2010-01-04 at 00:07:35
Happy holidays and a great and musical 2010 ! Buon Natale e Felice Anno Nuovo 2010!
2009-12-31 at 16:40:12
a very happy new year from phil
2009-12-29 at 18:59:24
thanx 4 the kind words Shadowchaser,,,i think we have a similar approach 2 music[i play virtually all the instruments on CTP],its gr8 2 hear real instruments on ur tracks,along with atmosphere[the most important quality a track can have in my opinion],i would like 2 break into film and TV music at some point[my tune"moon"is regularly featured in online cult drama"high heel samurai",,chek this week.....all the best Cole.
2009-12-27 at 19:49:06
like ur sound Shadowchaser...good vibe...chek my tunes if u got time..cole.
2009-12-26 at 12:38:32
Nice soudtrack music.
2009-12-24 at 19:38:39
Have a great Christmas my friend
2009-12-22 at 04:01:54
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! Compliment for your work and thanks a lot for your friendship, take care! Greetz, Kimmy B Shade
2009-12-15 at 18:58:26
Have Happy and Peaceful Holidays! Love, Life and Light! Angila
2009-12-13 at 14:07:31
Wishing you peace and happiness in this Joyous Season! Paul.
2009-12-12 at 18:57:49
Great music. Glad I found you.
2009-12-12 at 06:03:51
Hey Thanks for the request...great work,cool music! Rui
2009-12-10 at 01:01:20
Hope all is going well for you. Paul.
2009-12-07 at 05:28:28
Hi Shadow! Great to be friends Wow I Love Alien Entity, it should be in the next sci-fi movie. Good luck!
2009-12-01 at 00:36:42
"A Space in Time." Another Great Track from a Great Artist. Paul.
2009-11-29 at 05:45:16
Thanks very much and all the best for Your art !
2009-11-29 at 05:03:36
Thank you for the request fan!!!
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