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1.  Review: EXCELLENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Song Name: algunas noches
Date: 2009-11-21


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Miami, FL

world beat

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I've been very happy when I heard my music on the air,through IM Radio..Thank you guys!!! PEACE & LOVE & MUSIC!!! *


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2010-11-25 at 21:53:22
Thank you Paddy ! I wish all of your days being full of Peace & Love & Music !!! Best regards Bismark
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2010-09-19 at 09:21:30
Nice tunes!
2010-07-03 at 06:18:14
If you get a chance, please check out the rock/reggae song and new (flag) video on "ObamaNation." Also, "Take It All Off" & "Never Be Lonely" [Davies Dawn Music (BMI)]. These intimate Country/Stone Rockabilly Ballads and Videos are here on IMRadio (also on Thanks, Paul.
2010-07-03 at 06:18:06
"Flor De Hielo." Another Great Track from Great Artists. Paul.
2010-06-22 at 02:35:01
I'm currently on the Featured Band wall of IM Radio's home page. When you get a chance, can you listen to my songs and post ratings of support for the music you like? I very much appreciate the support. And I look forward to your feedback. Thanks and Nough Blessings, No Phear
2010-06-09 at 08:28:50
Hola Donde es que estan para bajar?
2010-06-04 at 22:44:40
Just became a fan of Bismark Vega. Hope you'll return the favor. Nuff Blessings, No Phear
2010-04-24 at 02:58:52
hi Bismark Vega, very cool songs..nice work! peace
2010-03-09 at 14:42:17
Muy linda esta pagina. Me encanto
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