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Song Name: Hold Me Tight
Date: 2009-01-04

Song Name: Black Widow
Date: 2008-12-02

3.  Review: Smooth,perfect for my dj list.
Song Name: Slow Dance
Date: 2008-10-29


Allen's Information

Memphis Tn. U.S.A.


About Us:
Perry Michael Allen was born in Memphis U.S.A.,the heartland of Soul. Allen highlights Pop with new Soul grooves and Soul/Jazz harmonies. His songs and tracks are licensed to films and TV shows. Some are, C.S.I. – DR . HOUSE MD - JAG – Ally McBeal and films MUNICH - MICKEY BLUE EYES and many others. He has performed with, recorded and arranged for the absolute greatest names in the history of soul, including Al Green, the legendary backup singers of Aretha Franklin and Elvis Presley “The Sweet Inspirations”, Anita Ward, Wilson Pickett, Albert King, Rufus and Carla Thomas, and many others. While at Hi Records he made many recordings with The Hi Rhythm Section. Allen also penned three hits for Al Green: “Hanging On”, “So Good To Be Here” and “Soon As I Get Home”, while recording a string of chart topping albums with the legendary superstar. His most recent work, his New indie label NUGEN MUSIC. Allen has continued to be one of the artists who have contributed most to the revival of soul music in Europe … and the story continues … THE NUGEN GROUP For more information visit rrymichaelallen

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"RIDE" Radio Edit

IM RADIO We've also released a special SUMMER DANCE SINGLE for my serious party friends. Copy and paste below: -michael-allen/id898710138?l=en Perry Michael


2NVR 105.9fm / 2bbb 93.3fm NSW Australia Author: David McCrory This disc is a pleasure to play and listen to and is very popular with listeners


Soundwave FM New Zealand author: Graham J Barclay... Hi Perry Many Sincere Thanks for the CD" Simple Things ". We have enjoyed it immensly, and have added tracks from it to our playlists. Your presentation of music, inside the style and personality reflected in the tracks is very refreshing. Keep it up. Many thanks again, and please stay in touch. Kind regards Graham J Barclay

Review Radio San Diego Calf. U.S.A. author: Gene Harris, Jr.,MBA President It has been a while since I was this excited about a hot new independent project. This gentleman, P. Michael Allen, was born and raised in Memphis but now lives in Italy. He put this sweet project together over there and then sent it home to us to share with you. We will feature several tunes from it beginning at Noon (PST) today. I hope you enjoy it as much as I will enjoy playing them for you and have a fantastic day. Above all else, stay strong in the lord, Peace. Sincerely, Gene Harris, Jr., MBA President


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2009-06-28 at 07:03:24
Fine music , Allen ! A hug from Brazil . PEACE AND LOVE
2009-06-27 at 05:46:39
Thanks for reaching out, Michael. Much love and respect back at 'cha! Smooth lyrical lines and soulful melodies here, my friend! My best wishes to you in everything musical! Carlos
2009-06-27 at 01:02:17
Thank you for stopping by Michael! I am not a musician, just a fan and good friend of the creator of imradio. Your sound is awesome, I will be listening to it every chance I get. Much peace and blessings from Illinois!!
2009-06-26 at 14:34:44
Heya there how are you doing? great music! xx
2009-06-26 at 13:36:43
MR Allen, Great sound, I am honored for you to add me to your fan list. I am going to sign-up as a fan of yours. Peace...Gman/Gary
2009-06-26 at 10:08:09
Hello Mr. Allen! Thanks for being a fan of my music. I love your work, Simple Things has a nice groove, I'm feeling the vibe! Please stay in touch, I would love the opportunity to work with you someday!! Have a great weekend! Bray Tarver
2009-06-26 at 07:39:32
Hi Allen! Greetings from Montreal, Canada. Thanks for being part of our world and a fan. You ROCK. Great music. Great work and awesome voice. Have a great upcoming weekend! Keep rockin’ … it’s the only thing that matters! Cheers, Purple Herbie.
2009-06-26 at 07:11:13
Hello Mr. Allen, It is an honor to have you as a fan of our music! I love that classic sound of Black Widow... It don't get much better than that. Peace and blessings to you sir. Adrian Niles --Cadillacs
2009-06-26 at 06:40:57
Hi Perry! Thanks for hooking up with us! Nice work!!
2009-06-25 at 07:25:12
My Friend Allen.I love your work.Awesome talent you are.i'm new here but i see it's a lot of Great Indie artist here.i am facinated with your arrangements and production work.continue on in your musical Journey! malik
2009-06-25 at 00:28:34
Getting on top again LOL! A great place to be...
2009-06-23 at 09:27:25
Hi Michael! Wonderful to find you here. Great sound and style! What a fantastic Bio!!! I love Al Green, too!!! Wishing you all the best always!!!
2009-06-23 at 09:08:42
its good music coming down memphis
2009-06-23 at 05:33:06
Hi Michael, Just stopping by to check out your smmoth style of music.
2009-06-21 at 04:31:42
Hi Michael, I just got back from my performance, but it was too late to see you on top! LOL Btw, I just LOVE your pictures, all white and clean and simple. So cool...
2009-06-17 at 23:06:03
Thank you Allen, My Pleasure, much appreciated. Very Cool Vibe you have, Timeless!
2009-06-16 at 06:13:23
2009-06-16 at 03:40:15
these are deeeep lyrics 2nd verse 'life is all about' iam alpha n omega said GOD some of us already know that they are the beginning n ending letters of the greek alphabet some of us already know that so to me GOD has to be the whole greek alphabet that abc 123 now take the letters in GOD G.O.D. adam even n go spell alphanumerically 7th english letter G 15th is O 4th is D 7+15+4=26 do you know what that mean GOD is the whole english alphabet too 26 of them that spooked the scooby doo out of me what about you love Allen
2009-06-15 at 23:29:19
Hi Allen thanks for being Fans and Friend!!!JoJo Wiese
2009-06-14 at 03:23:46
Thanks for the support and encouragement, emans a lot to me, you rock!!!!!
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