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Song Name: post back to me
Date: 2010-08-05 10:41:11
Reviewer: Val Johashen

2.  Review: Love the melody.. nice and mellow.. u're so cool.. Nice Val
Song Name: the birds
Date: 2010-08-05 10:37:44
Reviewer: Val Johashen

Song Name: pra 20 comer
Date: 2010-08-05 10:35:16
Reviewer: Val Johashen


bandoleirorenegado's Information

rio de janeiro


About Us:
Iam a dreamer guy who believes in true love. I am a follower of what Jesus taught. do good without looking at anyone. you love one another as I have loved you. love God above all things.I love making friends, I love people I'm in need of friendship.

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secret universe

Who knows, someday somewhere, all mysteries will unfold. nothing equals everything has its price, and also we have quality defects. this whole business of wanting to be cool everything is bullshit nobody is normal. your freedom is on the head, do what you like and forget the rest. my only way to be disrespectful to me, may even be weird but I'm so happy. secret universe belongs only to you, are each in their all to live. this and a letter from one of my songs I hope you like miguel.

new song.

I've been listening to what men say. I have learned every single day. I do not know how I will pay. to get my own free trail

vida de raparigueiro

vida de raparigueiro Categoria: Música INTRODUÇÃO:C,Dm,G/7,C,Am,Dm,G/7... C Dm na caixa economica eu sou o tal. G/7 C sou mais conhecido que moeda de um real. C Dm toda aquelas casas eu já sou freguês. G/7 C e onde eu chego sou tratado como um rei. C Dm lá só tem garotas holyoodiana conheci a. G/7 C Julie a Bluna e a Juliana. C Dm Natacha e Anita se amarram na minha. G/7 C sou apaixonado por estas namoradinhas. (REFRÃO) C Am Dm desde de pequeno que eu sou raparigueiro. G/7 C comecei com dezesseis na na pinto de azevedo. C Dm lá na tiradentes eu tive o que quis. G/7 C mais foi na rua Alice que eu fui feliz. C Dm na sona sul tudo é muito caro. G/7 C é só pra gringo eu não sou otário. C Dm conheço a cidade e fico na minha. G/7 C sei onde estão as boas novinhas e bonitinhas. (REFRÃO) C Am Dm desde de pequeno que eu sou raparigueiro. G/7 C comecei com dezesseis na na pinto de azevedo. C Dm lá na tiradentes eu tive o que quis. G/7 C mais foi na rua Alice que eu fui feliz. C Dm na vila mimosa curto de montão. G/7 C carinhosamente me chamam de bonitão. C Dm sou gastoso mesmo nem quero saber. G/7 C porque na vida o que importa é o prazer. (REFRÃO) C Am Dm desde de pequeno que eu sou raparigueiro. G/7 C comecei com dezesseis na na pinto de azevedo. C Dm lá na tiradentes eu tive o que quis. G/7 C mais foi na rua Alice que eu fui feliz. Ler mais: .ListAll&bID=532726809#ixzz0utkG3AlB



minha sereia 


pra 20 comer 


vida de


volta pra


a terra

Flowh Calendar


2009-11-09 at 18:50:22
Hi, enjoyed 'Let Me Love You'. Awesome song!! Love, Calley
2009-11-09 at 12:49:13
Many thanks for the friendship, we really appreciate it! :) ~ Kathy For ANUBIS SPIRE
2009-11-08 at 07:35:10
Thanks For The Friendship
2009-11-08 at 04:48:43
Great music. Thanks for making friends.
2009-11-05 at 16:55:19
Lovely music! Love, Life and Light! Angila
2009-11-04 at 20:23:50
2009-11-03 at 19:00:46
Cool Stuff! Cheers, Jasmine
2009-10-27 at 10:54:10
Hi !! just want to say have a nice week ... the new song and video "RABBIA" of Italian singer Benny Moschini is upload .. listen and leave a comment if you like it the video on YOUTUBE: tch?v=xMl6fTGXOvE .. if you have trouble open the link the word "watch" is together no space.. but if you can't open again go to youtube and search put: Benny Moschini Rabbia can add Benny Moschini on IMRadio .. thanks .. Nice Music !!!
2009-10-24 at 04:28:26
TELL EVERY ONE ABOUT IMRadio -- Got to thinking. What if each of us independent musicians told our family, friends, fans and acquaintances about, how besides the main station, it has stations for each of the states individually, 52 countries, and just about every musical genre -- reaching any internet connection around the world. We could tell them in person, on the internet or at small or large venues. Anyone we tell would appreciate the convenience of such good music from independent musicians on their computer. It would be such a good way to help all of us reach even more listeners. With IMRadio, we aren't just waiting at the mercy of some major label to decide whether or not they will let us be heard around the world. There are enough of us that the outreach could be exponential. And, wouldn't it be a great way to say 'thank you' to Paddy and all of the other fine folks who have put on the world's musical map. They have put in money, time, energy and dedication, and all they have asked of us in return is to upload our music and profile. I am sure that they have great plans to publicize IMRadio and bring it to even more listeners. In the meantime, through, wouldn't it be great if we could all help a little by just taking a little time each day to tell family, friends, fans and acquaintances about IMRadio. It wouldn't cost a dime, just a little time. Yours, in Musical Solidarity, Paul.
2009-10-24 at 02:59:20
much love from ROMANIA God blesss ya
2009-10-23 at 14:05:10
2009-10-23 at 00:15:58
Abraço aqui de Portugal !!!Obrigado por checar a nossa música
2009-10-22 at 20:39:29
Your mermaid is indeed beautiful. peace.
2009-10-22 at 04:26:33
2009-10-21 at 22:07:09
thanks for checking us out, nice music!
2009-10-21 at 18:08:50
Hey Great Music. Thanks for checking me out. Dave Caley Caley IS is pronounced KALEE with a long A
2009-10-21 at 10:41:37
Just dropped by to say Hi and wishing you a Great Week. Paul, your fan from Future Now.
2009-10-20 at 12:07:31
Hell Yeah!!!! thanks a lot you guys!! please keep in touch and keep up the great work!! ...oh and please hurry up with those votes cause there are only ten days left!! hahaha ;) thanks again and keep doing what you do cause it's way cool... Cheers!!
2009-10-19 at 21:31:46
Hello my good friends from wonderful land of Rio, My good friend King (T Daddy) and I re-recorded a song we used to do together when we was just lads (Dirty Names)its rock, its raw, (live sounding)King, his brother and I had a 3 piece when we was teenagers, we are still the best of friends and play together from time to time.If you get so time could ya give a poor Liken a listening to. Love & peace, Stiltskin ZeLiken
2009-10-18 at 21:11:14
Thank you for adding me to your neighborhood. Your New Friend In Music, Carmella aka Lyricsinmyhead
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