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Brooklyn, NY

Christian Rap

About Us:
Lorenzo Hamlin was born on August 24,1979 in Newark,New Jersey. He was the third child out of the five children, his mother Elizabeth Hamlin gave birth to. while Growing up in Newark it wasn't easy for Lorenzo, he faced his own share of life's trials and tribulations as a kid. Due to the separation and ongoing problems with his parents, at age 8 Lorenzo and his siblings had to relocate to New York City, in Far Rockaway,Queens. It was there, he resided with his aunt, uncle, cousins, and all of his siblings. Trying to adjust himself to a new environment every day, he made friends quite easy, but had problems staying out of trouble. Lorenzo was dealing with alot of personal issues and emotional anger for years, while living there growing up, which made his aunt and uncle agree to send him to Baltimore, Maryland. Making his way to Baltimore, he began living there in a home with his aunt and three cousins. At age eleven Lorenzo started writing lyrics, being inspired by rappers like Special Ed, Krs 1, Chuck D and Will Smith. Living away from his brothers and sisters for a few years, Lorenzo began to miss the enjoyment he used to have, being around them. So at age sixteen, he decided with his aunt, to arrange for him to move back to New York City, where he can once again be united with his siblings. Upon his trip back to New York, he was determined to better himself and start reaching all his dreams and goals. Living in the basement with his aunt, brother and cousin, Lorenzo still knew he would face alot of hard times ahead. His older brother Fred Hamlin, became a very motivational person in his life, while he continued to grow up living there. Though Lorenzo was exposed to drugs, gangs, and violence, he kept seeking for a way out and to better his surroundings. By age 20, Lorenzo took writing songs more seriously and wanted to take it to the next level. He then began writing notebooks filled with violent lyrics daily, while showcasing his talents in different areas in Queens on the streets where he lived. While refining his talent, his life started to take another direction for the better. Lorenzo wrote a positive song that touched him deeply on the inside, it was a song he never thought he had in him. This song was called "Jesus", it explains how the devil came to this earth and why you should call on Jesus in times of trouble. Lorenzo then felt it was time for a change and that writing positive songs would be his new direction and goal, that was around the time he changed his name from "The Hood Assassin" to "The Purpose". Times have changed since then, Lorenzo chose to move again to Brooklyn, East New York, where his father, Lorenzo Turner resided. Uniting with his father once again from years of absence, he began to build a better relationship with him, while living there. Having his mind made up, he still was on a positive path and motivated to make great music every day he could. Being influenced by artists like Nas, Common, Kanye West, he started focusing on taking christian rap to a whole new different level. Realizing that this was going to be his purpose, he then changed his name to the "UniversaL Disciple" which has become the standard name he uses to this day. Starting out from MySpace he began exploding across the internet, popping up on sites like Facebook, Blackplanet, Reverbnation, Ourstage, etc. Making his presence known everywhere he can, his journey is still beginning and it's far from over until he reaches his destination, and that's to the top of the ladder.

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2010-12-27 at 22:10:40
Lorenzo,thanks for the Fandom, it is an honor to share LimboSpace with you. Good music going down here. Nice blend of electronic and rap! Your new fan the LimboManBand, PEACE/LOVE/HOPE. Stop by and see my new video, "Jump the Stargate" and blast on out of here!
2010-11-08 at 22:51:35
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Hey Just stoppin By to send the Best to you and Hope you are Doing Great...Spread the Joy... Peace... Frontline
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cool you are a feature band. I like your songs. peace
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One can never be all things to everybody...but you owe it to yourself to be all that you can be for your own enlightenment...peace of mind...and Good Karma...Happy New Decade to you! Peace Frontline
2009-12-27 at 06:14:29
Please have a very merry, magical, wonderful Christmas season and New Year. My best wishes go to you with hopes for all your dreams come true.
2009-12-26 at 02:33:43
2009-12-20 at 17:39:03
Frohe Weihnachten und einen guten Rursch ins neue Jahr 2010 w√ľnscht MANJO klick for Your big X-MAS-SURPRISE " " no risk, no fun ;-))
2009-12-15 at 08:43:07
Wishing you peace and happiness in this Joyous Season! Paul.
2009-11-26 at 17:33:07
just wanted to wish you a happy thanksgiving and GOD BLESS!!!!!
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