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VASPoohER's Song Reviews

1.  Review: Quite your style!!! :)
Song Name: Fire of my world
Date: 2010-08-12 07:30:45
Reviewer: Calley Daniel

2.  Review: a nice one , keep rocken
Song Name: Crimson dawn of mine
Date: 2008-10-31

3.  Review: yes
Song Name: Crimson dawn of mine
Date: 2008-10-27


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About Us:
VASPoohER is an Iran based band, classified under different Rock and Metal subgenres, formed in July 2003, through Ali Ravari

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Vaspooher interview on Evolution Rock podcast

EMI records competition

The Blackest Sabbath

Dedicated to "Ronnie James Dio".

VASPoohER Speical

VASPoohER special program on Evolution Rock podcast Vaspooher - Featured Artist Evolution Rock Metal Podcast

RIP: The Voice of Metal

The Devil Horns are in the Heavens now. RIP: The greatest Star of Metal Universe "Ronnie James DIO".



Burn in Hell
by Twisted


Story of


Crimson Dawn
of Mine



Flowh Calendar


2009-09-28 at 17:58:00
Hello my friend!! If you have time listen my new 3 tracks (Tribal space “Pump up the volume”; Deep Life; Energy of the Love), your feedback is welcome…Thanks and have a great week full of music & happyness… Salvo
2009-09-28 at 02:28:31
you have a great job, I really enjoyed it.hugs from rio de janeiro brasil.
2009-09-27 at 08:52:42
Thank you for the Friendship. All the best! Masao Tonari
2009-09-26 at 22:08:41
Welcome. Abraço brasileiro. Tabajara Assumpção
2009-09-25 at 15:53:13
GREETINGS!!guys from The Fores keep rockin:)
2009-09-24 at 11:19:37
Keep metal alive!!! Greetz from Japan.
2009-09-24 at 07:42:52
greetings from the neutral zone my metal brothers spread the word man!!!
2009-09-24 at 07:22:20
2009-09-23 at 09:49:57
VON INNERWELTEN is now available at iTunes Store, Musicload, Napster, AOL, Amazon and many other MP3 stores... Greetings
2009-09-23 at 01:08:00
WOW !!! there is rock in Iran !! excellent... the cause of western corruption is well served here ! we will degrade all societies into abasement ! we will stop at nothing until there is no respect for men or gods !!! hahahahahah !!! seriously - you guys rock !!
2009-09-22 at 19:37:28
Didn't know there was rock in iran. Cool
2009-09-21 at 23:04:01
Hey thanks for finding me on here! Great stuff!! I love your sound! Take care and keep in touch. Wishing you the best of luck, peace, Kimmi.
2009-09-21 at 22:33:48
Hi friends! Cool music.Greetings from Poland.Iza
2009-09-21 at 20:49:07
Many thanks for becoming a fan guys :) Hope you like our music!!!!! Walkway
2009-09-20 at 15:48:06
Thanks for passing through our profile! Keep on rock'in, SILENT RIOT.
2009-09-20 at 12:19:34
"Fire of my world" is great
2009-09-19 at 05:18:48
Very good work.Keep in touch.
2009-09-19 at 00:02:58
Great Stuff Fellows!!!! Thanks for being our friend, nice to meet you. "Gary Vaughn & The Last Hurrah"
2009-09-18 at 23:51:42
Nice to meet you. It rocks in here : )
2009-09-18 at 18:51:32
Wow, Evil March is intense. Great sound.
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