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Chicago, IL


About Us:
My name is Mark CHURCHMUZIC Davis. And I am to go into the darkest of places and shine light. CHURCH!! Youtube "A kINGPOkE FILM" to check out my vids, Mark ChurchMuzic Davis on Facebook. Send a frnd rqst.Get to know me personally Chicago "westside" WORLDWIDE

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Its been a ling time...I shouldnT of left you..

Church iz Back!


"I am IM not past not present just whats happeninG" Much Love to Paddy, MC and the staff @ IMRadio! They say if you work hard and stay obedient to your heart, your dreams becomes a reality. IM has proved that to be so by featuring me as a featured artist along side the best Talent in the World! With that being said; Let us all press forward,not be detoured, for something worth fighting for is worth having. Big Thanks IMRadio... Chuuch!


Hello to my beautiful peoplez. The church is in need for some producers for this highly anticpated album. I need original tracks -no samples- So if you got those skillz, let me add mines and reach for the heavens...u-digg.


Been a while since I jumpd in on the I.M page man But truth be told, shorties and geeks speak the computer language church i.e blogn and pushing keys. Im movin and muzic, hands on with the peoplez.."I need I.T support"! real talk. But in this computer world, life is being formed and I have ran across some good artist thru these communications...I.M artist to I.M themselves coming out to see the church perform and how church is that...I truly wish all is well with everyone... Im still moving... check me out as I keep it................. CHURCH!!!






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2010-06-01 at 22:49:50
ChuchMuzic "also known as" Real Music, none of tht $1000 dollar jeans & u wearin sum $35.00 specials, none of tht 32 inch rims & u on 14in toyotas, none of tht "tell em bout the gun line boss" meaning ur punk ass want take tht shit to the other side,Yeah..Chuuch
2010-06-01 at 22:49:02
kINGPOkE "AKA" ChuuchMuzic will be performing this Sat @ @ Club Angels 14219 S. Chicago Rd in Dolton IL. Oh yeah, and Im not playing games wit em, so witness....
2010-05-05 at 18:03:34
Hello, nice to hear from you. Thanks for uploading such beautiful numbers on IMRadio! Glad to have you with us! Keep Smiling, Keep Rocking!! :) Peace, Veronica
2010-04-22 at 13:01:46
Hi King Poke! How are you? Life is wonderful and overloaded with music! LOL Just finished a theatre play and starting my summer concerts next Friday...6 nights a week until October. Also...I have also written a lot of new songs the past two months; if you have a chance, listen to "Heart of Australia", a song I wrote for all the wild horses of the world; and "Wild Rose", a song about love and friendship. I am looking forward to your release...let me know how you are progressing! Take care my friend, and keep on grooving! Louise PS: I made some videos too for my songs, watch them on YouTube at: tch?v=6BnmtIWSBDs & tch?v=t1UJ92Fk_R8
2010-04-15 at 18:50:32
IM...its been a long time, I shouldnt have left you...witout a strong beat to step to... YeaHHH, MjDavis aka kINGPOkE is back in this Mofo! Been touring the tri-state area. Now its time to release long awaited material. I will be uploading starting the 1st of May. Stay tuneed! Check out a teaser of my mixtape "The Redpill" utube "Game a kingpoke film" until then, and as always....chuuch
2010-03-27 at 19:06:08
'sup jus makin friends & spreadin music holla! T
2010-03-19 at 02:16:36
Keep Up The Grind...
2010-03-11 at 17:57:24
Hi King Poke. Cool music here! All the best. Isa
2010-03-06 at 04:20:37
Hi Mark, how ya doing, my friend?! Wishing you a nice weekend and a smokin hot show on the 20th! Hugs and kisses, Louise
2010-03-04 at 22:37:49
IM friends and staff. Hope you brothaz and sistaz are doing well, mind, body and soul udig!Check it out. I "kINGPOkE" will be performing at Rog's Pub&Eatery in Schiller Park @ 10:40pm March20th. Free Admission. Thats a big 10-4 and as always....chuuch
2010-02-23 at 07:03:55
Thanks for the lovely note my new friend, great music and photos Have a great week! Peace & Light, Jennifer
2010-02-20 at 00:07:18
Wishing you peace and light in your musical journey! Jennifer
2010-02-17 at 22:45:24
Greeetings,WhatUps, and whats happenings to all my Im friends and Im staff. The kING is here...subject to music, so I dissappeared for a minute, I apologize. Mixtape 80% done. The RedPill has a vid for the hungry, need to be feed hiphop heads out there. The joint is called "Game" Check it out on youtube " a kingpoke film" subscibe to my page. Also on facebook under "HY2PE Productions " become a fan. Will be performing at the TiniMartini in two weeks. Will post the date no later then this Sunday. Until then and as always. Chuuch
2010-02-03 at 03:54:01
Hi King Poke, what's up, how are things going? Stayin' busy! Peace & love, Louise
2010-01-31 at 03:51:57
I like the songs a lot King...I'm a 17 year old producer from Chicago been working this like a grown man since I was 10. Other than school this all I do. It's nice to hear good talent from the Chi- Keep up the good work!
2010-01-22 at 11:57:24
kP, What's up. When's your next gig? Post it on IMRadio News. MC
2010-01-19 at 22:01:49
2010-01-12 at 01:49:59
kINGPOkE here, saying what up & Love to all my fellow artist. Mixtape coming soon. Stay tuned. Real HipHop, worth having, not worthless! Chuuch. Also Im looking for any artist near the Chicago Area to collaborate with, No matter the genra, just let me Do Me...More info coming soon
2010-01-06 at 23:58:55
Wishing you Health, Peace and Happiness in this New Year! Paul.
2010-01-05 at 02:18:46
yea my email is
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