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1.  Review: Excellent guitar work building into the total ambient structure.
Song Name: Not exist
Date: 2010-12-02 16:11:08
Reviewer: ProgRockDan1

2.  Review: great sounding groove,like it alot
Song Name: Silence so Loud
Date: 2010-11-18 17:22:33
Reviewer: Roy Schwedt

Song Name: Brain Wash ( who s left)
Date: 2010-11-18 12:23:06
Reviewer: Living Waters


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Ambient Rock Progressive

About Us:
I was born in Athens. When I was 13 years old, I bought my first guitar, a small classical one, and after 3 years I wrote my first musical piece. Since then, I have worked with several bands as a guitar/bass player. Beautifull years the "Soul Spirits" years,great band,great time,great performances , great friends of mine.In 2004, I built a small studio and I began to record my music. So far(April2007) I have recorded two albums( LPs), playing all the instruments myself. Small parts of the first album named "Tears Like Rain" are included on this site. It is a 40 minute piece of music comprising two parts. The second album , named “Justice Tree”, which is also 40 minutes long and comprises 5 parts. Excerpts from it are also included on this site. To all my albums i write music about what i see and what i feel around me. The tracks in all the albums are connected each other. (March 2009) The new album (LP) named "Decline Days" is out now. What i feel and what i see now around me, is what the tittle saying for sure these days. (June 2010)"ILIA"The new small limited edition(EP)album is deticated to the most importand person on earth for me,my daughter ILIA, on which all the tracks belongs to her from me. (March 2012) The 5th album is ready under the name "ANAMOR".Comes from the greek word Anamorfosis.Its a 50 minutes piece of music comprising eight parts. Thank you all...

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Flowh Calendar


2010-03-01 at 17:56:14
Hi - powerful and ethereal, I look forward to hearing more. Best wishes, Vivien
2010-02-28 at 21:16:06
Enjoyed your music.
2010-02-27 at 06:56:06
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2010-02-27 at 06:55:53
Thanks for reaching out and sharing some terrific music! I wish you continued success. * All The Best * Tony DiLorenzo * orenzo1
2010-02-25 at 23:37:16
BEAUTIFUL Music! Thank you for your support! Keep up the good work!!
2010-02-23 at 03:38:10
Hi..Thanks for adding me...keep up the good work
2010-02-23 at 01:31:32
Always great to meet new artist ,thank you for the shout out. ALWAYS IN HARMONY 2SMOOTH PEACE!
2010-02-21 at 08:25:42
very cool. peace.
2010-02-19 at 00:47:20
Nice to hookup and thanks for the listen...Nice playing man very cool tunes..Enjoyed..Ron Sepe
2010-02-18 at 08:24:06
Thanks to everyone for your friendship and support! Thank you for taking the time to visit my page and taking a listen to my music. Thanks, Rod Riley
2010-02-16 at 21:56:07
I'm right now listening at your very good music. Thanks for your friendship. Cheers.
2010-02-16 at 15:38:57
Hi Thanos: Beautiful, Extraordinary, Soothing, Intense, Your music is what all music strives to be. Thank you for becoming a fan so that we were able to find you! Phil from The Er Brothers
2010-02-12 at 17:39:59
Welcome, hugs from Rio!!
2010-02-12 at 05:47:02
Thanx For Becoming A Fan Of Crogman Studios. I Like you Story/History. First Guitar At 13, And Now A Master Of Your Instrument. Keep Writing And Composing What You Feel, And See, Around You.
2010-02-12 at 05:22:05
Thanks Thanos, I really like your sound. Nice to meet you!
2010-02-09 at 15:10:27
Hi Thano, have a nice day! Louise :):):)
2010-02-04 at 03:26:23
THANK U SO MUCH DEAR THANOS FOR THE ADD , u are simply great,all the best for u , THE SPOOKIIES
2010-02-02 at 19:25:54
Love your music Thanos
2010-02-02 at 08:20:29
Hello Friend....Please follow the Link Below... tch?v=2D7Iws8EMbE it is from a song from my upcoming album "Speak out" is called "Neda"...But Most important is the fact that this video speaks to the Millions of people who are fighting and Giving up their Lives for the right to be Free.......Please leave your responses to show we are a people who support causes worldwide and denounce terror, censorship and oppressive regimes anywhere and anytime!...Neda has left an impression on me forever...I Hope she touches you too!....much Luv to you... Peace Frontline
2010-02-01 at 23:36:04
Beautiful music, Thanos. Nice to meet you!
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