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Sick Day September's Song Reviews

1.  Review: Very strong track! I like it! Greetings!
Song Name: Fight Society
Date: 2010-08-10 10:16:38
Reviewer: Maria Gialeniou

Song Name: Memories
Date: 2010-08-05 05:20:53
Reviewer: She SaiD

3.  Review: Your the next big band up and coming! I love all your music *_*
Song Name: Red Is My Harm
Date: 2010-07-31 23:51:24
Reviewer: Rosalyn


Sick Day September's Information

Port Elizabeth,South Africa

post-core punk/powerpop

About Us:
The punk-inspired threesome Sick Day September formed in the Beverly Grove suburb, Port Elizabeth,South Africa in 2006. Sick Day September is comprised of Wade McAdam (lead vocals/guitar), Lee Budler (bass/b-vocals),and Jp Barkhuizen(drummer). December 2008, the band spent 2 weeks in studio recording their 4 track ep album,

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2009-07-29 at 15:01:47
PS: I might be saying 'the same thing' (as you wrote to Joyce) :(:( but I always MEAN what I say! :):)
2009-07-29 at 14:24:31
Hi Wade! LOL I was actually asking you about the weather in P.E.!! LOL I am still having a sweet, romantic summer here, now in August it is the highest season in Greece and I am singing every night. In the day time I am on the beach, chilling out, writing, recording, drawing and all those lovely stuff...How about you? Rockin' as usual?! Kisses, Louise
2009-07-27 at 22:33:20
Hey Guys! nice to meet you.All the best from the Powerage boys in Australia Cheers Ian
2009-07-26 at 13:27:52
Hi SDS, ninjani? Linjani izulu namuhla? Wishing you a nice day and a lovely week! Salani kahle!!! Louise xxx
2009-07-25 at 01:15:40
2009-07-23 at 03:42:41
hey guys!!! thanks for the add!! Keep up the great work! Hell Yeah!!!!
2009-07-22 at 06:11:41
Hey Thanks for the adding... Nice Songs ... greetings fromm Phoenix, AZ.. have a nice day ..
2009-07-21 at 20:27:27
Hey Thanks for the add. You guys rock! Great songs. I wish you all the best.
2009-07-21 at 13:13:33
For tea?!!! Maye babo!!! A gypsy girl rarely drinks tea...except if it Rooibos or something from the Greek mountains to keep the vocal chords smooth! But ok...I will make you some 'Faskomilo'! LOL Btw...your new picture is cool, but too be honest...I miss your purple SDS signature cover! Have a groovy day, soentjies, Louise
2009-07-17 at 17:42:03
You are SO charming! LOL Well...The answer is no! If you mean the guitar player on the pictures with me, well then you are totally wrong! We are just music associates. secret remains! Soentjies!
2009-07-17 at 14:30:42
Hi Wade, jou Afrikaans IS in die regte orde! LOL But ok...let's communicate in English! (Or in Greek maybe? My current home language!) As to answering to your questions...A gypsy girl never reveals her secrets!! Soentjies!!
2009-07-17 at 01:58:03
Hello,thanks for finding me great great sound! from Paris Frederic
2009-07-15 at 13:54:18
Qongqongthwane is the Xhosa word for Dung beetle! LOL (Like in the song from the late, wonderful Miriam Makeba!)Btw, I love your Afrikaans!! BAIE soentjies en drukkies van 'n Oos-Kaapse-sigeunerin!! Louise
2009-07-15 at 12:11:12
Hello! Thanks for the add!
2009-07-14 at 20:32:01
Hey guys, great catchy uptempo rock and Roll!!!
2009-07-14 at 15:58:11
Hi SDS Thanks a lot for the friendship! best musical regards from Whitehouse
2009-07-11 at 10:06:06
Friends makin' music...can't be beat!
2009-07-10 at 17:49:39
Hey SDS!! Love your music. Have a great weekend!! Bray Tarver
2009-07-08 at 22:45:34
Hey...Hamba Kahle is the Zulu for Walk Well!! LOL I speak Xhosa too...Qongqongthwane!! About will be ASAP!! Soentjies, Louise PS: Which is the link to see lovely old P.E. online? That would be nice!!
2009-07-08 at 21:12:45
I did check out your link, and I liked what I saw definitely :) I'm familiar with your city, although I don't know anybody from there or anything. You guys are the first :) I was gonna say if you guys are playing a show near Chicago, hit me up, but seeing as though you're from South Africa I don't know how often you guys are in the United States, if at all hahaha :)
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