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Sick Day September's Song Reviews

1.  Review: Very strong track! I like it! Greetings!
Song Name: Fight Society
Date: 2010-08-10 10:16:38
Reviewer: Maria Gialeniou

Song Name: Memories
Date: 2010-08-05 05:20:53
Reviewer: She SaiD

3.  Review: Your the next big band up and coming! I love all your music *_*
Song Name: Red Is My Harm
Date: 2010-07-31 23:51:24
Reviewer: Rosalyn


Sick Day September's Information

Port Elizabeth,South Africa

post-core punk/powerpop

About Us:
The punk-inspired threesome Sick Day September formed in the Beverly Grove suburb, Port Elizabeth,South Africa in 2006. Sick Day September is comprised of Wade McAdam (lead vocals/guitar), Lee Budler (bass/b-vocals),and Jp Barkhuizen(drummer). December 2008, the band spent 2 weeks in studio recording their 4 track ep album,

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2009-10-23 at 22:11:18
Yeah! Kicking music!
2009-10-22 at 10:29:55
Very cool tunes!
2009-10-21 at 20:54:56
Hey Wady baby! I love the new default pic! Stop by my page and give me a shout! Love you my baby boys!! Cant wait till August! Love Kimmi xoxo
2009-10-20 at 04:30:16
I honestly LOVE "Red is my Harm"...excellent. I like to listen to it when I am working on my class work. Helps me get pumped up...cause I don't need U...not you...but anyone to be a successful student! *_* gets me in the mood to smash on my homework assignments! Love Ros *_* XOXO
2009-10-19 at 02:38:20
Just dropped by to say Hi and to wish you all a Great Weekend. Paul, your fan from Future Now.
2009-10-18 at 09:25:40
I can not thank you enough my friend for your pure kindness! Wade you have an incredible gift and I am so blessed to know you! Ros *_* XOXO
2009-10-17 at 22:31:14
Hey! We need you!! We decided to celebrate the arrival of Ozzzy (our newest member... yes, now we're 5 rocking maniacs!!) by gettin our butts into some big-ass contest so... Please enter and read our blog (Grand Concours)... and Rock The Vote!!!!
2009-10-17 at 16:36:23
Hi SDS! Have a great weekend and be careful on your road trips! xxx
2009-10-14 at 17:19:27
Thank you for stoppin' by ..and for nice comment. Have a great week! :)
2009-10-14 at 01:05:58
Hello! Trying to get the word out. I'm planning a blog talk radio show interviewing independent artists & featuring music. To be notified about it, sign up on my mailing list here: http://survey.constantcon pbg0mzbv6v/start. If it doesn't work for some reason, email me at & sign you up for my newsletter where it will be announced, or just send me your name & email address here. Hope to feature you. Lots of love, Valerie
2009-10-11 at 20:12:09
PS: happy that you are all safe and sound! The last time I went to South Africa was quite tense too, since I got used to the peaceful way of living here in Greece...and there I had to be on the watch all the time again, like when I was living in Joburg. Take care! xxx
2009-10-11 at 20:06:17
Hi SDS! How are you guys? Ek hoop alles is wonderlik in julle wereld! Dit is 'n lekker warm herfsdag hier op die eiland, en die seewater is nou soos satyn...die beste tyd vir 'n vakansie! Ek wens julle 'n mooi week toe, soentjies, Louise
2009-10-08 at 03:16:36
Gotta say my favorite is "Memories." "Something's not right, I made her cry, I hurt her bad." Yeah, I know I've done it to someone before, and I like songs that are so full of being human. So honest. Thanks! Valerie
2009-10-08 at 03:05:35
Hello, Sick Day! thank you SO MUCH for being a FAN! Glad to see we are both for a cause: tryign to stop abuse. I've been working on a book and other stuff for the past week, so I haven't had a chance to listen to your music yet or of the other people who have become fans or left me a message. I will as soon as I can. Big hugs to everybody! Valerie
2009-10-06 at 07:06:28
you better had made it home safe and sound! Getting lost is a scary thing! Especially when you have no idea where you are and thugs want to cause bodily harm... Thank God you guys are safe! What would I do without you? Love Ros! *_*
2009-10-05 at 19:48:30
Hey Wady I thought I would hit you from my other page too. Cant wait to see ya! Smooches! Peace, Kimmi
2009-09-30 at 20:52:59
Sup Wady!!! Cant wait! You are gonna ROCK the Rock To Cure Cancer!! I love you man!! Mwah!! XOXO Kimmi
2009-09-30 at 20:27:20
Keep up the Music my friends, and thanks for your Friendshp Peace and Love
2009-09-30 at 04:58:33
hi thanks for the invite your songs are awesome lol my email address is
2009-09-29 at 18:18:46
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