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Sodderpot's Song Reviews

1.  Review: awesome job on this track! GREAT guitar work! peace
Song Name: June Bug
Date: 2010-08-19 22:47:01
Reviewer: freeDave

2.  Review: Great melodic sound. Good meaning and harmonies.
Song Name: Footprints in the Sand
Date: 2010-08-12 20:20:43
Reviewer: DebbieZ

3.  Review: Simply superb..
Song Name: Not Enough Sleep
Date: 2010-07-31 06:28:18
Reviewer: Angila Ryan


Sodderpot's Information

Chesterton, IN


About Us:
A genre blending of progressive/rock/jazz/bluegrass & world music delivered by multi- instrumentalists Steve Andricks & Jeff Trathen

Number of times viewed: 15357

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Owner of a


Lazy River 


Warmth in a
Frozen Land


Raw Meat &


The Road 


in the Sand

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2009-05-26 at 11:24:30
Thank you! I hope you had a great weekend
2009-05-24 at 23:15:51
Hi Sodderpot, wishing you a great week! Love, peace, happiness Louise
2009-05-23 at 22:41:53
2009-05-19 at 01:28:55
2009-05-14 at 22:07:21
many thanks! we are on my space so check us out there xxx
2009-05-11 at 20:27:31
Hi there! Love your stuff! I am an artist, please stop by my profile and check out the video of my artwork. Everything is for sale to benefit The Joey Ramone Foundation for Lymphoma Research. Please let me know what you think! My artwork is set to the music of my dear friend James Marshall Black, check out his page, he is awesome! Peace, Kimmi
2009-05-09 at 02:45:52
Hey my friend, you music sounds great..glad to know you !!!!
2009-05-09 at 00:39:55
Hey Guys... Thanks for the kind comment and all the best to ya!
2009-05-08 at 15:14:38
Thank you, Steve and Jeff! Pretty cool sounds on Not Enough Sleep, love your style! Best of luck here:) Andrew
2009-05-07 at 19:30:33
Dear Sodderpot, THANK'S A LOT. I enjoy listening to all of Your Music and will visit again! Much Greetings and Blessings from Cologne
2009-05-07 at 18:01:24
Sodderpot Happy Thursday. Best wishes to you and may all your hopes and dreams come true. "THEY SLEW THE DREAMER", but the dream lives on. HTTP://WWW.GARYREVEL.COM/ MLK
2009-05-07 at 07:15:28
Cool tracks guys! I'm originally from Merrillville. Nice to see a familiar place here.
2009-05-07 at 06:40:01
Thanks guys
2009-05-07 at 03:07:21
Hi guys, thanks, it is a pleasure to have you as my friends. Keep up the nice music! Love, peace, happiness Louise
2009-04-28 at 09:16:06
Hello Hello Steve Andricks & Jeff Trathen, Glad to listen to your terrific music and wonderful playing! all my best, michael palmieri
2009-04-18 at 14:06:52
We dig hearing your songs in IMRadio's daily rotation! Thanks for supporting our new radio station! Peace, Veronica
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